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Published: Monday, May 16 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

The NBA gods don't owe us anything. Like KOC said its his job to find that player. Its make or break time for KOC and the Jazz franchise whether the balls bounce our way or not.

Make it Happen!!! KOC

SJ Bobkins
Gilbert, AZ

It's just a matter of the Jazz making the right decisions

That's the point, however the chances of the Jazz making a pick that will save the club isn't likely. Take a look at the last 10 or 12 drafts. The grossly overpaid AK is essentially the only first round choice the Jazz still have, other than the cross country runner they drafted last year, who can't be judged yet. In 2004 when Mr. Lucky, KOC had two first round choices at #14 and #16, O Conner couldn't have done worse, neither play helped the Jazz at all, both are out of basketball. Guess who they avoided, the guy drafted in between their two picks, it was Al Jefferson, the man they would drop 2 first rounders to trade for. It takes a really Brainiac to use two positions in the top 16 and blow them both, while having no faith that AJ would be good enough to play in the NBA. That's nothing but ironic.

South Jordan, UT

Kevin O'Connor needs a lot more than just luck -

Sandy, UT

Just don't draft Jimmer and I will be happy. Let him fail or succeed elsewhere. He'll dwindle in anonymity here in SLC.

West Jordan, UT

Dear Localblue

Get a clue. Jimmer will do fine. He will bwe MVP of the league someday and a 10 year allstar. Jazz do not pass on this great leader.

Houston, TX

KOC has 3 shots at getting one great player. He has 2 picks this year and the GS pick next year. He should get 1-2 good to great players out of the lotto.

However, he has to replace AK this year or in the future. He also will probably need to replace Harris in the next couple of years. AJ and Millsap's contracts are both up at the same time.

Utah needs shooting but it may be safer to get that in free agency. The Jazz are masters at evaluating existing talent who fit the system well.

They are not good at drafting but that may improve with Sloan gone. It may also get worse. In my opinion, Sloan tended to draft players with certain characteristics at the expense of talent. They were usually bigs with defects.

Hard work does not replace talent. You have to start with both in the draft.

This is a weak draft so "work ethic" may still be the dominant criteria.

IF Hayward is the SG of the future? Then the Jazz need the SF of the future. PG is an open question. SF/C is a 2 year need.

Orem, UT

I hope the Jazz get lucky. However, if they don't, they may consider using their draft picks for a trade to either pick higher or some future consideration. There are a few good players available in this draft even though it appears not as strong in previous years. Maybe they can package a few of our present players (like Okur or Kirilenko, maybe Millsap) for a higher pick.

Houston, TX

Most of the remaining playoff teams have a defensive SG or a slasher SG. Brewer of the Bulls and Sefolosha are the most obvious. Sloan employed that same approach but did not have enough shooting in the SF to make it work consistently.

Jimmer at PG could work for the Jazz IF they had enough shooting at SG and SF. However, he could also work with a slasher at SG IF the SF could shoot well enough.

Jimmer should open up the inside a lot more than Harris or Watson. Jimmer should be very good in the pick and roll. However, the Jazz may need to go to more of an inside out game that intelligently uses the 3. That approach fits AJ much better than the pure Sloan approach of the past. AJ needs to pass back out to shooters when the paint is packed.

Jimmer may fit a fun and gun team well but he may also be ideal for an inside out team like ORL? However, he could be used to transform the Jazz into a modern efficient team with a strong inside attack (C/PF) AND outside shooting capability.

The Jazz and Jimmer?

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


Still upset about the 47 Jimmer dropped at the blue-packed Hunstman Center? I'm happy all things BYU upset you. Puts a smile on my face.


Las Vegas, NM

I actually believe Fredette is worth a shot...I talked to a friend who saw him play in Albuquerque, where he scored 52 points against the Lobos...This guy has the talent to shoot from the outside and score...He is worth the risk at number 12....My friend said that he was a scoring machine, even better than the Lobos legend of Danny Granger.

Utah Jazz fan Chris
Clearfield, UT


So in the future Jimmer will beat players like Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant for MVP?!?!?

Be realistic!

Roosevelt, UT

The Jazz have plenty of yount talent already in the fold. Perhaps they should look at packaging AK and Bell, Price and CJ and getting a proven commodity.

Devin Harris can play PG at a high level. This past season all he had to pass to were the above named individuals who can't throw it in the ocean and so Harris had a low assist ratio.

Mark Gasol would be a nice touch for the Jazz and with the above named players and a couple of draft picks the trade should be made. If not Mark then somone else with similar credentials.

The Jazz have talent and with the missing component they can compete, the training/developing years are so endless in Utah it is time to compete right out of the gate.

Houston, TX

It is unlikely Jimmer will be MVP. However, his style of PG play could be ideal for the future Jazz.

In the past the Jazz pounded the ball inside even if that meant TOs, blocks and missed shots. According to Korver there were no specific 3 point plays. The Jazz should not abandon the Sloan flex. BUT it can and should be modified for 3 point options off of some of the existing plays.

In the past the inside 2 point game became inefficient because the outside 3 point game was too weak. The idea is to maximize the efficiency of the inside game by improving the efficiency of the outside game.

With AJ and Favors inside and Jimmer, Hayward and AK(?) outside the Jazz would have a strong attack. Since the C/PF and the SG/SF (wings) are interchangeable a slasher could be inserted at SG/SF IF the other wing shot well enough.

Millsap will develop his 3 point shot this year and become a shorter version of Memo roving as a 6th man/starter across 3 positions. That is more outside shooting.

AJ/Favors is a bit like having 2 Howards down low.


With all the success The Jimmer had in college, I don't see how the Jazz could pass him up if he's still available. He's a humble guy who will work with the team. Similar to Hayward (and remember all the negative comments when Hayward came on board?), I think The Jimmer would do great.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Doug`0: Where have you been? We don't have AK or Price under contract, we can't put them in a package to make a trade.
Harris may have been an all star a few years ago, but he hasn't been playing close to that lately. His defense is terrible and his assists poor. We do need a point guard for the future. Jimmer would be a nice pick up, he could play behind Harris for a yr, maybe 2, and develop his point guard mentality and then he would be ready to shine, kinda like Stockton and Green.
We do need a 3 though, and someone in the middle to play defense, both Big Al and Milsap were poor at D last year. I watched some new videos about Jonas a couple of days ago and he looked much better than I remmembered, he could be a good choice. I do like what I have seen of BB but his Nike tourney is all there has been to see, his motor, toughness, aggresive attack style on D would be a big help, BB would be a high risk/high reward guy.

Saint Louis, MO

Jazzfan, I'm thinking your sarcasm detector is busted.

Meh; in a weak draft and with not a sure thing in sight even at the top, I don't see a huge difference between, say, #3 and #8. We won't know for a few years anyway. It's all a crapshoot. Get lucky and KOC's a genius, whiff and he's a bum. Either way, the lotter is a non-event this year.

Man in Charge
Washington DC, WV

Jimmer does not belong in the same sentence as the Utah Jazz. Let him fail somewhere else.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington DC, WV

If KOC listened to the fans and drafted Jimmer Freddete aka Adam Morrison, he would be out of a job. His excuse would be I listened to all the fans and drafted Jimmer over Kemba Walker.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

this is the weakest draft ever. Doesn't matter where you draft.

Syracuse, UT

And the best part, we don't need a PG who plays defense because non of them in the NBA play defense anyways.

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