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Published: Wednesday, May 4 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Fort Knox, KY


Vernal, UT

Oh Marie...we're so very happy for you and your husband and your family. We've watched you and Donny blossom since you and some of your family were at church with us in our 49th Ward in the Tropicana Chapel in 1975 or 76.
We've "been there, done that" and having alittle age on us, and experience, this celestial opportunity is a whole lot better !! Our continued wish for your happiness with our love.

Things as they are
Erie, PA

Felicidades amigo mio, Muy Bien hecho! Salud y amor para siempre a tu y Marie.
Desde El Salvador y la L.T.M., supe que fueras bien buena gente! Que Dios te bendiga!

Elder Superfat (divinase)

Highland Village, TX

So happy for their family. Life is challenging and I just pray for the best for everyone. I think as we mature alot of the differences that were so huge and tragic when we are so young and naive are helped along by wisdom, perspective, prioritizing that come with age. Three words that don't crop up much in our rushed drama filled youth. I hope they really have a wonderful life together.

Oahu, HI

I am so Happy for them Both.

I am also so glad that sheis happy.

I would never say anything negative about this. I am just happy for them.

When I lived in Las Vegas in the early 90's, I was a worker in the Las Vegas Temple. I also did a Stake Mission and was able to get my 1/2 Brother into the Church.

The Vegas years where one my happyist and productive Times.

I am so happy for them both.

Best Wishes Steve and Marie.

Anon 64
Oahu, HI

Az Dave. Don't be judgemental on Gods Tracks there are no Wreacks.

Saint Louis, MO

As great an individual that Marie is, she is also very controversial.

Blackfoot, ID

I think it's great that they found their way back to each other. Every child's dream come true to have their parent's reunited, even if that child is now 28 years old! Kudos for fitting into that dress again after 30 years, and for keeping it quiet enough that we were all completely surprised.

DC Fan
Layton, UT

this was fun to read, no one being mean, nice job all, and nice job, Steve and Marie.... first love for a scond time... sweet.

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