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Published: Sunday, May 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Pleasanton, CA

Dont be so sure Mike that the Cougs are going to the Armed Forces Bowl. I would say a BCS bowl is more likely!

Ann Arbor, MI

Again this can't be. Based on the troll experts Utah will be the doormates of the PAC12.

Personally I'd wish Utah would go undervalued...less pressure.

Salt Lake City, UT

Excited for football in the state of Utah. I'm probably more excited for the Utah v BYU match up this year than ever. Although we are in different conferences, I feel there is an added twist. BCS conference vs Independence. Winner will get to remind the other all season who won. The game is going to be on ESPN, people will start to see how intense this rivalry really is. Those who are predicting a blow out are probably homers.

Jordan Wynn is going to be the biggest ? for the Utes. If he has his confidence, I think he will do well. If he can play with the confidence and poise of the game vs Iowa State, then he could be a very solid QB. I'm interested to see how he meshes with the new offense. I think it will fit his style better. He's not meant to be a spread QB. Excited to see how all the backs do. Langi should be fun to watch.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Dont be so sure Mike that the Cougs are going to the Armed Forces Bowl. I would say a BCS bowl is more likely!"

One thing is for "sure". It's either the Helecopter bowl or a BCS game. No other option.

Springville, UT

Well there you go Hedgie, Utes are hyped to win the South and the Holiday Bowl. I can't wait to see this unfold and you said it, not me... pressure is on.

It appears the Cougars have the opportunity to meet and exceed expectations.

Utes, not so much.

Lubbock, TX


However, most of us have done our homework, collecting information from the various schools and the leagues as well as some of the coaches, so at least we know more than the average guy on the street."

I wouldn't be so sure.

South Jordan, UT

There are no expectations for the Cougars because nobody wants them. If I knew I was only going to the Armed Forces Bowl, I would stay in the MWC.

I can guarantee that BYU be one of the top four Independents. Right behind Notre Dame and Navy. They might be better than Army and that rounds out all the independents.

American Fork, UT

Let's get the hockey playoffs done. Go canucks.

St. George, Utah

its really amazing how everybody can tell the future

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Utah could finish 1st in the PAC south, and BYU could go undefeated and reach a BCS bowl game. All of BYU's games are winnable and all of Utah's games are winnable, though likely the teams will lose a couple of games (more likely the Utes will lose 3 or 4).

The PAC is overrated, and Utah may struggle getting used to playing all these new teams every week rather than the familiar MWC teams they have been playing. BYU is in a better situation because most of their hard games are up front and BYU tends to do well in the first few weeks of the season (at least the first two weeks; fortunately the week 3 opponent this year won't embarass BYU like the past couple of years). BYU's "new" opponents in the later season should be almost guaranteed wins (except Hawaii).

It's not too early to talk college football (I love it, and can't wait for it to start!), but it is too early to make an accurate prediction. You may predict, but don't bet too much on it.

Murray, UT

Ah its that time of year again, preseason predictions. They always mean so much dont they? I mean afterall were only 108 days away from kickoff and haven't even had a fall practice yet. While its fun to talk about and try and project whats gonna happen in the upcoming season, its hard to take preseason picks serious. Alot is gonna happen and change between now until the end of the season that it will look nothing like it does now at the end of the season. September cant get here fast enough so we can see how it really all unfolds!

Orem, UT


"It's either the Helecopter bowl or a BCS game. No other option."

You're forgetting that the Armed Forces Bowl is owned by ESPN. Boise State wasn't supposed to play in the Las Vegas Bowl last year, but with ESPN pulling the strings, I would put a big TBD on BYU's bowl destination if the Cougars don't play in a BCS bowl.


"If I knew I was only going to the Armed Forces Bowl, I would stay in the MWC."

This is why you're not BYU's AD. Trading the MTN for ESPN was the main motivation for leaving the MWC. BYU is already scheduled to play on ESPN FIVE times this year, with more games possible depending on how the season plays out. Regardless, EVERY BYU game will be on national television, on ESPN and/or BYUtv.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

My prediction is that, for the first time ever, I will be able to watch every BYU game on TV. Leaving the Mountain West was a huge access upgrade for fans. I streamed the '09 BYU-OU game on-line last night. And I am excited to know that every game will be available in that same manner this year.

Tooele, UT

Obviously BYU fans weren't listening their AD. Unless they go 12 - 0, something they have only done once in their history, they are locked into the bowls they signed with. It would take a lot of things to change that. It only happened for Boise last year because their slotted bowl, the humanitarian was willing to lose them. And the team slotted in the bowl, a PAC 10 team in this case has to vacate the bowl. NO team slotted in a higher bowl will vacate that bowl, meaning it will be the Armed Forces, Fight Hunger or Vegas Bowl, taking A slot from the PAC, ACC or some other big six conference team. BTW the lowest ranked PAC bowl, the New Mexico bowl, anyone for a return trip to ABQ.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Exciting stuff as the preseason predictions are starting to come out! I'm hoping the Utes live up to these expectations. I know it is a lot to hope for a Division title, but obviously not impossible. Can't wait for fall.

Frisco, TX

This is going to be an exciting season with all the changes.

First Utah - I think the success of the season depends on Wynn's shoulder and the running game. Wynn struggled the second half of the season. For starters, Utes have to hope the surgery was successful and gets him back to 100%. There doesn't apprear to be any strength behind Wynn. Second the running game is a big question mark. Will Langi be able to be an impact player his Freshman year? I think USC will surprise a lot of teams this year. I think they'll shake off last year, and be back to a Top 25 team (maybe Top 10). I recognize I have some bias, but at USC and at Provo will be the toughest games for Utah.

BYU will have a shot at a BCS bowl if they only have one loss to a Top 25 team on the road. Texas will be better than this article predicts and will compete for a Big 12 championship. At Texas and at TCU will be the toughest games for BYU. Heaps will show he's a stud. BYU will finish at least 10-2.

Layton, UT

I don't see BYU making a BCS bowl game at 11-1 let alone 10-2. Regardless, I see losses to Ole Miss, Texas and TCU as a best case scenario IMO. More likely add OSU and UCF. Heaps is still only a Soph, so can't really expect detmer like numbers this soon.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"Unless they go 12 - 0, something they have only done once in their history, they are locked into the bowls they signed with."

Actually, they have gone 12-0 twice. The second time was in 2001 when BYU finished their 12th game to go 12-0, just to find out right before their 13th game that they were "dismissed from consideration" for a BCS bowl. Combine that heartbreak with player injuries and they lose their last two games. (Just a side note, 8 of those games were broadcast on ESPN)

By the way, what was Utah's record when they got their BCS bowl games? And they say they broke the system on their own.... BSU and BYU helped them out. If BYU nor BSU had gone 12-0 before, Utah would have been the one "dismissed from consideration".

I also stand by what I said about a division title for Utah.

Tooele, UT

@CougFaninTX 11:03

Your comment is the most well thought out and realistic thing I've read on this board so far.

My personal opinion is, Utah will finish either 6-6 or 7-5 while BYU will finish 9-3 or 10-2. But since the Utes will have the tougher schedule and is the one school from the Beehive State everybody is expecting the most from, any winning season, their first year in the PAC-12, should be respectable.

Springville, UT


What channel are you guys on this fall? I'm still waiting to hear an answer.

Here, have a table scrap, also known as charity, you're on ESPN2 for one game.

You're welcome.

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