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Published: Tuesday, May 10 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

It's great to have the BYU/Utah rivalry game back on ESPN. Nobody here will ever miss the MTN.

A mid-September game will take some getting used to. It would have been better if the PAC 12 had allowed the Colorado/Utah game to be played in September, so BYU/Utah could have continued to be played in late November. USC and Stanford always play Notre Dame later in the season so there's already presedence in the PAC 10 for OOC rivals to be played during the conference season.

Regardless of what some shortsighted Utah fans may say, Colorado will never replace BYU as Utah's biggest rival. The "rivalry" Utah and Colorado once had 60 years ago is meaningless.

Salt Lake City, UT

We want our games on Fox Sports. If you search really hard on your program guide or menu, I think you can find those channels on the 600s or something like that. I really love that 'Best Sports Show Period' Is Tom Arnold and John Salley still on that show? What a great show. What a great network.

Only yBu would want their games on ESPN. How funny is that that the Kewgs have 4 games on ESPN. Might as well be on the Mountain Network. LOL. In the meantime your big brother Utes will be on Fox Sports, KJazz or maybe the Mountain. Big time baby.

Frisco, TX

Coug fans dilusional? This is dilusional . . .

Ken | 4:48 p.m. May 10, 2011
Sandy, UT
. . . Wynn rebounds and the offense gets back on track Wynn . . . a dark horse for Heisman

Cougs will get 9 - 10 wins. I'm not one of the fans predicting a NC or BCS bowl this year, but I would love it if it happened. I think it will be tough for the Cougs to get past Texas and TCU on the road. And reasonably, they could lose one to Ole Miss or Hawaii on the road.

But the Cougs will get an easy win in Provo on September 17 on ESPN2 (31-10). There will not be a 4th and 18 conversion to set up the winning score. There will be no OT heroics with a TE splitting the defenders who looked like two of the three stooges. It will be a steady dose of Heaps, Hoffman, Apo, Jacobson, Luigi and Quezada. With a sprinkling of Nelson, Kariya and Phillips thrown in for good measure. BYU's defensive will be up close and personal with Wynn all game.

By the end of game 3, Ute fans will proclaim this is a rebuilding year.

Frisco, TX

. . . and Utes will only get one nationally televised game this year.

Payson, UT

wow, now I am crushed. BYU/UCF and BYU/Utah State on ESPN while the Utah/BYU game is only on ESPN 2? But anything is better than the Mountain.

It should be a close contest again this year and we are all looking forward to it. Given how early it is in the season, the edge has to go to the team that relies less on the pass, so both logic and heart make me predict Utah coming out on top. Hopefully Fall camp lets our running backs develop. Utah defense will be amazing this year and can't wait to see Blechen on some LB blitzes!


West Jordan, UT

"Its a good thing those Utes got that huge TV deal and are going to have a national exposure 1 to 3 games a year isn't national exposure by the way"

the new TV contract doesn't kick in til 2012

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

2020 | 9:21 a.m. May 11, 2011
Herriman, UT
Cougar fans, just keep spewing whatever garbage makes you feel better about having to go independant after being left behind.
Feel better now getting all that out?

wwookie | 9:54 a.m. May 11, 2011
Payson, UT

Given how early it is in the season, the edge has to go to the team that relies less on the pass, so both logic and heart make me predict Utah coming out on top.
Soooooo... Since your logic tells you it's all about the running game, who do you think will be carrying the ball for Utah? The Freshman or the Rugby Player?

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT


"just keep spewing whatever garbage makes you feel better"

Utah joins Washington State and Oregon State as the ONLY PAC 12 teams not selected to play on ESPN/ABC.

So much for being invited to sit at the big kids table.

Arizona joined the PAC 10 in 1979 and is still waiting to play in a Rose Bowl.

Washington State played in a Rose Bowl a decade ago, but is now considered one of the worst programs in major college football.

Increased opportunity doesn't guarantee increased success. There are lots of teams in major conferences that are perennial cellar dwellers. Better hope U don't become one.

Herriman, UT

If the only Utah game on TV all year is the BYU game, we'll get over it. The new TV contract doesn't start until the next season. Every game will be on. The only question will be the network: ESPN/ABC, FOX, PAC 12, or something local.

BYU fan is spinning what they can to try to make themselves feel better. I have no problem admitting that BYU is one of the few schools in the country that has what they need to go independant, LDS members all around the country, a church-owned network and state of the art broadcasting facilities. But I wouldn't trade that for our membership in the PAC 12. We are in a better place and Cougar fan knows it.

Highland, UT

@thee u

We'll see if you are still singing that tune after several years of mediocrity. I have my doubts.

Bluffdale, UT

"We are in a better place and Cougar fan knows it."-THEE "U"

Not this year.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

BYU fans!

