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Published: Tuesday, May 17 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Temecula, CA

Fantastic luck. Now it's up to KOC. I would like to see the Jazz get Irving. They already have Favors, so if they got Williams, would they play two PF at once. Could one bulk up enough to play center? It's possible. If KOC can't get either one, then what? Is there a serious dropoff after the first two? Are the Jazz keeping Fes, Big Al, Milsap? How about Kirilenko? Should be fun. GO JAZZ!

West Jordan, UT

That's what I'm talking about Jazz! Sure, it's not the #1 pick, but it's nice to finally see the Jazz move up instead of down in the draft.

This (likely) means that besides Williams and Irving, the Jazz get whoever they want.

Did anyone else notice KOC trying to hold back a smile when he found out we moved up into the top three?

Realistic Goggles
Alpine, UT

Irving will be gone before the Jazz select. Derrick Williams will probably be gone, but maybe not. So, the Jazz pick at #3 will be very interesting.

My guess is that Jimmer will be available at #12 and the Jazz will snatch him up.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

Jazz will take the next best point guard available. He played for Calipari at Kentucky. Done deal.

Hank Pym

Knowig KOC & the mindset or the franchise, they'll probably trade the #3 pick for 2nd rounders.

The #12 pick will be used on a big slow foreigner who'll never play a game for the jazz.

J in ID
Idaho Falls, ID

Brandon Knight is to explosive to pass up.

Captain L
Provo, UT

SUPER, this makes the summer that much more interesting, Kanter or Knight at the 3, no Jimmer at the 12 if they go with Knight, Kanter has a ton of skill, if his knees are healthy, I'd take him and trade Big Al or Milsap, if there is any question about his knees, I'd take Knight. If they took Kanter at the 3, I'd take Jimmer at the 12. That doesn't address the need at the 3 spot but you got to take best player available.

Hamilton, MT


3rd pick overall, that is really cool. You guys who are unsure about what the Jazz will do with this pick, check out Enes Kanter. They have already spent time evaluating him so I am sure they will take him if available. I would even dare to bet that the Jazz think he is the best player in the draft. You can find videos on YouTube about him. This kid is the real deal big man. He will give the Jazz a very legitimate back up Center and possible starter in the near future. Defense is not his strongest point but he can really score and rebound very well. He's a polished player who will be able to contribute right away.

12th Pick: I do not see Jimmer remaining on the board at the 12th pick but I might be surprised but I see his draft stock rising a bit. I would love to see the Jazz move up a couple of spots to ensure they get him. This would solve some big problems with the Jazz and make them a contender very soon. I love it, go Jazz.

Draper, Utah

Enes Kanter was being discussed as the possible #1 pick. Cleveland will pick Irving but maybe Kanter is a possible pick at 3. You get rid of big Al move Favors to the 5 and put Enes in a the 4. IF we pick Williams were do you play him? Do you move Millsap? If you pick Knight I can see getting rid of Devis Harris at the trade deadline. Who ever we pick they will most likely have to backup someone at 1st which I do not like since it is a #3 pick they need to get out there and play. Its tough though the video of Enes Kanter in the Nike Hoops Summit last yr is amazing

Farmington, UT

OK, Jazz, the stars have aligned for you. Now please do something with this opportunity.

Salt Lake City, UT

Trade the pick with Sacramento for the seventh and a second round plus Garcia for CJ.Or Washington for the sixth and a second plus Jefferson for McGee.

Temecula, CA

I just looked at all the point guards again after Irving. I agree with the previous posters...Brandon Knight should be the 2nd point guard taken. He is a fierce competitor, too, and I like that a lot. Some say he is an excellent one-on-one defender, and the Jazz need that plus his ability to score a lot. If the Jazz take him, let's hope he works hard on improving his point guard skills. He could play some shooting guard too, with Hayward sliding to SF at times.

Salt Lake City, UT

I didn't notice Kevin O'Connor's grin. I was too busy jumping up and down!

Large Tuna
Salt Lake City, UT

now that we have the 3rd pick, we don't need that 12th pick. pack it up with players and get some deals done in the summer. Williams has got to be the best fit for us, but sounds like he's going 1 or 2. Although both teams before us are in desperate need of a pg (well cleveland is in desperate need of everything). I'd have to say williams will go #1 simply because cleveland has the #1 pick and the #4. if they took williams at #1 the next 3 best picks are all point guards. so they'd run the risk of having to draft 2 point guards, i dont see them making that mistake.

so do they package the 12 pick with devin harris and try to get some traded talent?

Riot Man
Lakeland, FL

Williams would play at the 3. Please don't draft a PG! We have a perfectly good PG already and the league is littered with PG's. Go get yourself the 3 (Williams) or 5 (Kanter) that we don't have. We've already got Harris and can get a backup PG at 12 if we don't think we can get one on the FA market. Go get em KOC! It's time to earn that paycheck and work your magic.

Hamilton, MT

The Jazz don't need to be trading away players like Jefferson, Millsap, Harris, CJ etc.. We need to keep our core guys that we have right now and add to it.

A linup of:

C: Jefferson / Kanter / Okur
PF: Favors / Okur / Millsap
SF: Millsap / Kirilenko / Miles / Hayward
SG: Hayward / Miles / Bell / Fredette
PG: Harris / Fredette / Watson

You can see the depth. Amazing. Scoring at every position. Starting Jefferson, Favors, and Millsap gives the Jazz size and great rebounding.

I am telling you, this is a Jazz team the will likely complete for a title within 2 years. I am so excited.

Lafayette, LA

Would drafting two guards be too much (Brandon Knight (PG); Khawi Leonard (SG))????

Farmington, UT

Ooo... Brandon Knight and Khaw Leonard would be an awesome draft. Yummy...

Thanks to those of you who were able to make a post without the name Jimmer. I'm sure thats a challenge for the rest.

West Jordan, UT


Khawi Leonard is a small forward, so no problem!

Vernal Mom
Vernal, UT

Great news on #3!! Please, please, please, KOC.......just make a great pick! Jazz fans are waiting for something to cheer about!

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