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Published: Thursday, May 19 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

Are we seriously going to have to deal with a Jimmer article every day until the day the Jazz don't draft him?

Cant wait for that day to come and go...

Salt Lake City, UT


The best thing about the internet is you don't have to look at these Jimmer articles everyday. Navigate away from Jimmermania if you want.

If we pick up Williams or Enes Kanter with the 3rd pick, expect Jimmermania to be in full force. Jimmer will be on his way to the Jazz with the 12th pick. If we take Knight, then you won't have to deal with these pesky articles that no one is forcing you to read.

Houston, TX

There is a good possibility MIL takes him at 10. I am glad Jimmer made the comparison to DWill. That was not an idle slip. There are a lot of similarities.

I watched Jimmer's interview. The right side (left brain) of his face was happy, at ease and comfortable. The left (right brain) was the face of a dead serious assassin. I would not under estimate Jimmer.

Williams has declared he is an SF not a PF. Kantor is not doing workouts. There is a chance or at least some speculation that MN will not take Williams leaving him for Utah. That would be Utah's best pick at 3. MN could use Kantor or Valaniunas a lot more than they could use Williams.

V can stay in Europe and play during the lock out year and mature and get better. MN could use an up grade at C badly.

If the Jazz got Williams and Jimmer they would do pretty well. If they got Knight and Leonard they would still do okay but I would rather have Williams at SF.

KOC seems focused on PGs who "can turn the corner". There is more to it.

I think

Salt Lake City, UT


The best thing about the internet is you don't have to look at these Jimmer articles everyday. Navigate away from Jimmermania if you want.

If we pick up Williams or Enes Kanter with the 3rd pick, expect Jimmermania to be in full force. Jimmer will be on his way to the Jazz with the 12th pick. If we take Knight, then you won't have to deal with these pesky articles that no one is forcing you to read.

Houston, TX

Williams shooting ability was more important than his average defensive ability. His passing ability and basket ball knowledge made him a great PG but his ability to hit 3 opened up the inside so Brewer could slash and the bigs could operate.

The Harris Kemba type PGs may be fast but they do not assist a lot nor do they make the overall team better. The rest of the team is a support to them and their inefficient shooting. DWill made the rest of the team better and could bail them out with the long ball when needed.

Jimmer is an excellent mid range shooter, he is going to be deadly in the pick and pop. He can run the Jazz and make the rest of the team better. He also would fit an inside out team like ORL or a fun and gun team. If Nash can run PHO, Jimmer can run NY. I am not sure how well he fits MIL.

However, Walsh loves Faried not Jimmer.

I am waiting to see Jimmer's combine stats. His interview suggests he is pretty confident of his lateral quickness, agility and sprint results. I think he moves up.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

@JazzRule - go take a nap till June 23rd. If he becomes a Jazz, then don't read anymore on DN.

I will come to the game upcoming season for the first time if Jazz take him.

Danbury, CT

I say let the poor guy escape Utah....

Tokyo, Japan

to those bashing the dude...give him some credit...he lifted his team on his shoulders...you dont want to eat your words if he falls to another team and torched us for 20 or 30 pts....

Temecula, CA

I agree that the Jazz will probably take Williams or Kanter with the third pick, although I would still like them to select Irving if he is available. I think that Knight, Walker, Burks and Jimmer might be gone by pick #12, especially if Jimmer and Burks do well at the combine. I think KOC should try and move up from #12 to at least #10 with some kind of trade.

Iowa City, IA

Geez, Lebron James praising Jimmer?! That is seriously cool!

Iowa City, IA

Most pundits feel Irving and Willams are the top 2 picks in the draft. The Timberwolves may not need Williams because of Beasley, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll fall to the Jazz. They could trade the pick. If for some reason they (or CLE) don't draft him, KOC would be dense not to take him.

If they don't get a chance on Williams, I see them taking Brandon Knight over Kantor.

Either way, if the Jazz are not interested in Jimmer at the 3, my guess is he will be unavailable at the 12. Someone's front office is going to roll the dice on him. So, as cool as it would be, I see Jimmer in a uni other than the Jazz.

Richfield, UT

Scalman, Burks declined to participate in the shooting drills for good reason, he can't shoot, not what the Jazz need.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

If the reasoning is to take him and tank the season to hopefully get sullinger next year, not a bad idea.

