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Published: Tuesday, May 17 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Zona Zone
Mesa, AZ

That already exists, it's called Division I-AA or Football Championship Subdivision. If the non-BCS form their own championship, it will just feed into the BCS's argument the so-called Non-AQ's are subpar. To be honest, many Non-AQ's are more I-AA than I-A. Looking in your direction, Utah State. (Seriously, Aggies, who do you think you're kidding?)

The only remedy here is a legal remedy. The Sherman Antitrust Act needs to be invoked, and the BCS should be fined severely and shattered altogether, but even that will not guarantee a playoff. The real solution is to break up the power conferences, but that's not going to happen.

Alexandria, VA

Form their own championship? And what money will they share? Most of these programs are already a cost burden to their school/state, and most only have a minimal to regional fan base at best.

Durham, NC

That is exactly what we need. We need the equivalent of the NIT for football. You have seen how much of a following it has in Basketball. Add to the comment above, if the ratings for the FCS Championship were any indication of interest, this would end up on ESPN 360, somewhere squished between water ballet and the Curling championship.

An NIT for football..... brilliant idea.

Alpine, UT

I have to agree with Zona Zone. A Non-AQ playoff would be considered 2nd tier just like the NIT in basketball and would serve to strengthen the BCS because they would then feel that the Non-AQ's have their own post-season program so why would they ever want to include them in their party?

Legal action is the only way the BCS will get taken down. Let's hope it happens sooner than later. Bring down the evil empire that is the BCS!

Clinton, UT

As a Ute fan I hated this idea when we were in the MWC. I agree with Zona this argues that the Non-AQ's can't compete with the AQ teams which we know is not the case. This would be like the NIT. Tell, me. Who won the NIT this year? I don't know I didn't watch any of the games because in the grand scheme of things it was the also-ran tourney and frankly, I just didn't care. I would rather channel my energies into getting rid of the whole system that uses popularity contests to see which SEC team will play either the winner of the Big 10, Big 12, or Pac 12. Put them all in a tournament and slug it out. If

North Ogden, UT

Bring it on. Lets pick the champion on the field, not in the elite sports writers' minds (writers who I dare say probably haven't put on a uniform since high school) or on some secret computer.

Clinton, UT

Who won the NIT this last year? I don't know because I quite frankly didn't care. As a Ute fan I hated the idea of a Non-AQ tournament when we were in the MWC and I still do now that we aren't. Zona's right that this will feed the BCS' argument that non-AQs don't deserve their spot with the "elite" which is rubbish.

Get rid of the stupid bowls and get me a playoff. I'm tired of the popularity contest that exists to determine which SEC team will play the prettiest Big 10/12 or Pac 12 team for the MNC.

If the have nots try to form their own playoff they may as well form a whole new Division because that's in essence what they would become. I just want the NCAA to find its spine and take back the post season they lost to this stupid monopoly that is the BCS.

Bloomington, IN

I think BYU and Utah fans are united in wondering why this article was written? We don't want or need an NIT for football. For the upper tier teams from non-AQ conferences this would make no financial sense, would not add prestige, and simply has no positive outcomes.

Lubbock, TX

The only thing the Non AQs could do (excluding ND)is ALL TOGETHER refuse to play BcS teams for one season down the road, that will force all BcS schools to play each other for 12 straight games, and they will really hate that.

That's all it would take, money making would be scarce for those FCS schools and others, but that kind of sacrifice is the best option not yet discussed.

BYU is on the frontier of other creative means keep in mind.

Castle Rock, CO

I was reading this and thinking the entire time "Is he not aware of the Football Bowl Subdivision?" Then I saw Zona Zonza's comment.

This solution would only solidify the BCS's argument. And you are missing one key point about what happened with the professional sports league, neither one was obviously better. They had two separate leagues and two separate championships and they there was roughly equal talent.

This is not the case if your solution was implemented. People would just laugh at the stronger FBS championship because it would still be inferior football. It wouldn't force the BCS to take note, it would encourage them to laugh and say "Ha! We won. Cartel maintained!"

You should have run this idea for an article by a few people before writing it. This would be a colossal mistake on the part of the non AQ teams.

Iowa City, IA

I've been saying this for years. Go for it. The BCS will become so non-irrelavent, they will be forced to concede. I also think to join the playoff format they need to pay a fine. 10 million for each BCS conf. that would like to join. After the first BCS league begs in, the fine goes up 5 million per year for the other conferences that are stubbornly dragging their feet. Oh, and all current BCS officials are banned from college football for life.

