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Published: Monday, May 16 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Kearns, UT

Have a hard time believing the Jazz draft 2 more bigs as that mock has them doing. Favors, Jefferson, Millsap. Pretty clear this team is hurting for help at the guard positions.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Here's hoping the Jazz win the lottery -- with their own pick.

Salt Lake City, UT

In My Humble Opinion | 1:41 p.m. May 16, 2011
South Jordan, UT
Here's hoping the Jazz win the lottery -- with their own pick.

Not with KOC going. We all seen how is face looked the year we got Deron.

Burley, ID

After doing a little research, I have to admit, I would be willing to see the Jazz gamble on Bismack Biyombo. True, they don't need any more power forwards but from what I have read and seen in online videos has convinced me he could be a real stud in a year or two.

The only way I can see the Jazz drafting a guard is if they happen to hit the lotto and win one of the top 3 positions; otherwise I'd like to see them take a serious look at drafting Bismack at 6 and a guard at 12.

Bismack physical stats are: 7'7" wingspan, despite measuring only 6-7 3/4" without shoes; weight 243 pounds. He's also extremely athletic, think Jeremy Evans with a much bigger frame.

The guy has a reputation for being an enforcer in and around the paint and will push himself to the point of sheer exhaustion when he plays. When was the last time we have seen that kind of work ethic in a Jazz player?

Bismack's worth the gamble.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Who cares how the Jazz do in the lottery? They're just going to blow their pick on a slow, white Eastern European center whose last name starts with a K anyway.

Orem, Utah

I think Biyombo could be a good pick, but only AFTER securing Jimmer. Biyombo doesn't strike me as a future superstar, but maybe an all-star. Jimmer, on the other hand, is the only possible future superstar in the draft.

sandy, ut

Jimmer a future superstar??? Get real. That has exactly 0 percent chance of happening. He is too small to play point guard in the nba, and way too small to play shooting guard. He may be an average backup point guard, but that is it. He plays no defense. Bad pick unless it is in the second round.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


I'm happy all things BYU upset you. I love knowing that with each of the 30+ wins BYU basketball had this year you curled tighter into the fetal position praying that coach Rose would take the offer.

WhatsInItForme(and countless others), proving max right one comment at a time.

Will be interesting to see who the Jazz land. Not that I'm convinced Jimmer will be a great NBA player, but I'd love to see the Jazz land him just to see you and other utes go into a tizzy.

Bountiful, UT

Ted H - Am I missing somethign here? Whatsinitforme said that he thinks Jimmer will be a "possible superstar". Sensitive much?

If Jimmer is there at 12 - the Jazz should grab him. Jersey sales alone make this an excellent pick. He offers something the Jazz desperatly need -- outside shooting. He will adapt his game to the NBA. He played the way he did at BYU because he HAD to for his team to win. Beyond Jackson Emery and Brandon Davies - he didn't have much to go to. On the Jazz he'd have plenty of options. He also wouldn't have the pressue of starting right away. I would not of said this a few months ago, but now I say go with the Jimmer. Oh and Ted H. -- I'm a Ute.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

UU32 - Yes from what I've seen you seem to be a great Utah fan. Unlike you, there are several byu haters who think they are so clever that they've pretend to be BYU fans only to say something ridiculous, hoping to paint BYU fans as foolish.

Childish you say? I know. Sad to see them represent your university in such a way. whatsinitforme is one of these ute gems who unfortunately for good fans such as yourself sure makes Max Hall look spot on.

whatsinit said "Jimmer is the only possible future superstar in the draft" hoping to paint all BYU fans as foolish. Don't worry though UU32, I won't assume that all Utah fans are classless drunks(I have seen you are better than that). Just those who pretend to be BYU fans.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

The Jazz need to forget drafting a big man. They need to spend both picks on shooters or a least a point guard.

If Jimmer is there at #12 you take him.

Bountiful, UT

Ted H. - not sure how you feel it is OK to call people you don't even know classless and say that you "hate" them. Is that what you learned when you went there? Certainly not what I learned there as a grad student.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I'd love to see the Jazz get Jimmer with the 12th pick, with the 6th pick I have several picks that would be OK with me, Vesely as a long, tall, 3 man, would be a good choice, Leonard as an athletic, long, defensive 3 would be OK, he is working on his shot and is looking good. They could take Knight with the 6th pick and then they wouldn't pick Jimmer but if they don't take Knight with the 6th pick I'd hope they take Jimmer at 12.
As far as a big man is concerned, I love Biyombo, I think he can be a star. The other big man that could be a nice choice is Jonas, I watched some more video of him yesterday and he was more impressive than I remembered.
As a sleeper at the 12 pick I kinda like Tobias Harris, a talented, versatile 3 man from Tenn. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Logan, ut

Defense and rebounding win Championships! Jimmer does neither, drafting him perhaps in the 2nd or 3rd round would be smarter.

Olympia, WA

Another Ute fan here that wouldn't mind getting Jimmer with our 2nd pick. Contrary to what some folks have been preaching, I believe he has the potential to be a 20+ point scorer in the NBA. The guy has range...yes, maybe a bit of a tweener, but his basketball IQ is off the charts...he will adapt, and his defense will improve. As far as their first pick, I agree if Biyombo is there, we should take him. The guy is a beast. I say if we are lucky and get at least the fifth pick, take Walker or Knight. One of them should be available, and we need a starting point guard for the future. Yes, Irving for sure if we got the #1.

Ann Arbor, MI

Can the jimer dunk?

Utah Jazz fan Chris
Clearfield, UT

if utah somehow gets a top three pick, they should use it on Derrick Williams. He's athletic, has good size, and a great shooter, a great pick if jazz are getting rid of Kirilenko. Then take Alec Burks (Colorado) for the second pick because he has great length for a guard and knows how to score. Best comparison for Williams- Michael Beasley and Burks- Evan Turner.

Biyombo would be a good pick too, but we're stacked on PF's. Biyombo intangibles are not good enough to play the SF

Captain L
Provo, UT

If the Jazz were to draft Biyombo it would mean they would try to move Paul or Big Al, Big Al's defense is poor, Paul's size causes him problem on D.

Orem, Utah

I don't respond to trolls. Can't argue with closed minds. So, I don't try.

I'll reiterate: the only college player in the draft this year that has ANY possibility of becoming an NBA superstar is Jimmer.

All you have to do to see this is to have watched ALL of his games. Doing so lets you see patterns and what kinds of things he's capable of doing.

His so-called lack of defense was by design. No one else on the team could score consistently. So, Jimmer was protected from fouling out by minimizing his defensive efforts.

In spite of that, he still came in 4th in career steals at BYU. THAT can't be done by someone who can't defend, IMO.

Every team that passes on drafting Jimmer will in short time (a year or two) realize that they missed out on a superstar.

The kid is focused and has never failed at any level in his basketball life.

Salt Lake City, UT

3rd round?

It would be smarter if you try to learn something about the NBA draft before you post

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