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Published: Saturday, May 7 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Savage, MN

Isn't Heaps a bit young to be getting married?

Just sayin...

Orem, UT

Jake is poised for a breakout year in 2011-12.

30 years ago, it was Jim McMahon's amazing, record setting junion season leading BYU to their first bowl in the Miracle Bowl, followed a few months later by John Wooden Award winner Danny Ainge and his memorable drive against Notre Dame.

Maybe this year it will the John Wooden Award winner preceding another amazing season for the next in a long line of great BYU quarterbacks.

Can't wait until September!

South Jordan, UT

Great article! We're looking forward to an standout season for BYU's quarterback, Jake Heaps & Company.

Go Cougars!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Dick - Get a clue.

Mitch Light is in the business of selling magazines, not projecting the success of any player or team.

His sales fluff about the Cougars and Heaps (who he and his staff didn't even know well enough to spell his name correctly) is about getting gullible Cougar fans to drop some coin on his magazine, nothing more... nothing less.

Provo, UT

What no Jordan Wynn ?

But Utah has the Pac 12 logo.! Not to worry Utah Jordan Wynn will make a cover, the only problem for Utah is it will be Jordan Pendelton stuffing his face two feet under the Football field again.

They better print a lot of those Magazines Jimmers sold out fast and so will Jake Heaps, it is a long hot summer and I need something to read.

Provo, Utah

Enter Hedgehog.

Hedgehog:"Nobody cares about BYU (except for me and my stalkerish posts on every BYU article ever published). BYU is irrelevant (except for Heaps being on the cover of magazines, Jimmer winning NPOTY, USC tranfers to BYU and a ton of BCS teams currently scheduling BYU for games). Everyone knows that since the beginning of college football, in 2004, no team has accomplished as much as the U of U (please oh please I hope no one realizes college ball was played before 2004). To all Cougar fans out there, abandon hope, there is nothing to live for (Time to go feed my cats and trim my goatee). Utah has PAC 12 money now (a direct reflection on my personal success). Take that TDS! (Haha! Now those coug fans will be sad like me).

Karchaj, A.V.

What are you insinuating with that question?

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

Why is BYU getting all the recognition when the Utes have more money and "when things get tough, it is time to quit" Urban Meyer still pulling for them?

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Heaps and BYU are heading for some good times!

Bloomington, IN

RE: Howard S.

"Mitch Light is in the business of selling magazines, not projecting the success of any player or team."

Great point, although I am surprised to read it, coming from a troll. I agree that using BYU players to sell magazines is a good idea, especially as of late. We've probably seen more players from BYU grace national magazine covers this year (Jimmer's several plus this new one with Heaps) than all the players from the all other state schools have in their combined history. It's good to be a Cougar.

Ann Arbor, MI

Just so we're all on he same page. Magazines like College Football us Geo- coding to determine what the cover will be. What you see at the Provo ice cream parlor is not what you'd see across the Nation. Infact what you see in South East Michigan is Kirk Cousins of Michigan State.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

It's a new dawn over the horizon for BYU Football. It's going to be a great year and a great begining to a new era. Good luck to Heaps, Reynolds and the rest of the team as well as Bronco and Doman. Here's to bringing back the prolific passing game that has always been BYU's staple offense. Put the ball in the hands of those new and great returning receivers whom Robert Anae just didn't have what it takes to properly utilize. It's time to see the Razzle Dazzle once again.

South Jordan, UT

It appears that the BYU Dude and misterlilly are looking to be offended. I don't see any "Utah trolls" writing anything horrible on this post. Heaps is a good qb. Be proud he is on the cover. He got put on with two of the best qb's in the nation. He is not in their class right now but could put up some big numbers this year. He should throw for 300 plus yards per game for the home games and will receive some exposure on the road games. Hope he does well (except in one certain game).

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

This is awesome............can't wait for the cake walk playing the WAC!

Rigby, Id

I'm a Utah fan and depressed about having Wynn as our QB. I would like to feel better about him but I don't. I think he is the biggest mistake that
Whit has made to this point. To small, fragile, runs when pressure is coming. I cannot understand why you would recruit someone who weighted 155 Lbs in high school to play D1 football. I hope I am wrong.

Magna, UT

And think, BYU gets a four(4) page spread in the PAC10 edition of Athlon.

Highland, UT


Well if this is purely a ploy to get Cougar fans to buy their magazine they must feel that there are alot of Cougar fans. All that stuff about millions of Mormons and a national, if not international, fanbase you constantly deny you have just acknowledged. LOL

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

@Howard S; h-hog; etal:

This deal really gets under your skin, doesn't it.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Ha ha, comparing Heaps to Andrew Luck is like comparing Ryan Leaf to Joe Montana.

Heaps has other things to worry about. He won't have a breakout year. Mark it down.

West Jordan, Utah

Very well put mistertilly. Somehow you were able to read the BYU article before Hedgehog. I thought he had email alerts as soon as the article was published.

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