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Published: Wednesday, May 18 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

Congratulations Mark! It'll be great to have you at BYU.

Ogden, UT

This sounds like a great hire. BYU needs better big men to compete in the NCAA tournament. Pope should be able to get the post players to step up their game and make BYU even better than they were before.

Welcome to BYU Mark.

Springville, UT

This is no Dave Rice, but big ups to Rose for finding a Pope that was willing to relocate from Rome to Provo.

I look for many winning seasons from the crew in the future.

Leesburg, VA

Look, the man has the right number of letters in his first and last names, so I'm sure he's the best choice.

Orem, Utah

Cool. A big man coach. Just what BYU needed! Rose is s smart coach.

Glad BYU was able to keep Rose around, in spite of the WCC step-down (although not as much as you'd think).

It'll be nice to see a front line at BYU again. Been awhile.

Not only will playing in the WCC be culture shock for the BYU players, but it'll be a culture shock for BYU fans to no longer have The Jimmer to watch.

Still, BYU should be a fun team to watch next year.

Hope Davies is able to come back.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Right on, Coach Rose. It's all good.

Ogden, UT

I see a lot of positives in this hire. Getting a coach from Wake Forest's staff isn't too bad.

Frisco, TX

Love that we found a big man. Even when we've had big players, it has not felt like we've fully utilized them. No disrespect intended, but that was not our coaches forte.

With more big men on our roster next year than we've ever had (Davies, Hartsock, Collinsworth, Austin, Harward),I'm sure his expertise will pay big dividends.

And I do not see the step down to the WCC that some continue to reference. The most consistent performers in the MWC were Utah (their Boylen years in BB were like our Crowton years in FB), BYU, UNLV and UNM. Now the conference only has UNLV and UNM. Sure SDSU had a great run the past two years, but look at their record the past 10 years.

WCC will have three perenial powers in St Marys, Zags and BYU. The only step down is the size of the arenas and many will move to a bigger arena when BYU comes to town. They want to put as many cheeks in seats as they can.

Bountiful, UT

Coach Rose is top notch, and continues to prove it. Looking forward to cheering for BYU in the WCC and the Utes in the PAC-12. Never would have said I was looking forward to cheering for BYU before - but Coach Rose makes it near impossible for me not to like what he has done in Provo. He's excellent. Congrats to Pope.

Just Truth
Saratoga Springs, UT

I know what you mean, UU32:

I rarely cheer for the Utes, but it was hard not to when they were making runs through March. Hope the Utes rebound to what they once were and that BYU keeps up its exciting play.

Hoosier in Utah
Spanish Fork, UT

Glad to hear Br. Pope is moving to Provo. I lived near Indy when he came to town there; in fact, we were in the same singles' branch for a while. I remember a humble man who never took anything for granted. He didn't even buy a new car when he got his NBA paycheck; he drove a rather beat-up old truck.

Larry Bird loves hard workers as he was one himself. That's why Mark was drafted by the Pacers. This same ethic can do nothing but keep the Cougars competitive. Besides, how hard could it be to make a Wildcat a Cougar?

Riverton, UT

Even the Pope supports and is a part of BYU Basketball.

Salt Lake City, UT

Great addition to the staff. I'm looking forward to what he does with the incredible young talent in the program. Athletes like Nate Austin and Chris Collinsworth have just gotten a mentor that can make them top tier players.

holladay, ut

His wife served as Letterman's personal assistant huh.....

Orem, Utah

Great Hire Coach Rose. He played for Kentucky a b-ball powerhouse, he has NBA experience, played under Larry Bird a hard working no-nonsense coach, and was an assistant at Wake Forest an ACC school. As for BYU going to the WCC, it only makes the WCC better. Yes they are a one bid conference now but the addition of BYU and their past success could change that. It also helps that the WCC is willing to make concessions to accommodate BYU's no Sunday play rule. Also their conference tournament is at the Orleans Arena which is a lot better that the UNLV invitational.

Orem, Utah

Maybe having a tall assistant coach can help BYU in recruiting the nationally high-ranked bigs, especially if they're LDS and wanting good coaching and big school exposure. BYU can now offer both!

Lubbock, TX

@uu32, I'm glad Rose has that LaVell-type respect. He is difficult for anyone to dislike, unless you are a UNM fan.

This hire proves to fans that BYU is seriously behind Rose and the basketball program. This is a big guy and BYU should start to expect big play from our big men. I can't wait to see a supposedly rebuilding team win 25+ games next season.

Go Y

Saint George, UT


Thought this was about coach Rose and Mark Pope not Mormons

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Glad they hired a big man. I always felt that Araujo, Plaisted, and Miles were all way underdeveloped. Davies seems like he came with a lot of talent from high school and I'm excited to see what Pope can do with him in addition to the two RMs coming back.

Good luck coach! We will be cheering for you.

Orem, UT

Great hire.

Coach Rose is the cream of the crop and will continue to lead BYU to greatness. It was tough to lose coach Rice but coach Pope will be great at developing the big men which was a weakness.

Great to be a Cougar!

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