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Published: Thursday, May 12 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

$1,500 fine, is that a joke? I realize that MLS players aren't making millions of dollars, but that is barely even a slap on the wrist. Even if I'm a low level MLS player making 50 grand a year, getting a $1,500 fine for a reckless challenge that almost ended a star's career seems pretty weak.

Salt lake City, UT

After watching the play, I think it is OUTRAGEOUS that the player that tackled Morales was slapped on the wrist. There needs to be some kind of example given on appropriate discipline in order to STOP this kind of terrible maiming tackle. This just happened a couple weeks ago. Just goes to show how much their DISCIPLINE is affecting these ruthless knot heads.

What are some kind of little golden boys the officials are afraid to offend? GIVE ME A BREAK. Where is the civility in all this? Where there is no civility, HIT THEIR POCKETBOOK and ABILITY TO PLAY IN A GAME. DUH.

Makes me want to go loose my cookies. UGH.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

I agree with Hans that the discipline/suspension should equal the time lost by the injured player for such obvious fouls that are beyond regular fair play. But then I must remember that life is never fair.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

So what MLS is saying is:

If a guy is preparing to shoot, breaking his leg = 3 game suspension.
If a guy is not preparing to shoot, breaking his leg = 10 game suspension.

If I'm a coach, I'm telling my thugs to wait until he's about to shoot before breaking his leg.

MLS really made a mess of this one.

Payson, UT

This is so ridiculous. I think Jason Kreis' comments about the tackle were very diplomatic, and I think that the disciplinary committee took that and used it as a crutch for the sentence that they gave to Mondaini. This kind of suspension is a joke. Brian Mullan got a $5000 fine and a 10 game suspension for breaking Zakuani's leg. Where is that of suspension? The MLS is wanting to get big name players? Good luck. They will be hard pressed to get those players when they aren't controlling the players we have already.

Beaverton, OR

The second picture of Morales's foot pointing up in the air while he is laying down sideways to his right just reeks of pain. Swift recovery, Morales!

BTW -If the coach didn't think it looked bad at first, does that mean he expects his players to tackle other opponents that way as well? I'm just really trying to understand the mindset here.

real #1
Salt Lake City, UT

Shame to the MLS!!! It is unbelievable that the league awards a trophy for one player risking somebody else's safety and job security. Next time a player make a skilled play will have to carry a gun and shoot the defender's leg before being fouled...

Gilbert, AZ

A fowl, if done purposely, that causes sever physical injury should be accompanied by a criminal charge.

Salt Lake City, UT

Not a big enough fine or a long enough suspension. Very disapointed in MLS right now. Mondaini makes 45k a year. Fine him 4,500!

Kaysville, UT

I have to disagree with Brave Sir Robin, If you simply make a tackle "late, clumsy, and from behind" you get a slap on the wrist.

So now we know, that a tackle from the side is far worse than coming from behind! Maybe the rational is; if you can see it coming it hurts more?

choking on sarcasm

Ogden, UT

Thugs pretending to be athetes...

Send soccer back to where it came from...

AsSOCiation Football
Salt Lake City, UT

Your talking about heaven right?
Or if your not christian.. Paradise?

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