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Published: Wednesday, May 4 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Pocatello, ID


BYU ceiling=Armed Forces Bowl

Utah ceiling=BCS championship

Sandy, UT

It will take 4 years for Utah to receive a full share. That will put Utah behind other Conference schools in many ways.

When they get a full share it will merely put them equal to, mid-lower Pac 10.2 school budgets. And they will be far behind.

Dollars will not translate to winning.

The Pac 10.2 is big into Olympic sports. Utah will not compete here, save gymnastics. Football is not in an upward direction. See: last 4 games last year.

Utah found it difficult to compete for Championships in the MWC, 1 last year vs 9 for BYU. Overall the U's Athletic Department is not ready for the Pac 10.2.

There is a lot of bluster since Utah's invite, as if just belonging to a club makes you the elite of said club.

Every BCS league is littered with wannabees. Washington St., Baylor, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, The Entire Big East. This is Utah's future to be sure.

Utah fans think a good decade = Legacy and Brand, it does not, and Utah is about to find out.

Get your thumping chests out of the way, Reality is just around the corner.

Sandy, UT


BYU = Top 25 rankings.....National TV every game FB & BB.....ESPN at their back
A realsitic chance for BCS invite with 1 or 2 losses and N.C. potential.

Utah = No Top 25 seasons, No TV next year, Fox Regional thereafter,
occasional National Game when playing BYU, and decades at the bottom
of the Pac 10.2 bottom.

As for me and my house, we dig the Cougars.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Woo hoo! The taxpayers of Utah are going to get a $20,000,000 refund on our taxes! No more supporting higher education with our tax dollars! Better yet let's spend the $20,000,000 on our K-12 schools where it is desperately needed. Thanks Utah!

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


Sorry, a 6-6 record won't get U into the Las Vegas Bowl anymore. More than likely, it'll get you an at-large bid to the New Mexico Bowl. Good news for you, however, you can make it a road trip.

For BYU, the Armed Forces Bowl is simply a placeholder - a guaranteed bowl. If the Cougars don't get a BCS bowl invite, a 10-2 record could easily have ESPN pulling strings to arrange a more attractive bowl, just like they did last year pulling Boise State into the Las Vegas Bowl.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


You obviously missed the interview Ted Miller (the mothership Pac-12 blogger) did with Larry Scott right after the press conference yesterday. In response to the question about what value the conference's addition of the U and CU had to the negotiations, Scott said it was "exponential."

Admit it. This makes the $3M-5M/yr the Provo Zoo will get from the mothership for football and WCC basketball a bit paltry.

Bluffdale, UT

No facts here, just an opinion. The PAC deal will end up being good for BYU. The more money they got, the better. The Big 12 will hopefully see the advantages in today's market of the 12 team conference and feel the pressure to expand and keep up with the PAC money. I am happy for the PAC and Utah. Maybe it will lead to an invite to the Big 12 for BYU.

Obviously there is a lot of hope involved on my part.

Saint George, UT

44 Regular season games, 10 to national audience = Fox ABC , how many on Fri and weekday?, How many will u get, I think the national will be the Oregon, Cal, Stanford, USC and maybe ASU. So it appears the utes will be a weeknight regular. Also total of 44 games on Fox ABC, if each pac 10 team plays each other, that comes to roughly 6 games each. I just don't see the math for the exposure for the u. The contract is 2012 -13 start.

Money does not buy success, the NCAA supposedly regulates the number of scholarships and what can be given as part of any offer. To think more money will buy a winner is not good thinking. So many of the aq schools find themselves corrupted by the system. Trying to keep up with the others breds corruption.

I would like to see some comments about the team on the field and not the money being part of the conference will bring. I hope that is not all there is.

Love the comment, BYU = independent U = dependent, think about it.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Come on.

You gotta admit, this is a great deal for the U of U in athletics. They need the facilities, and I am happy that they will be able to pay their own way.

BYU and Utah are both WAY better off than they have been. I am excited for both programs. There really are NO losers this year, and the future will just get better.

Congrats too all.

USU needs to find a conference and make some coin now.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Love the comment, BYU = independent U = dependent, think about it."

So how indendent is BYU without depending on ESPN?

Oh how many times have I heard you trolls say, "well BYU will get the best bowl game possible, ESPN will make sure of it"

Such dillusions...

Beverly Hills, CA

BYU is dependent on inflated self worth.

Bluffdale, UT

@Just the FAX

The the MTN West #1 or #2 plays #5 or #6 of the PAC 12 in the Vegas bowl, if the PAC 12 is eligible for bowl post play, 6-6. Which is another reason the Y had to leave the MTN West ASAP. Get your FAX right before your next comment.

Highland, UT


What's a "dillusion"? Do you mean 'delusion'?

On the subject at hand this is obviously a huge windfall for utah but it does need to be tempered with some reality. For one every school in the pac10 is getting that money as well. That means that utah, which is already the least, or 2nd least, funded athletic program in the pac10 will remain in that exact same position. So while they are getting a boatload of money they are not closing the gap on their competition by even one cent.

