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Published: Wednesday, May 25 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

I'd love to see Beck do well. He brings the most NFL tools and measurables for a BYU QB since Steve Young (not including Heaps). He really is smart to step up and fill the void during the lockout. He may not end up being the man in DC that he wants to be but who can fault him for stepping up and stating that he wants to be?

Syracuse, UT

Good to see Beck isn't afraid of stepping on some toes to get what he thinks he deserves.

Denver, Colorado

Can't wait to read the comments from ute fans still hurting inside from John ripping their guts out on his final pass in RES.

No one can hold a grudge like little brother.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I dont think teammates will respect a guy who hasn't taken a meaninful snap in 3 years, is 29, saying he is the starter, and who hasn't led a winning team ever in thee NFL.

In the NFL they respect those who earn respect. He's earned it by...?

Pleasant View, Utah


Will John Beck cry when he doesn't get the job ha hahahaha


Beck didn't play in the Pac so he is unworthy ha ha

Papa Smurf Ute,

Jan said on the radio that Beck won't ever start. That must be written scripture out of Jans mouth hahahaha

There you go... I beat you to the punch:)

Pleasant View, Utah

Maybe Washington could trade for Alex Smith:) ha hahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahahaahah

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Which of us hasn't lobbied for a promotion? Good to see Beck step up and do the same in his profession. Personally, I'd not want a QB on my team that was satisfied with 2nd or 3rd string...

South Jordan, UT

It looks like the Cougars brought their own sick sense of Ute reality to the article. No Utes had to say anything. Stop looking to be offended. Cougars write as many idiotic posts as Utes. I don't think any Utes really care. We are wishing Alex Smith would be more vocal.

I know that Beck could do well but has been in the wrong system the same as Alex Smith. There are many good qb's that didn't get the chance to show how good they can be and most of them turn out to be seen as "busts" because there is no blocking or other players to back them.

Surfers Paradise, AU

I'm sure he could have lobbied for a starting positon without wishing for Dmac to fail. Just felt odd reading that part of the article. If you're good enough, the job should be yours, or at least be allowed to compete for it.

And yet there are more comments from the Harold Camping love posse known as CHris B, Hedge, Uteology and Papa Smurf. Keep those predictions of gloom and doom coming. The last one on Saturday worked out well.

Denver, Colorado

Ldsfan, I choose to think of it as our heading them off at the pass.

west jordan, ut

I don't think readers will respect a guy who hasnt made a meaningful comment in at least three years, is 49 and still living in his mothers basement, and says he knows football but thinks a draw trap is the flap on a pair of long johns...

Respect is earned by football accumen, not the number of posts slipped onto the cougar board per hour...

Syracuse, UT

LDSFAN, not true Chris B is a Ute fan, and made a comment before you.

metamora, IL

Chris B: you should probably check out Steve Young's early pro-football career. Less than stellar, but he persisted like Beck is.

metamora, IL


:) hahahahahahah! Thanks for the gut buster!

West Jordan, Utah

I have long thought Beck to be the better NFL prospect in comparison to Max Hall. Although Hall is the all time wins guy, that can be misleading. Beck didn't win until late in his BYU career, but he was involved in the bad Crowton years and the rebuilding Bronco stage.

I like the take Ldsfan had. I also submit that many QB's get labeled busts unfairly. Sometimes a QB fails on their own merits and others by the deficiencies of their teams.

Alex Smith and Beck have not had good situations yet. Alex has had a greater chance to succeed as a starter for 4 years on and off. However, Alex has had 7 offensive coordinators, and that is downright offensive.

Houston, TX

It is do or die time for Beck and he knows it. He is seizing the moment. Any practice the team can get will help in a lock out year.

Beck needs to learn to throw the ball away instead of trying to force it in. Hall has the same problem.

Cut down on the TOs and you will probably start.

The Skin's did not draft a QB this year and that sent a clear message. Unless they trade for one Beck is considered the starter by management mainly by default.

He is going to have to earn it on the field. He should know the playbook by now and he should know most of the NFL defenses. If the Skins get enough practice the might do okay this year.

Enid, OK

For Chris B. @ 2:06....

Hey Chris, what did John Beck do to deserve respect?

Well, for starters, he beat your team....

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Seems reading the article still isn't a prerequisite for posting:

C.B.: "I dont think teammates will respect a guy who hasn't taken a meaninful snap in 3 years, is 29, saying he is the starter, and who hasn't led a winning team ever in thee NFL."


Let's see...

"Beck is drawing attention. His quotes are bold and so are his actions: Calling Redskins draft picks, giving them playbooks, organizing player-only practices, telling the media and Redskins fans he can't worry about the feelings of other QBs, that he's the guy. It's his turn.

"He's grabbed the keys and jumped into the driver's seat. He's Beck the Usurper sort of.

"I contacted everybody on offense," Beck told me after Tuesday's practice, which he helped organize without management."

41 players showed up. Seems like respect.

Phoenix, AZ

Love the attitude. Hope it translates to success on the field for him.

Wynn and lose
Cougarville, Ut

John Beck will end up with more career TD passes than Alex Smith.

Mark it down.

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