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Published: Wednesday, May 4 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

Subscription base will something along the likes of the Big Ten Network. It goes for $10 a month on Comcast, Direct TV, and Dishnet.

So as I said a few weeks ago if you want to watch ALL of your Ute games you're going to have to pay for it. Several of the games will be on ESPN, Fox etc. but not all of them so expect to pay more to see more on your precious PAC network. You're going to miss and isolate a few fans with this deal.

So some of that $20 million is coming right out of your own pockets. Don't think for a moment that advertisers, cable tv networks, etc. pays for it. It's passed on. EVERYONE pays so expect a bunch of advertising to entice you to buy more Tostitos, Fry sauce, etc. and those will cost

Gripe and complain all you want. What I'm saying is the plain truth, whether I'm a Ute or BYU fan.

Springville, UT


Forgot to mention that the Utes can expect to be playing on Friday nights as well. Gee, that has to hurt.

Friday nights and possibly having to pay for it on the PAC Network?

Is that an ultimate put down or what? Nah, but its shameful that BYU has to play on Friday nights.

Did I miss something? Hankie or Howard can you sort this out in 21 posts or less?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Gripe and complain all you want. What I'm saying is the plain truth, whether I'm a Ute or BYU fan."

And if your not a Ute fan and don't watch their games, why do you care?

Just saying!!

Kearns, UT


I'll give it a shot. Afterall, facts aren't exactly something you tend to gather before posting.

1) There will be a total of 8 Pac-12 football games on Thursday/Friday nights. So likely 1 for the Utes, each season. Nothing that anyone has any problem with. People love the occassional Thursday night game. It's the multitude that fans do not want.

2)Paying for the Pac-12 Network? Really? Do you think Larry Scott, the man who just pulled off the biggest coup in TV contract history, would not be able to get his network on basic satellite/cable packages? The guy just garnered the largest conference TV contract in history, while keeping 100% of the rights to his own network. The guy is a genius. Give him some credit.

What should be more concerning is BYU football/basketball being pushed up sooner than Thursday nights. This deal will give ESPN a higher quality product for Thursday/Friday nights, taking those from BYU. And the Monday WCC basketball on ESPN has just been replaced with Pac-12 basketball. So much for all that "exposure." Inferior product = worse time slots.

Springville, UT


Many of your fan base has openly criticized the ESPN Friday Night games for BYU. Two AQ Conferences just agreed. PAC is one of them. Welcome to Friday nights. Busted. Enough said on that.

You think the PAC network is going to be free??? You're dimmer than my kid's 2000 Honda headlights. Obviously you know nothing about the Big Ten Network.

Go research it, it's a subscription only service. They pay to watch their games. Many are free on network,etc., many are not. It's $10 a month on Comcast, Dishnet, Direct TV, and it's not in a tier package.

You know what else is funny is that some of your games will be streaming. Welcome to the 'small screen'.

There's not enough slots to broadcast everything in primetime and yes, as much you want to kick and cry about it, BYU will still be in primetime.

Don't get me wrong, there's plenty to watch on Fox, ESPN, etc. This deal is great. No different than a Primetime Football or MLB package.

If you want it all, you're going to pay additional for it.

BYU, all FREE on basic.

Springville, UT


@ williary

44 football games to be broadcast on network or cable channels...

"The remaining regular-season football games, an average of approximately three games per week, will be featured exclusively on the Pac-12 Network."

68 basketball games broadcast on network or cable channels...

"The balance of regular-season men's basketball games, more than 120 each year, will be featured exclusively on either the Pac-12 Network or Pac-12 Digital Network."

Do the words "featured exclusively on the Pac-12 Network" mean anything to you?

It means an exclusive channel on cable or satellite services. It won't be over the air and there's only so many channel slots on each cable or satellite system. Just like the Big Ten Network.

It means you're going to have to pay. Simple as that.

Will $10 a month cover it? I doubt it since a huge price tag was garnered for the deal.

Expect to pay more... it's certainly worth it to isolate the poor people from their team isn't it?

I'll watch as many Ute games as I can but I won't be subscribing. Others will feel the same way.