It also doesn't vault them past BYU in funding as BYU was already somewhere between 10-14 million ahead of them before either of them enhanced themselves with their new contracts and situations. In reality it probably brings them about even with BYU although BYU already has all of the facilities utah still needs to build so utahs money will need to go to infrastructure for the next decade or so whereas BYU can spend theirs on program building and other such things.

But overall there is no denying utah just got a big shot in the arm financially, but the expenses just increased as well.

Sandy, UT


It is Utah which will be receiving 2-3 million TV dollars this coming year.

4 years for = revenue sharing.

BYU, on the other hand.....

ESPN $$ for.......Football and (don't forget) Basketball
BYU-TV (monetized),
ESPN replays on BYU-TV (monetized),
Neutral Game Contracts (TCU 2 million...WVU 2.5 mil...Oklahoma 1.5 mil.)
Road Guarantees, (Which U won't get with Conference Games)
100% Bowl money

Puts BYU at 12-15 million this year.

Add a larger fan base, larger Home-Gate than Utah, guaranteed checks for every Road Game and BYU is sitting just fine.

When Utah is the next Washington State or Vanderbilt or Iowa St. of the Pac- 10.2, all the bluster eminating from the Hill, will subside. And the RES crowds will dry up, i.e. Huntsman Center.

Sandy, UT


BYU is dependent on their Name, Brand, Cache, and Legacy.

Which allows others, (ESPN) to pay them Millions of Dollars for their product.

They don't need the Coat-Tails of others, as does the U.

U are about to find out, who the Big Boys of the Pac are, when they're all on TV and U are not.

Orem, Utah

"There's no school in the country, or very few, that don't need an infusion of money to help in these tough times," Hill said.

And THAT's the problem with the exclusionary practices of the BCS. Once BCS bowls become equitably available to all colleges (both BCS and mid-major), then there won't be a problem, other than too many undefeated teams at year's end all claiming to be qualified for the title match-up. But that's what polls and computer ranking systems are for.

It can NEVER be perfect no matter how you do it.

A playoff will create even more controversy when a 3-loss and a 2-loss team (conference champs) end up playing their way through a playoff system over four undefeated teams just because they got lucky or hot at that time, or unexpected injuries to key players of the undefeated teams (playing extra games) caused such a scenario.

Nope. Just get the BCS to equitably include the mid-majors and everyone will be happy.

It's nice to see that the UofU will be bringing money into the state! Kudos for being good in football lately.

Springville, UT

@all BYU fans

How come you refer to members of the PAC-12 as the "Big Boys" when it suits your argument, but in the next breath you talk about how weak and frail the PAC-12 is in other arguments? You can't have it both ways, gents.

I for one think BYU would be at the top of the PAC, but if BYU would be, then so would Utah, given that they beat us last year......

Magna, UT

Wow, I am thriving and we as Ute fans should all be thriving off of all of this hate, venom, bitterness, jealousy, inferiority complex, anger, 'why not us' attitude, we are getting from tds fans. I love it. Everytime I read one of their wistful comparisons, about how much better life will be as a 'nobody wants us' aka 'independent' school versus our Utes' potential in the so-called 'Pac 10.2' I have a deep guttural laugh followed by a half-second of pity for them all.

There was a brief moment last year when our Utes were invited to the party and the tds was not, where I felt sorry for them and quasi-wished they were coming along. Then as I watched their arrogance unfold, when they bailed on an under-the-table deal to stay in the Mountain Worst Conf., leaving their Aggie brethren high and dry, I though to myself: 'Self, they are in need of some humbling.' That humbling will continue to grow, as the Utes' wallets do and as the Pac '10.2' titles overflow out of the new 16 mil. facility. Silly Cougs, your bowls are for kids. Bon appétit.

Big R
La Palma, CA

Can't you all be happy for each other? I don't get the digs at Utah with people saying they will now lose in the pac-12. Didn't Dick Harmon regularly write about how the MWC is equal to or better than the Pac-10? Why now do people think Utah will get demolished by Pac-12 competition? As for BYU, they will get some good games against name teams in football. Sure they will play the San Jose States and Idaho States, but they were playing the New Mexicos and Wyomings in football anyway so not much difference. BYU will dominate in basketball except vs Gonzaga (good games) and they will be better off financially and their fans can see their games. Sounds to me like both schools are better off and we should all be congratulating each other, right? Or is it easier and more fun to be petty?

Fort Worth, Texas

"[Utah] Football is not in an upward direction. See: last 4 games last year."

Not a large enough sample size to come to that conclusion. You have to look at least back to the last 7 years, under coach Witt, to get a feel of the direction of the program.

1. Talent Level: Utah developed 21 players for the NFL (for a comparison BYU 11)

2. Utah finished with one less win playing in the MWC behind BYU

3. Since 2007 after being humiliated @UNLV the lowest ranked team Utah has lost to was @Notre Dame #27 USA Today (for a comparison BYU got hammered on an annual bases by teams like #108 Utah State, #50 Arizona, 7-6 FSU @LES, etc.)

I for one like the direction of our program, don't you worry we will be just fine.

Thanks buddy for taking the time to do all that research on what it might cost Utah fans to watch PAC-12 play on TV. As a Ute watching us play in the PAC 12 is priceless. I don't mind canceling my MTN subscription and picking up PAC-12 network.


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