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Published: Monday, May 23 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Park City, UT

No more searching for BYU games ever again. Just check ESPN and/or BYUtv in HD.

Orem, Utah

I think Harold Camping was right! The end of the world as we knew it HAS passed. We're now in the new millennium for BYU sports!

Hooray for BYUtv and ESPN and all the technology that's come around at just the right time. WOW!

I'm in heaven. Good to be a Cougar!

Modesto, CA

Atta Boy Dick... Thanks for the follow up.

American Fork, UT

BYU is clearly on the cutting edge with it's sports broadcasting capabilities.

Old Cougar
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I still do not understand the full arrangement between BYUtv and ESPN.

Last Saturday's rugby game between BYU and Cal was televised on ESPN3 and I searched all ESPN channels, but never could find ESPN3.

How many other ESPN channels will/could host BYU games? Do we need a special sports package to be able to watch all ESPN channels or do we have to wait until games are rebroadcast over BYUtv?

At least I know that if ESPN decides not to carry the BYU activity, BYUtv will.

Orem, UT

Old Cougar

ESPN3 isn't on cable, it's streamed online on you computer.

We were at the game, but I think the game was also televised on ESPNU.

Highland, UT

@Old Cougar

The rugby match had nothing to do with the BYU/ESPN contract. That was broadcast by ESPN through some other agreement with the rugby association the schools are associated with.

ESPN3 was an online broadcast, meaning you needed to connect to it on your computer to watch it live. It didn't cost anything to watch it that way. It was shown on Sunday morning on tape delay on ESPNU.

BYU's contract calls for all of their games that ESPN broadcasts to be on one of three stations, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU. ESPN and ESPN2 are basic cable channels that are standard on just about every single basic cable or sattelite package. All you have to do is have cable or a sattelite dish and you will get them both. ESPNU is usually part of an expanded sports package on those systems. For instance I have Comcast cable and to get ESPNU I had to buy an expanded sports package that costs me an additional $7 per month. I actually had it already for the NFL Network but that should be the only additional purchase you would need to make. BYUtv is already on your system free.

Olympus Cove, Utah

BYUtv is always basic tier. BYUtv HD may be on another tier.

ESPN and ESPN2 are usually on the basic tier.

ESPNU is sometimes on a sports tier.

Heber City, UT

ESPN3 is Internet accessible, if you provider carries it. I have DirectTV and I could not find the rugby game at all. The system said DirectTV does not carry ESPN3.

Salt Lake City, UT


You're guaranteed of being able to see every BYU game going forward But if you want to watch a Utah football game you'll have to wait for them to either play BYU on ESPN (thanks to BYU's generosity) or see if they get a late night game during the week on F/X, Versus, Fox Sports Northwest, the Travel Channel, Lifetime, The Weather Channel, etc etc through the Pac 10+2 TV deal.

Houston, TX

I watch ESPN3 all the time on my computer. You will need a high speed connection to get decent picture quality.

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