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Published: Wednesday, May 4 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Plano, TX

Frankly, this doesn't surprise me after reading it and thinking about it a bit. Hope they can make it work - each has had some rough times in their lives...

Allen, TX

Congratulations. Some saw this coming for years....

I hope she doesn't faint while dancing at the reception. :-)

Orem, UT

I'm happy for them both and wish them all the best.

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

Which Temple is the Jordan Temple? Isn't is a journalistic standard to refer to a temple by its correct name? Does Ms. Prettyman have access to a list of temple names? Maybe she was just cutting and pasting this from another source. Oh, wait, doing that without accreditation is a big no-no, right?

I have seen many national reports that cite the earlier marriage of Marie Osmond as having been in the "Jordan" temple. Not many national news ones citing it as the Jordan River Temple.

I think we may have a problem here.

Somewhere in Utah, UT

Best wishes to them.

St. George, Utah

if hes such a wonderful person then why did she divorce him in the first place ? but the fact is I really have no interest in this at all I have better things to read and spend time on

Beaverton, OR

It's definitely "make it work" time. Congrats to Marie and Steve. You have alot of catching up to do.

daphne, alabama

Marie i knew 1 day that you and Steven would re-marry im so very happy for the both of you i will keep you both as well as youre entire family in my prayers always have always will i am also lds you are a true inspiration may heavenly father bless you and your and steven new re-union and may he keep you steven,and your entire family in his loving sight god bless congadulations

Junction city, Oregon

Now take his last name. Be a team player.

Beverly Hills, CA

He needs to be a team player and take the Osmond name.

Beverly Hills, CA

There is only one word for this...Awkward.

Fresno, CA

Marie looks gorgeous! Congratulations to both of them.

Phoenix, AZ

Why does anyone care?????

Eagle Mountain, UT

Does the "third times the charm" rule still go if the one who is third one was once the first?

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Nice to see this couple back together. Obviously they both have realized what they had and lost so many years ago. Only those who have made temple covenants understand the true importance of this for Steve and Marie. I wish them all the best in this life and beyond.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I have always wondered if some of Steve's trials and mistakes from the first marriage came from an identity crisis of sorts. I know a lot of us back in the day made jokes about him being "Steve Osmond" and "oh yeah, Marie Osmond married the 'other' guard that plays with Danny Ainge." I think that has to wear on you, as a man especially, when you are reasonably accomplished in your own right and in the public eye, but not yet as famous as your spouse.

But I now wish both the best. They have gone through a lot and it appears they maintained their dignity. I'm glad love is rekindled as I love a good love story as much as anyone else. It sounds like Mr. Craig was a great father figure during their time apart and that's cool and with all that Marie has endured, she deserves happiness. I would just urge them to slow down a bit and enjoy their time together focusing on each other and their family. But that's just one guy's opinion.

hmmm interesting
Salt Lake City, UT

Another example showing that marriage is a religious rite which the government should stay out of. Only a higher power can determine who does/will/should/might belong together now or after here as plainly even the marriage participants fail to know the long-term answer.

Happiness. . .and hopefully some stability, to all who choose this path.

Junction city, Oregon

Thats alot of hair...

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

Deuteronomy 24:1-4

Good thing there is a new law now, huh?

saltlake city, utah

How sweet!
First love
is a true Love
Faith&trust is more
Love to one another'
Congrads to Steve&Marie~

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