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Published: Friday, May 20 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

Ummm...I have a feeling Kanter has an attitude problem.

According to Locke:
"Yesterday Kanter left Jazz off teams he is interested in playing for today he blows them off for interview - puts Jazz an in tough spot"

Winter Springs, FL

I read on HoopsHype that Enes blew off his interview time with the Jazz Brass today in Chicago. I hope they see his level of commitment to the team and Go with what we need - A Point Guard. Bring on Knight!!!!!

Centerville, UT

NOOOOOOoooooo not another big slow euro!

Houston, TX

The Jazz think they can play Knight at SG with Harris at PG. They may also be able to do that with Jimmer. I am not sure Knight or Jimmer are going to be that well on D against Kobe and other tall SGs.

Kantor is a possible Okur replacement as he can shoot outside and has an aggressive inside game. He may also be a taller replacement for Millsap.

The Jazz currently have AJ, Millsap and Favors and only 96 minutes of C/PF. Unless Millsap morphs into King James he is not going to spend effective minutes at SF.

The Jazz need to fix the SF position with a really good SF. Vesely may be an answer. He may also be able to afford to come to the NBA if there is a hard cap and a weak $.

Temecula, CA

hmmm...Knight says "I wouldn't mind going to Utah." Well, I am not surprised. Lots of players have other cities in mind as their favorites. Then again, 18-20 something year olds don't really know much about much, do they? Many grow to love it in Utah. Korver and D-Will seemed to like it a lot.

Lehi, UT

Kanter has scheduled a full day interview and workout with the Jazz on June 2.

I'm sure he didn't "blow them off" in his mind. He simply rescheduled the interview for a day when he can work out for the Jazz exclusively. He's going to be with them all day, might as well interview then.

Temecula, CA

I just read that article where Williams says he is a 3 not a 4. I'd like to see Kirilenko stay a year more with Utah. Williams is a pretty brash young man, but I'm sure Andre could teach him lots. They would make a good SF combo next year, with Williams gradually increasing his minutes. Kanter's comment that he would rather play PF than C or he sees himself as a PF not a C echoes big Al's self-assessment. I know a lot don't agree with me, but I thought the only way the Jazz were going to make the playoffs during this season was with Fes eventually at center. So, this is a lineup next year I might like to see:
C: Fes/Jefferson/Okur
PF: Favors/Jefferson/Milsap
SF: Kirilenko/Williams/Milsap/Miles
SG: Hayward/Miles
PG: Harris/Watson/Jimmer or Burks

Salt Lake City, UT

According to a tweet sent out by Chad Ford Kanter didn't really blow off the Jazz interview, apparently rather than do a short interview they opted for an all day affair on June 2nd.

I get the feeling that because of the plethora of big men Utah already has Utah isn't his first choice but he seems willing to play here.

Personally I like Kanter but I'm praying he goes top 2 so the Jazz can draft Williams.

Either Williams, Knight, or Kanter will be wearing a Jazz uni next year.

Temecula, CA

Big oops...forgot Jeremy Evans. Definitely want him on the team. Well, there are going to be changes. Perhaps he will end up being the backup SF to Williams, as Kirilenko might very well leave. I'm sure Jeremy is somewhere working on his jump shot and putting the ball on the floor and driving by his man to the hoop. Work on it Jeremy. We need ya.

Tokyo, Japan

really fes?...i'd rather sign dalembert...than let fes be the starter...fes is good as a sub...

Orem, Utah

3rd is NOT a pick to gamble with. So, no Euros that have buy-out issues, PLEASE!

If the "perfect" big man isn't available at 3rd, then use it on Jimmer and do something else with the 12th, like pick the best big left (SF?) or trade it.

I know some believe other PGs in the draft are better than Jimmer, but that's a smoke-screen: they might be fast, but so are a lot of so-so NBA players. Speed isn't everything.

Jimmer has something none of those others have: shot range! Jimmer's shot range is practically unheard of in the NBA. Historically, even.

I'd love to be an NBA coach with THAT in my arsenal. Can you imagine how tough it would be to defend a PG that has unreal range AND a wicked cross-over? Pick-and-role from several feet beyond the trey line? (Being facetious.)

With Jimmer at the helm, defenses would invariably find themselves in scramble mode.

