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Published: Wednesday, May 4 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Fort Worth, Texas

PAC 12 Network ... $10
No longer having to watch the Mountain... PRICELESS!

Beverly Hills, CA

The backpedaling by BYU fans about how money doesn't matter is faster than Mitt Romney and some of his stances.

Kearns, UT


Once again, you are completely wrong. I have the lowest package available on Direct TV, and get the Big 10 Network as part of that. No additional cost. It's been on since the day they started programming.

Do you really not understand why the wording "featured exclusively" were in that release? Not a businessman obviously. The way the genius Larry Scott will have the Pac-12 Network on all dish/cable basic packages is because he has held back "excluive" sets of games as guaranteed programming. He will be able to say exactly how many live sporting events will be shown on the Pac-12 Network. That is HUGE. That is his bargaining chip.

Just another bad day for you Coug fans. While Utah fans are watching Utah vs. UCLA in November, BYU fans will be watching BYU vs. (Insert Awful WAC team). After BYU losses their FIRST game of the season, they will have nothing to play for. They are locked in to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl! While Utah could lose to BYU, Pitt, USC and even ASU as still be playing Oregon for a trip to the Rose Bowl!

Morgan, UT


Utah will be home eating Kraft Cheese as they watch BYU.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Some of these comments are a little silly...

First off, Utah is in a fantastic position in the PAC-12. I don't see how you can possibly spin it any other way. BYU would have jumped at the opportunity had they been invited.

I think Independence is still a great consolation prize for BYU. They have a contract with ESPN (I keep seeing numbers thrown around about how much that contract is worth, but we don't know. BYU and ESPN have kept those confidential.) and they're own network. They have the flexibility to play the big boys in football and get plenty of exposure. They can still get a BCS invite IF they go undefeated. Their other sports will do just fine in the WCC. BCS affiliation isn't so important outside of football, just look at this years NCAA Basketball tourney for examples.

So, as a Y fan, I'm happy with the state of BYU athletics, but fellow Y fans, lets not kid ourselves... The Pac-12 deal is fantastic and there is no other way to spin it.

Morgan, UT


duh...what do you think Larry Scott would say, the truth? Come on, I bet he would say my old ugly dog was a fine specimen of an animal...Boy, you bit that speel 'hook, line and sinker'

Bluffdale, UT

I can already predict next year's comments from the U haters...
If Utah does real well...."See the PAC 10 was a joke. Ha ha"
If Utah does poorly...."Welcome to the Big Boys little brother"
If Utah gets in the middle of the pack..."Ha, you landed back in the Vegas Bowl".
Pathetic jealousy will make Utah cry all the way to the bank.

Your Highness
San Jose, CA

Maybe the U athletic department will be able to operate in the black now. I think I remember reading an article one time about another university in Utah that is one of only a few that has operated in the black for years despite getting a pittance from their conference TV deal.

I guess that university has a large enough fan base and rich enough boosters to operate a profitable "business" without begging for funds from daddy.

Essentially, the U just got "Federal aid" to keep their "business" afloat. Couldn't run a profitable company on their own.

Grew up in Utah, but a Cardinal all the way (my alma mater). Still can't believe we took Utah over BYU. The only bad decision so far by the commish.

BYU may have added money to the deal; Utah is just taking my school's share away.

Couldn't stand idly by and watch utes beating their chests; had to comment on this one. Laughable.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Some of the billions should start going to the players.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


How about Mike Riley, Oregon State's coach? He was a critic but now acknowledges the expansion was worth it. No one is laughing with you.


Utah will make it up shortly. And what's the source of your phantom numbers? Do you think BYU-TV will sell commercial time to air BYU playing [ahem] New Mexico State? If you do, douse yourself with cold water. Cable operators would want a piece of the pie--which would be awfully small, since even you wouldn't want to watch that train wreck.

Saint George, UT

What's in it for me!

You were far more correct than even you gave yourself credit for. You said what if a team peaks at the right time, gets lucky, no injuries, etc.. If they are unable to win it all, then doesn't that say they are not as good a "team" as those that may have lost 2 or 3 games and still could win, that is a team. What if they had injuries at the time of loosing. Your logic to protect the BCS doesn't hold water.

The BCS is a money maker and those in charge know so. Hopefully all of the teams will be given an equal opportunity to play. It is monopolistic and should be handled as such.

The system can be fixed, but it will be a tough haul.

Go aggies

Highland, UT


The new facility at the u will be nice but BYU already built a superior facility a decade ago. u are playing catch up ans still not quite catching up.


Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Ducky, they "ans' still not catching up?? Pray tell when will BYU catch up and actually get to, let alone win, a BCS game? Also tell me when BYU will get invited to leave the Mid Majors? Actually I am not I Y hater, I just tire of the endless parade of Y fans (not all of them but far too many) on U of U boards trying to put down my school; confident people dont do that but confident they are not (jealous and insecure is more like it).

Sandy, UT

@ all cougar fans commenting on this thread

PAC 12 tv deal > BYU's contract with ESPN. There's no need to get all worked up about it. Come september, the better team will still walk off the field with a victory. Personally, I hope the Utes hand the cougs a defeat at home, but all bets are off when it comes to this game.


Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

It's amusing to watch the envious Cougar Cougar Collective twisting to find fault with the PAC 12 deal when they would desperately like to be in Utah's position.

They hold out frenzied hope for a BIG 12 invite not realizing that the Big 12 is not an equal payout conference, so even if the invite were to come they would not be equal partners (as Utah will be in 2014, so save your comments), but would be junior partners to Texas in every sense of the word.

It's got to hurt to be among the uninvited.

Bluffdale, UT

Actually Howard, read the fine print. They were explaining on the radio today that they are equal based on how many games are nationally televised. The average PAC team last year had 5 games televised nationally. USC had 10. If Utah has the average(in 2014 of course) and USC has 10, USC will get 27 mill and Utah will get 19.

As for wanting desperately to be in Utah's position, you are partially correct. See I can admit that Utah has a better deal, but if BYU beats Utah this fall, the desperation will completely disappear. Money does not equal wins, Just ask WSU.

Junior partner to Texas>Junior partner to USC. Until then(wishful thinking of course)Utah has a better deal; but not until 2014. I am impressed with the money though, it does make me jealous, but not ever enough to become a Utah fan.

Orem, UT

Congrats to the University of Utah. As a BYU fan I will be a big supporter of the Utes in the future. This move to the Pac 12 is great for the school and the state of Utah. This money deal the conference has made with Fox & ESPN is great. The money coming into the University will provide them with upgrading all areas in their sports programs. Hats off to Chris Hill and the University. I am afraid BYU with it's Independence will drop a notch. It's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out in the years ahead.

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


On the radio huh? Then it must be true, right?

I've not seen this reported anywhere, so I you don't mind I'll wait for a credible source.

As for not becoming a Ute fan... Well, even mid-major, non-AQ teams need supporters

Cedar Hills, UT

all the loot Arizona and Arizona St has received over the years has only got them 2 rose bowls in 33 years combined! Stay Classy!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"If Utah has the average(in 2014 of course) and USC has 10, USC will get 27 mill and Utah will get 19."

Interesting this has not once, ever been said in print. You're either missunderstanding or did not the hear the full context of the discussion. If you can link an authoratative source with this stated I'll be the first to give you props, otherwise I'll sit back and wait for it to become fact in every duckhunter, sammyg, bluto and the other troll nation posts on Ute articles.

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