College football Div. 1 playoffs would be more exciting than March Madness.

Farmington, UT

This sounds an awful lot like using a tournaquet for stopping a bloody nose. The cure is more deadly than the malady. No matter how you slice it, the Non-AQ's live on the wrong side of the tracks and just having your own party won't get you an inclusionary invite to the big dance on the other side of town. Nor will it produce anything but laughter among the BCS elite.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

After Utah and TCU leave the non AQ there is only one team of any significance left in all of the non AQ teams. That team is Bosie and even they would struggle with a BCS schedule. Forming a non AQ championship is exactly what the BCS wants. It would be the same as admitting you are second tier football. Great idea Doug.

w bountiful, ut

Doug's "so simple" solution still ignores the anti-trust violations of the BCS cartel with the media and the bowls. Arbitrarily selecting six conferences to auto qualify for billions of dollars while limiting access to other schools competing in the same system is colusion and is at the heart of the issue.

This is not about crowning a legitimate national champion, and creating another "sub-super' does not mitigate the financial theft perpetrated by the BCS. Not only does the system assure that profits from the BCS unfairly attribute to selected institutions, they assure that those institutions by way of improved facilities and other accomodations attract better recruits, thus tipping the field ever more in favor of only those institutions included in the BCS.

You miss the point, Robinson, as do those of you who think this is about anything besides equal access and anti-trust violations. It is not a sports issue. It is about blatantly unfair business practices which should not be tolerated in any public venue. The DOJ and Congress took down ATT and MIcrosoft for the same practices. Why is the BCS exempt???

Sandy, UT

120 schools, All Division 1, according to the NCAA bylaws.

And yet, 68 or so are allowed to collude, tie up all the bowls, cut non equitable deals, while excluding one half of it's membership.

Clearly illegal. Seriously, try these tactics in any other area of business and the feds are on you, yesterday.

It takes an action in the courts to get the ball rolling. Up until now, none of the 120 institutions have been willing to do so. Until one, just one school sues, nothing will happen.

If the 52 or so schools refused to play the so called big 6, they could never fill out their schedules. Then they would come to the table and negotiate more fairly.

It's not about a playoff, or pitting #1 vs #2, the issue is the Monopoly of bowls and money, through illegal collusion.

It's about cornering the marketplace and money, through collusion and backroom deals. It's Illegal!

The BCS can avoid it all by giving every Conferenc a guaranteed spot, thus eliminating the AQ perjorative label and the contrived, man made, caste system.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

The only solution is for the NCAA to recognize a champion and force schools who have Div 1 football programs to participate if they want to participate in other Div 1 sports championships. The money will always be there for college football. But until the NCAA gets involved, nothing will ever change, even with any anti-trust lawsuits. All the BCS will do is change the rules a bit, just like they do every 4 or 5 years to get the heat off them for a bit.

A non AQ playoff is raising the white flag.

Orem, Utah

There's nothing wrong with the BCS as a system for getting a national champ out of it. What IS wrong is how they exclude schools. Fix THAT and everyone's happy.

It'll likely take legal action to make this happen, though.

I prefer the BCS system over a playoff simply because a playoff doesn't allow a team to slip up even once and DOES allow a not-so-good team to get hot at the right time.

This year's NCAA basketball tourney proved you can't get the best team in the end. It also proved that the year's worth of work can mean nothing in the end.

A round-robin type of playoff is needed in both football and basketball to be fair and REALLY produce a non-questionable national champ, and we know THAT isn't feasible. Too many playoff games, especially for football. For basketball, just don't include so many teams to begin with, then it's feasible there.

Let's just fix the current systems to minimize the fog.

Orem, Utah

If you want more interesting football reading, check out BYU's future as an independent in a recent Deep Shades of Blue article.

Pretty tasty info, including the comments from its readers.

So, when will DNews sports writers dig up this kind of info and report on it?

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

It's how the NCAA basketball tourney busted the NIT.

I agree with Zona Zone, but not a bad plan B if things don't change...

It's always good to look at options.

With all the money just for the PAC 12 championship game, a Division One sixteen team playoff could generate some huge financial interest.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I can see the idea to get rid of this long break between the final regular season and the bowl game. It should only have two teams from those 4 non-aq conferances to play the non-aq championship game. If one team still undefeated will be in but if one loss they won't get in. Conclusion, they will never be invited for NC game like what happen to utah.

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