Comments about ‘Gay marriage issue, national elections lead to civility fight’

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Published: Sunday, May 22 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

@ Michael DeGroote at 3:02PM who wrote: "Civility is treating the other person with respect and assuming their motives are good."

Hmmm....close, but I do not assume many people's motives are "good". I know better. I know many people whose motives are selfish, stupid or just plain destructive. Now, they might BELIEVE their motives are "good" but doesn't make their motives good. Big difference.

I would agree with this: "Civility is treating the other person with respect and assuming THEY BELIEVE their motives are good."

I agree with and admire what DeMoss is trying to do. Way, waaay too much hatred expressed for others these days. Go watch "Saving Private Ryan" and see what unfettered hatred leads people, and nations, to do.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Methinks this has more to do with the liberals losing their grip on their precious "narrative" than any noble effort at civility.

South Jordan, UT

civility and activist go hand in hand. The more activist groups we have pushing their agenda through email alerts of lies and half truths to people, firing them up to donate money and sometimes take matters into there own hands nothing will change. These organizations just get more and more extreme everyday and they are filled with lawyers who do nothing but file lawsuits against the government. We are at the point where our news is brought to us by activist who get a reports ear to write a one sided story that is full of mays and could that people start believing is true.

West Valley, UT

Gotta love the government distracting us with more social issues while the nation collapses. Keep people focused on God Guns and Gays for just a little while longer and it'll be too late to stop big business and the super rich from crushing the rest of us completely.

Henderson, NV

Neil T. - The Harry Reid fireside in Las Vegas was shelved due to stake presidents there recognizing that Bro. Reid was in campaign mode and that to offer him a microphone at that exact moment was not prudent. I wonder if Bro. Reid continues to have the desire to share his testimony through a series of firesides, as proposed last summer, with the Saints in the Las Vegas valley?

Bountiful, ut

@ gizmo33:

Yes, of course we all have the "absolute guarenteed and protercted right" (???) to speak our minds. In trying to advance your agenda, you missed the whole point of the article - that we do so with civility.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I wonder if comment boards at to incivility. The limited lengths of comments may force people to get to the point, but they also make it hard to convey the nuances of your position.

I think though the point that civility is something that each of us can do no matter what others do is very important.

Another important thing is each of us needs to ask on this matter "is it I". We need to explore how we can speak more civilly and with less fire and attack.

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