You need to do your homework before you go out bashing. The reason Utah does not have any ESPN games this season is because the 2011 season is still part of the OLD Pac 10 tv contract (which Utah is not apart of). Colorado has an ESPN game because of their previous tv contract from the Big 12. Its only for the 2011 season Kitty Cat fans! Beginning in 2012 when the NEW Pac 12 Contract kicks in. You will see alot more of Utah on ESPN. Its amazing how jealous our Little Brother is to find any means to put our program down. byu is still jealous!

Enjoy irrelevence, I mean Independence!

Orem, UT

the "U"

"We are in a better place and Cougar fan knows it."

It all depends on success on the field. Both programs have great potential IF they win.

BYU not being tied to a conference will be judged solely on their own merits. In some ways, BYU has greater potential for national attention simply because of the uniqueness of being independent. Athlon, for example, chose to include a 4-page spread about BYU in the PAC 12 edition of their magazine. That would never have happened if BYU was still in the MWC.

Utah will be judged not only by how well the Utes play, but also by how well the PAC 12 plays. Unless Utah is one of the PAC 12 leaders, the Utes could easily be lost in the shuffle of mid-conference irrelevance.

Wynn and lose
Cougarville, Ut

@ THEE "U"

Good to see Miami fans care about Utah Football.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

THEE "U" | 10:49 a.m. May 11, 2011
Herriman, UT
If the only Utah game on TV all year is the BYU game, we'll get over it.

I gotta admit, I had my doubts about Larry Scott's true intentions by inviting the U, but this is actually pretty disrespectful.

I mean, Utah should at least get a few shots to get a little exposure from the PAC. They should not get their only national exposure through BYU.

The TV money will be good for the U, but they should get the opportunity to earn it.

Baltimore, MD

Bleed Crimson

"The reason Utah does not have any ESPN games this season is because the 2011 season is still part of the OLD Pac 10 tv contract"

You're seriously delusional. The home team or conference (in the case of a conference game) owns the television rights. The reason Utah doesn't have any ABC/ESPN games scheduled is because ABC/ESPN didn't find any of Utah's games compelling enough to be selected for a national broadcast. ABC/ESPN got first pick of all home/conference games involving PAC 12 teams and didn't pick Utah.

Utah's game with BYU was scheduled under BYU's contract with ESPN.

Do you really think BYU fans are "jealous" of Utah because BYU already has FIVE games scheduled on ESPN this year, and Utah, without the BYU game, has NONE?

It remains to be seen whether next year will be any different.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Bleed Crimson | 11:10 a.m. May 11, 2011
Sandy, Utah
BYU fans!

"You need to do your homework before you go out bashing. The reason Utah does not have any ESPN games this season is because the 2011 season is still part of the OLD Pac 10 tv contract (which Utah is not apart of)."


Where did you come up with that excuse? Are you saying that if the U was a ratings magnet, the PAC could not put them on TV?

"Also of note is that none of Washington States games were selected for national broadcast, though again, theres still time for something to come to fruition from that standpoint."

WSU was part of the old contract. How do you spin that away?

"Enjoy irrelevence" -- Is that really how you wanted to close your post?

Highland, UT


In case you didn't get it when Veritas and Rockwell explained it to you I'll give it a shot as well.

The HOME teams tv contract decides what network has the option on the game. Half of utah's pac10 games this year are on the road so all of those games fall under the existing pac10 tv deal and if the network that has that deal wanted to broadcast any of those games they could. Obviously they didn't want any of them so that tells you right there what they think about utah.

There is also the small fact that just because utah isn't getting any revenue from the current deal doesn't mean they aren't still part of it. They are now in the pac10. They are no longer in the mwc. If the current network wanted to they could broadcast utah's home games as well and simply don't want to. At minimum I'm sure they could offer utah some pittance for their home games this year and utah would jump all over it. Obviously the network doesn't even feel that is worth doing.

Salt Lake City, UT

To: Coug fans & my fellow Utes

I think it's time to really look in the mirror and get a grip about nationaly televised games, exposure, relevancy, etc. Taking care of business on the field is the only true form of validation. All of this other stuff is fluff. Lots of Uncle Rico's on the DesNews comment boards these days.

Arlington, VA

Bleed Crimson

BYU isn't part of the WAC ESPN contract, but they're playing at Hawaii on ESPN.

Utah isn't part of BYU's ESPN contract, but they're playing at BYU on ESPN.

So, explain, how did Utah not being part of the "old" PAC 10 contract prevent Utah from being selected to play another PAC 12 team on ESPN?

The jealous Utah fan myth of BYU's "irrelevence" as an independent has already been busted

--FIVE BYU games on ESPN already scheduled--

and BYU hasn't even played their first game as an independent.

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