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Published: Thursday, May 5 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Nacho Libre
Holladay, UT

Right, America is the enemy of Islam... Is that why we've been giving billions of dollars to Pakistan over the last few years? Is that why we've been building schools and digging wells and creating a semblance of freedom in Afghanistan? I'll be the first to admit that America has it's problems. We can be arrogant and selfish--unable to focus on anything than ourselves. However, by and large, America has helped billions of people around the world live better and more peaceful lives. Most of those that hate us don't even know why they hate us. They just know that they've been taught all of their lives that we're evil. Their grandfathers hated America, their fathers hated America, and so they'll hate America too. Nothing we ever do will change that, however, we must never give up the effortthat's what makes us Americans.

Casa Grande, AZ

When there is a Palitinian state between Canada and the US and there are Muslim army bases in the US then people will some idea of how we have treated the rest of the world.

Really, where should we allow the first army base from the middle east? Utah? Nobody would be upset about that right? Non of our tea-oarty friends would be upset if a foreign military came and started confiscating guns...

I suppoese if Saudia Arabia decides it's in thier national interest to have a military base in the US nobody would mind?

Durham, NC

That is just one perspective. My former boss is from Pakistan, and he tells of a much different story. He relates that it is much like the Tea Party, where you have a very vocal and motivated segment of the country who gets a lot of attention, but who do not necessarily represent the majority. He himself is a very conservative person, and a Muslim. He and his wife have lived in this country for 14 years now, but visits his home annually.

Is Pakistan a friendly place for Americans? Not like Salt Lake is. Are there Muslims that hate Americans? Yep, just like the Tea Party hates Obama. Same rhetoric, just different names. Both use religion and moral superiority as justification for their dislike of the other side.

And then there are the extremist, which is a group beyond even the tea-party types of Muslims. These are those that are truly dangerous. The Tea-Party Muslim types are bound by their faith to act accordingly... civil. Throwing stones, yes, demonstrate.... of course. But the extremist believes the ends justify the means.

Don't confuse angry muslims with extremes - any more than we would brand ourselves likewise.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I don't understand the point of this article. It's telling us something we already know.

Moa, Stalin, and Lenin were all butchers who were responsible for the deaths of millions of people but were revered by some.

Even Charles Manson had his followers who would have been upset by his death.

Just because some poor fools are duped by a madman does not mean the world is not better off without the madman.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Wait a minute, Muslims keep telling us how peaceful and loving they are. Why would they blow themselves up and attack christians? Is that peaceful?

I know all Muslims don't feel this way. When I've traveled it has been the Muslim community that has treated me by far better than the catholics and other christian communities.

But, for muslims to preach a victims mentality; then threaten revenge by murdering innoncent people. It doesn't sound like a religion of peace to me. If these pakistani muslims feel this way about us. Then let's cut the $$$ supply to them. Let them live on their own. After all they are the supposed inventors of math and science (right barack?).

As for the United States being arrogant and selfish. Have you ever traveled outisde of this nation? How much aide and supplies did the world flood us with during our hour of need? Very little. How did we respond to others when they have disasters? We donated more than all other nations combined. Even then France and a few other nations told us we aren't doing enough. Is that arrogance? Maybe it's time other nations grow up.

Pullman, WA

This is sad but true. So many do not know why they hate America, but just that they do. They mistake their hatred as divine, yet they do not allow themselves the opportunity to step back and to evaluate the situation fairly. It is mob rule. Individually, they might see more true, but collectively, they will always go foul. So sad - so sad.

But that cannot stop our efforts to help them. Sometimes we have to help those who do not see themselves as needing of any help.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Wow, I would not have expected 80-90% of Pakistanis would support Bin Laden! That is alarming. Pakistan is a really tough case for us. The cultural differences are huge. We estimate that they have over 100 nuclear warheads. They have something like 170 million people. We can't simply cut our support for their government and yet when I hear that there is that much love for Bin Laden there I would sure like to distance ourselves from them. We need some incredible leadership and statesmanship to deal with Pakistan.

Kaysville, UT

Great article. Thank you for doing the research on this story.

Heber City, UT

Obviously this man is clueless. He says 80 to 90 percent of the muslim in Pakistan view OBL as a hero and hate America. We've been told by our political leaders and the press, which cannot lie, and does not have any agenda, that 90 percent of all muslims are peace loving fans of America. Oh, this is so confusing... who can we trust?

Allen, TX

This is why there will be no pictures released, which would further inflame anti-American sentiment. No apologies for how this went down. In fact, kudos to the soldier who took him out - reportedly against orders - as he saved us millions in taxes to hold and try OBL over a time period that would most certainly have served to escalate violence and rhetiric against the USA.

This article just shows that, while our beef is with Radical Islam Terrorists - "Islamists" - , most of the Islamic world still hates us. It is only the enlightened "western" practicioners of Islam who see the terrorist factions for what they are.

Beverly Hills, CA

Republicans are not happy because it shows a President who actually was competent enough to lead in the finishing off of this mass murderer.

Roosevelt, UT

Lots of talk about how Pakistan still hates USA. Try going there. The majority of the people there are like the people in Utah. They try to make enough to feed their family everyday.

Having worked on UN projects it is those people who benefit from donations from this country. The money donated goes to build schools, buy basic computers, put in telephone services to places that lie outside of major metropolitan areas.

Much of the money is siphoned off by country leaders before it gets to where it will do the most good which is deplorable but the same thing happens in this country. UNICEF takes over 60% of all donations to run their office in USA. It is the way business is done.

These people hate America the same way most people here hate Tunisia. Most of us have not heard anything about it and it is the same there. While traveling there one taxi driver asked where I was from and when I replied USA he looked at me and asked if that was close to Australia.

I am sure the extremists are upset, good thing they need to be, they are now being hunted.

Idaho Falls, ID

With friends like Pakistan, who needs enemies.

Ogden, UT

@ do da do da Schmidt, Please stay in California. You had to drag your leader the community organizer into this discussion. But with his record if he was my leader I would feel the need to defendd him every time I opened my mouth also. He made a great decision. That makes an even one. What he did do is capitalize on someone elses work and policies. Get over Bush. He is gone.

Cedar Hills, UT

I was neither happy nor sad at hearing Osama had been dispatched from this world. Why, because it changes nothing. Radical Islam is still at war with us and we are still pretending that they are not. We are pretending that if we play nice with them then they will do the same to us. Get us out of these immoral wars and take care of things at home.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry screwdriver, do not compare a liberal democracy like the US with countries in the MIddle East. Countries that we have "occupied" such as Germany, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, etc. have all been returned to sovereignty. Our foreign bases are a security blanket for many nations. If Saudi Arabia had something to offer the US like protection from Islamic radicals, make us an offer for a military base.

Kearns, UT

We ought to cut the billions that we send to Pakistan, and we need to go in and steal their nukes. I personally don't care what the Pakistanis think. America is not at war with Islam, Islam is at war with America.

Colorado Springs, CO

@Lost in DC: Yeah, we finally agree on something. My sentiments exactly, starting with your first sentence!

@Liberal Ted: See lost in DC's post!

Herriman, UT

Why do we continue to give millions of dollars year after year to countries whose people hate us no matter what we do for them? Lets start taking care of our own people here at home and let the rest of the world do the same.

St. George, Utah

Im glad hes dead and thats just fine with me dont need to say anything else because this is now becomig old news time to move on

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