Orem, UT

Brandon will not be drafted within the first ten picks. Jimmer could out-shoot him and we already have a better-than-average point guard anyway. Our third pick should be either Kanter or Williams. Jimmer may be the best of what's left at 12.

Roosevelt, UT

Minn is shopping the #2 pick so there goes Williams for the Jazz. The Jazz would be better off with Williams so maybe KOC should bundle and trade Fes, CJ, AK, Price and Bell and get the #2 pick.

I think Kanter = Koufos not too much excitement there

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

Kanter with the third pick should be an easy decision, even if it creates a logjam, I am enamored with Kanters athleticism and would prefer him to replace AJ, even though AJ is a double double machine on the cusp of all star greatness...in a year or two, Kanter has the moves to replace AJ's scoring and Kanter will always be more athletic and better able to defend than AJ, as will Favors, so I like both of them more than AJ based on potential and defense, even at center. Also, we still have memo too, which should be a good pairing with Kanter. One trade that I think makes alot of sense is AJ for the fourth pick, but I doubt it happens.
If Jimmer isn't there at 12, then Walker should be. The concerns about his speed are legitimate, if he isn't fast enough to defend the position he simply won't be able to make it, ala, morris almond. Jimmer would be a good fit for the Jazz and everyone agrees he is going to need that to make it, patience, vision, he has nbaskill, but walker can helpuwin from dayone.

Realistic Goggles
Alpine, UT

A lot of Jazz fans are comparing Kanter to Koufos but I don't think the comparison sticks. I watched Kanter work out on Thursday and Friday, and I came aware very impressed. The guy is a very good post player and can go equally well to his left and right. Not only that, he can also shoot facing the basket. He was coordinated in his movements. So, I think this guy has a real shot at being a very good player in a few years (he is currently 19).

Let's not rule Kanter out just because he is from Europe.

Long term
Kimberly, ID

The Jazz have put themselves in a great position to really have a long term great team. The key, I think, is to maximize this and next year's draft. To me that means do what it takes to get the right guys, even if it means getting rid of some that are not quite right. This is my plan:

#3Pick-Draft Knight or Williams (if Kahn goes nuts and drafts Kanter).

Trade Devin Harris to Sacramento for the #7 pick. Harris is injury prone, can't finish in the half court, is 5-8years older than the rest of Jazz key players, but has a good contract and has value.

#7 Pick Kawhi Leonard. He might be the most sure thing in the draft. Pretty sure he will rebound, defend, play with energy. Think Matt Harpring with more talent and a little work to do on the J. Great glue guy. Winner. (If Williams is at 3 then take him and draft Knight at 7-hopefully he's still there)

#12 Jimmer. Our version of Dallas bench shooting. Second option if Bismack Biyombo if he really can be a Ben Wallace type defender.

More to come...

Franklin, IN

Too bad the jazz have the 3rd pick in such a shallow draft

The Pickin's will be slim from top to bottom...wish they had this pick LY...

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

If the Jazz really like Jimmer, they might even need to trade up to get him in this weak draft, right now there is about a 50% chance he is there at 12, I think the Jazz can interview other pg's and some smfwds and sg's, all positions there have players with nice upside. I think the Jazz can wait to draft day to make a decision, after workouts, see how the draft unfolds. But the fans of Utah are going to make this an issue, i can see, don't forget there are some good options out there if it doesn't work out.

Morgan, UT

My support follows Jimmer!

Long term
Kimberly, ID

Next step to my two draft plan:

Start Knight Hayward Leonard Al and Favors. Play them and Jimmer or Bismack lots of minutes. Either loose a lot, or these guys get good faster than predicted. If we loose a lot, great year to do it, short season and hello 2012 draft.

This is where we get our franchise player. First we hope we win the lottery. If so, Harrison Barnes, welcome to Utah. If not, use our pick, Warrior's pick Asset from Okur's expiring contract we picked up last year, CJ Miles expiring contract asset, and even Millsap if needed to get him. Throw in a couple more first rounders if needed. Just Get Him.


Jimmer/Bismack depending on who we drafted
Kawahi Leonard

Possibly Millsap, Miles. Fes.

Really go after Shane Battier this summer in the FA market. He and Earl Watson are perfect defensive leader/mentor types for the young guys to teach them how to be professionals.

Here are a couple of backup center gambles worth taking:
1-Deandre Jordon-
2-Greg Oden-

What do you think??

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