Salt Lake City, UT

If Williams falls to us that's a no-brainer pick. If he dorsnt than Knight would be the logical pick there. If we get Williams than Jimmer is a possibility. If we get Knight than Jimmer wouldn't be a logical pick at 12. But if there isn't anyone there at 12 that KOC has ahead of Jimmer on their board than I could see them taking Jimmer, and have those 2 battle it out in camp for the backup role to Harris, and eventually take over when Harris contract is up.

Shooters are a premium in this league you could never have enough

Logan, UT

Dude, why all the hate??? I'm a true blue Aggie fan all the way! But you have to give a guy credit regardless of what school program he went to. I watched Jimmer at the combine yesterday (along with some of the other hopefuls) I think he shined. His shot from NBA three looks effortless. It looks like he's taking a 5 ft jumper. He much stronger and athletic than most give him credit for. Buggoff is absolutely right that many other teams are salivating. Deadly 3 pt shot, 90% free throws. Hopefully the Jazz will depart from some of the old plays, (4 C, 4 C down) etc., and open up the offense for more 3pt. plays. If so he's a dead lock for the Jazz. However he might not be available at 12. If he's not Alec Burks/Singleton look like a good fit. Kanter did work out at the combine yesterday, he's gonna be a beast down low. I hope Fez, get another chance with Utah, as he could be that force down low. (he needs a lot of help though) Things are looking up. Any thoughts?

Lehi, UT

When I first watched Jimmer play,his game reminded me of Deron Williams game, same build, deadly cross-over, can create off the dribble and finish and get to the line.

I have heard several NBA players praise Jimmers game, all of them think that he will do great at the next level. He won't see as many double teams, so expect a lot of open looks.

If Jimmers career is going to be like D-Will's, the Jazz should draft him 3rd over all, just to make sure we get him. Everyone says that this draft is weak, so it would not be a stretch to draft the best and most highly decorated college player in Jimmer.

There will be plenty of talent available at the 12 spot to bring a guy in that can help our bench production and possibly challenge for a starting spot.

My opinion on Jimmer is strictly based on his resume, I could care less about his color of skin, religion or what school he went to. His resume is exactly what this Jazz team needs.

Draft well, go Jazz!

Springville, UT

Who knows what will happen, and if Jimmer will go to a team where he will thrive. But this much is sure, the Jazz system was Jerry Sloan's system, and Sloan is not there any more.

Clearfield, Utah

I am a long time BYU fan and enjoyed the run BYU had in the tournament. I also enjoyed watching Jim Freddette play ball. He was exciting to watch. I think Jimmer has a lot of talent and shows alot of potential in becoming and outstanding basketball player. He may not have shown much in way of defense during his college playing days, but I think he has the talent to develope into a solid defender in the NBA. I hope the Jazz pick him up but if not he will do very well with the team that picks him in the draft.

Houston, TX

If the Jazz go Kantor then Millsap will have to move to SF in the next 2 years. Millsap could drop 20 pounds, he will improve his range and outside shooting, but I do not think he has the foot speed to become King James2.

Millsap's 82games stats at SF are horrible.

On the other hand, Millsap could be traded and the Jazz would have a front line rotation of AJ,Favors and Kantor. That is formidable.

I like Knight but he turns the ball over badly and his decision making and court vision/understanding is still developing. You are drafting potential at 3.

If Jimmer does really well at the combine GS or MIL will take him before the Jazz draft.

I can live with the Jazz taking another good player at 12 (not Burks or Walker) but I think Jimmer could really help the Jazz in the long run. His approach to the game, work ethic and his understanding of how to attack defenses are worth more than his shooting ability.

The total package is going to be very good in two years.

Idaho Falls, ID

Those bashing Fredette are probably the same ones bashing Hayward last year. They just like having negative things to say.

As far as I can tell, Fredette is the only guard in the draft who will have no problems adjusting to the NBA range 3-point line. All the other guards are drive and dish kinds who can finish well at the rim. Even Irving does not appear to have great range. When I look at it that way, I wonder why people think we need to replace Devin Harris. He is a proven guard in this league, and an all-star caliber PG when he is on a decent team. If we have any chance to take Derrick Williams at 3, we should do it, then take Fredette at 12.

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