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Published: Wednesday, May 4 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

"The Pac-12 Football Championship Game, starting with Fox Sports in 2012 (Fox already has rights to the inaugural 2011 game) and then rotating between Fox Sports and ESPN each year. The game will take place on a Friday night primetime."

Hmm. Who were the Utah fan who said the big boys play on Saturday? Care to redact that comment? Or do you really believe it? HA HA (Nelson style).


flynns comment there is the equivalent of a homeless person walking up to a multi millionare and saying: "HA HA! you aren't as rich as Bill Gates!"

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"flynns comment there is the equivalent of a homeless person walking up to a multi millionare and saying: "HA HA! you aren't as rich as Bill Gates!""

Wow you've been powned!!!!

Utah will be rather ashamed to be playing for a BCS bowl on friday especially since BYU will be playing for absolutely nothing once they lose a game. Better hope it doesn't happen in the first few it will be a long season!!!

Springville, UT

@ Hank Pym

"I have never seen a team from a Major conference (like the PAC (10 or 12)) play on Fri they save that for Mid majors, also rans, never will bes, & others.

The big boys are on ESPN on Thurs & Sat i.e. the days that matter."

LOL...This just in Hankie...

"Looks like ESPN has finished off its (2011) Friday night schedule and two more AQ conferences have accepted the option of Friday night games."

(PAC-10.2 being one of them!!!! bwahhhhhhhh)

9/2 - TCU at Baylor
9/9 - FIU at Louisville, followed by Missouri at Arizona St.
9/16 - Iowa St. at Connecticut
9/23 - UCF at BYU
9/30 - Utah St. at BYU
10/7 - Boise St. at Fresno St.
10/14 - Hawai'i at San Jose St.
10/21 - West Virginia at Syracuse & Rutgers at Louisville (concurrent games)
10/28 - BYU vs. TCU at Arlington, TX
11/4 - USC at Colorado
11/11 - USF at Syracuse
11/18 - Oklahoma St. at Iowa St.
11/25 - Big East game (Pittsburgh at West Virginia OR Louisville at USF)
12/2 - MAC Championship

Plenty of 'big boys' play on Friday this year. Need 'big boy' pants?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Yes sammgwhite I also see several of your teams peers on the schedule:

Utah State
Fresno State
San Jose State

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Big Ben- Way to completely miss the point. Friday night primetime is obviously a great time to hold a game.

@ Iblee- Had to look this one up. Powned- a word meaning "owned".
used mostly to describe winning in some video game.
famous among the geeks, nerds, dorks, and gamers. -urban dictionary-

Way to represent guys.

Surfers Paradise, AU

It is amusing to see U fan jaust BYU for playing games on Fri night, but when their conf does it, kinda loses it's humor. Just wait till this winter when the bball schedules come out and see how many games are on "weeknights" in "high school gyms". In order to pad the stats, we'll see more PAC games in small venues...and the PAC will end up losing...Oral Roberts anyone?

Doesn't make much sense to point flaws with BYU's arrangements because soon enought they'll come back to bite you.

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