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Published: Thursday, May 19 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Larry has a the look of a champion! I think he's terrific!

Farmington, UT

There is no question Coach Boylen overpromised and underdelivered to the players he recruited to Utah. Glad to see the Utes are moving forward with those who are committed to turning things around! I'm real excited, especially for the big guys, who are about to get some great big guy coaching. Keep moving forward Coach Krystko!!

Sandy, UT

Within a couple years these guys will be competing nationally. A top 3 finish in the PAC 12 is a realistic goal for this team. This coach K is very similar to the other coach K in ability to improve talent and recruit talent.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am very impressed with Krisko so far. He hustles while at the same time has shown a lot patience in dealing with some of these young men. It is now time to concentrate on building the program back up to where we all want it to be with those who want to be here.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Good job coach! I like the fact that Coach K was willing to replace kids who weren't completely committed to the school, the city and the program. I think that may have been part of the problem this past season. We had talent, but they weren't committed. They were here only because Coach Boylen begged them to stay. We won't be in the top half of the PAC-12 for a few years, but if we can stay around .500 next season and improve from there I think the future looks bright.

Syracuse, UT

Its at 13 for right now, will see who all leaves mid way through the season.

Murray, UT

Great hire! It is going to pay off. Here's hoping the U can get that new basketball training facility on the fast track.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

I like what coach K as said and the decisions he has made so far.

I wish Obrien would have decided to stay but I agree with the coaching staff that they couldn't hold his position for that long.

I hope that all of this translates into more wins next season - I'm sure there will be some growing pains with so many new people but I do have more confidence in this coaching staff's ability to coach up players.

Regardless of how good they are this year, I'm excited to see them compete in the PAC 12!

Go Utes!

Pocatello, ID

It's actually George Matthews, not George Mitchell.

I think coach K is going about the overhaul in the right way. Put me in the cautiously optimistic category.

Gilbert, AZ


"Within a couple years these guys will be competing nationally. A top 3 finish in the PAC 12 is a realistic goal for this team."

For a team that only has four returning players who have actually played at Utah, that's a pretty bold prediction.

These players haven't even played a single scrimmage together. It's nice to dream, but what do you base your prediction on, other than wishful thinking?

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Hey,somethings better than nothing.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

This program is back.

West Jordan, UT

This program is back...to having at least five players suit up.

Jefferson City, MO

So far, so good.

I definitely like the way our Coach K has done things to this point.

West Jordan, UT

It seems like Larry is doing great so far with his recruiting. As for the players that couldn't decide if they wanted to stay or go, I am glad Larry made the decison for them. He showed that he was the boss and the players are players. Everything will fall into place now and the UTES will be back.
Thanks for coming to UTAH coach!

Message to Larry's brother...Some UTE fans are thrilled to have your brother as the new Coach. I am one of those fans! I think your Larry will not let you or the UTAH fans down.

Cedar Hills, UT

Love this guy! Please don't let the kids run this program again.

Definitely headed in the right direction. I guess that is not hard after last year though.

Keep it up coach and....

Go Utes

sandy, UT

Looked it up, over/under in vegas for guys transferring before the pac 12 season begins is 4.7. Move the decimal point and that's how many points Jimmer put up on the utes this last year.

Highland, UT

Sounds like it is all better.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I am impressed with how quickly he filled his roster, but to say they are back or that they will even have a winning season is really jumping the gun. I do not want to see them get embarrassed in the PAC but I also can't get too excited about a team loaded with transfers and leftovers. The coach did bring in a couple of legitimate division 1 players but there are a lot of question marks on this roster. I will gladly eat my words if they finish above .500 or finish in he top half of the PAC this year.

Iowa City, IA

A word on coach:
I think the coach has been very decisive so far with a clear focus and direction for this team. But it seems he might have run off a few of the guys by his decision making. Namely, Chris Kupets and JJ O'Brien. It remains to be seen if not allowing these guys more time to think about their options will justify bringing in some unproven JC talent to fill their roles. I dunno, I'm having trouble seeing the urgency.

A word on the team:
Time for the core to step it up. Watkins, Foster and Washburn have to be the leaders of this team.

Go Utes!

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