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Published: Thursday, May 12 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Jimmer helped the high rankings. Multiple bcs games, multiple bcs wins, and a bcs invite justified the utah football rankings

Bloomington, IN

I agree with Chris B. The BCS wins (in 2004, 2008) are the only reason the Utes only slid 18 spots in two weeks. However, has any other team in the history of the NCAA fallen as far as quickly as they did? I hate to think what would have happened without the BCS wins.
This is an interesting article. I agree that both the Cougars and the Utes have probably been given more national respect than they deserve solely based on their performance in recent years. But I don't agree that the respect is unwarranted. BYU has a long history of dominating middle tier conferences (WAC, MWC). Utah, has a recent history of impressive wins against really good teams and a long history of being pretty decent. I expect both schools will do well in the coming years even if they experience some growing pains. The Jazz on the other hand...

American Fork, UT

No mention of Real Salt Lake? RSL is regarded as the best or second best MLS team by most media sources, coaches and players (Henry called them the best in the league). One writer for ESPN soccernet even had them 10th in his world rankings, hard to believe since their entire team salary is about a 10th of what many Euro teams will pay for in transfer fees for a single player. RSL and Jason Kreis have gotten mountains of respect from all kinds of people. Good team that is exciting to watch and gets a lot of press for it.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

"My opinion is that not only are Utah teams treated respectably in the national view, they're in some cases treated BETTER THAN THEY DESERVE!


Did my comment make it through the filter?

Hayden, ID

Jimmer Fredette! All that needs to be said in explaining this article!

Snowflake, AZ

I enjoy Brad Rock's Dave Barryesque writing style. He is spot on with his commentary here.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

If is the biggest work in the English language. Gunna use it anyway.

BYU and Florida went into overtime in the NCAA tourney. Brandon would have made far more difference than the one point required in regulation to have put BYU over the top.

Florida went into overtime against Butler. I have a suspicion that a BYU team with Brandon Davies would have won that game but there is no way to tell.

Who knows what would have happened against UConn in the finals. A Kimba - Jimmer match-up would have been amazing.

BYU was not that far from taking it all in the NCAA tournament.

When you have a tournament there is no need to depend on the opinion of the pundits. Performance speaks for itself.

The present BCS series leave one at the mercy of the pundits. Matching Boise State against TCU was a travesty.

Holladay, UT

@ The Rock,

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda.....but didn't. Anybody can play the "if" card and say that their team could have won it all in any situation.

For example: The Jazz would have won the NBA Championship in 98 if Malone had hit his free throws.

The fact is he didn't hit his free throws and the bulls won it.

Ann Arbor, MI

The Rock,

You do realize that by using your logic...BYU has won 35 straight football National Championships.

Like the PAC12, I'm not impressed.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

USC I'm sure will be equally unimpressed with Utah come Sept 10th especially at the huge numbers of dyed in the wool utey fans who show up to see the game. They'll sell more tickets to Southern California BYU fans who will be rooting for Utah than actual ute fans.

Salt Lake City, UT


"Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda.....but didn't. Anybody can play the "if" card and say that their team could have won it all in any situation."

For example:

Utah Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda... won the 2004 and 2008 NCs, IF not for the BCS.

Utah Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda... won a Heisman, IF the Utes had ever had a decent QB.

Utah Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda... left BYU in their dust last June, IF Utah really had a superior football program.

Holladay, UT


Are you obsessed with Utah? I didn't even mention Utah in my post. I just pointed out that it is silly to use the "if" card.

I never said Utah coulda, shoulda, woulda about anything. You said it.

Now, since you brought up football information for the University of Utah let me give you one more piece of information:

Utah 17
byu 16

Boise, ID

Thanks for mentioning Jimmer. I have only heard his name 10 times in the past week and quite frankly, I miss him. GO Jimmer. Go Cougs!

Layton, UT

@Chris B,

And yet I still cannot find that National Championship banner anywhere in RES. I looked and looked and looked and then there it was, but to my surprise it is in Provo at LES. Imagine that.

Holladay, UT

JNA, Let it go man. It was almost 30 years ago.

Salt Lake City, UT


Better 30 years ago, than NEVER!

Here's a few more blasts from the past:

Harline is still open
4th and 18
George is still running
and the Pièce de résistance

BYU has still won 3 of the last 5, soon to be 4 of the last 6

Holladay, UT


"Better 30 years ago, than NEVER!"

Utah actually accomplished what byu did (go undefeated) in 2004 and 2008 which is a lot more recent than nearly 30 years ago. Just because Utah wasn't crowned National Champions isn't their fault. They did everything they had to do which is win every single game. The exact same thing byu did nearly 30 years ago.

Here's a few more blasts from the past for you:

Burton blocked the kick
48-24 on the way to a 2nd undefeated season
52-21 on the way to Utah's first BCS bowl
PAC 12 invitation

Your comment on byu winning 3 of last 5 is ridiculous. Watch this, I can spin the stats too. Utah has won 6 of the last 9. Utah has also won 53 of the last 86 or something like that.

Ann Arbor, MI

"They did everything they had to do which is win every single game. The exact same thing byu did nearly 30 years ago"


Actually Utah did more. They beat two Nationally ranked teams to cap thier undefeated seasons.

BYU played a 6-6 team ( same as last years UTEP) that was not even close to being ranked in the top 60. I might add BYU had to stage a late combacke to pull out the win.

Provo, UT

"They beat two Nationally ranked teams to cap thier undefeated seasons."

Two ranked team in the MWC, not outside the conference. Your argument is very weak... beat some tough and ranked to start the season (not a Weber State or a 3-9 Michigan team) maybe just maybe the utes would have more credibility.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

Jealous U

Spin it however you want to make you feel better about yourselves, but

National Championship > a dozen BCS wins

One is the epitome of major college football.

The others are only 2nd best, or worse.

There have been lots of undefeated teams through the years that didn't win a national championship. What makes U think your undefeated seasons were anymore special than all of the other undefeated teams that didn't win the ultimate prize?

Fact: If U had really been as good as you think it was, the U would have finished #1.

Fact: If BYU had really been as bad as you pretend they were, the Cougars wouldn't have finished #1.

Your jealous whining about "respect" isn't going to change the fact that U weren't "respected" enough to be voted #1.

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