Salt Lake City, UT

dude, give it up. The Big Ten network is part of the standard line up for NO extra cost with Direct TV and so will the Pac 12 network. Pull your head out. You are embarrassing yourself.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Glad to see what a real commissioner can accomplish and achieve. Memo to Craig Thompson: please pay attention. Oh, wait. It's too late! How this guy has hung on for as long as he has is beyond me. Good for the Utes and good for the Pac 12! Can't wait to see how the compare/compete with the "Big Boy" Conference.

Karchaj, A.V.

As I see it it breaks down like this. Let's say there is a monthly subscription fee of 10 or even 15 dollars. That small price allows me to watch my team, no matter which of the television networks on which they appear (including the PAC 12 network), against the likes of USC, UCLA, UA, ASU, CU, CAL, Stanford, OSU, OU, WSU, and UW in football and basketball. Small price to pay for very high quality competition. I'll pay that in a heartbeat.

Now on the other hand, BYU fans will not have to pay a subscription fee to see their team play the likes of Hawaii, Logan State, Idaho State, Idaho, San Jose State, UCF, and New Mexico State. Not to mention the powerhouse basketball teams in the WCC.

Do you see the difference? We as Utah fans will pay a slightly higher price for the privilege of getting all of these games. Enjoy your free coverage.

west jordan, ut

Wow. The only bad news was that most likely if you want to see all the Ute games, you may have to pay for it. Other than that, it is better than our BYU deal. BYU will do fine as an independent but will never be big without a conference. Of course, I could be wrong but only time will tell. Now hopefully Utah will enlarge the stadium so that more fans can come to games. I hope they do well in the PAC-12, oh who cares, they will still get the money.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

We're rich! We're rich! The Utes are in the big time!

As for the team in Provo, well, I have an idea. If you put your games on Pay-For-View in China, you might be able to catch up to the Utes in revenues. Have fun exchanging all of that Chinese Yuan.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

We're moving on up! To the PAC 12! To the Conference of Champions! YA! We're moving on up! To the big boy table!

And we'll gladly pay to see our boys play UCLA, USC, Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Cal....

Utah Man Sir!

Springville, UT


The Big Ten Network NOT is not available in Comcast Basic or Family packages which represents a huge market in the cable industry. Must have Digital Preferred package or higher to get it. Like wise I'm sure for the Pac-12 Network.

Basic DirectTV and Dishnet... smaller subscriber market than Comcast also requires a Choice package or above. Not available in basic entry packages.

Point being folks is that to watch your all of the games you will be forced to pay for an expanded lineup. It ain't basic. It will be a subscription service regardless to how it's packaged.

Some people already have the packages, alot don't and they will have to make a choice. It's no different than the Mtn.

Morgan, UT


Wow, that is a high monthly price to pay just to watch the Hogal Zoo team take a thrashing on a weekly basis...but think of it this way...one dollar out of every 12 dollars you spend will apply to the zoo...well only about 24 cents on the dollar that is...I have some land in Florida you would love to buy as well.

Logan, UT

This is VERY impressive. Just wait though. The PAC12 has done very well, but the SEC is going to blow the PAC 12 out of the water very shortly. I predict they will take a couple of teams from the Big 12 (OU and A&M maybe?) and put together the mother of all TV deals. That, of course is going ts have another domino effect. Hopefully BYU can get in somewhere and get a piece of the pie. As for my Aggies...uh...wait til basketball season?

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Veracity, first I believe it is Hogle Zoo not Hogal Zoo.

Serious what compels you and other Y trolls to feel the need to come here and leave your jealousy infused inane drivel? Some Y fans have been very classy in regards to the PAC 12 TV contract while others, Veracity, sammyg et. al. seem to be drawn to a U of U story like a moth to a flame for no other purpose than to leave logic challenged prognosiss of doom and gloom for the U of U football and basketball teams. Truthfully for those Y fans that deal in hate for the U of U I hope Utah going to the PAC-12 chaps your hide something fierce; that would be very fitting.

Provo, UT

BYU = independent

utah = dependent

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

This is excellent. Can the legislature now pass a bill that will lower our taxes by $20,000,000 a year since Utah will be receiving that much more?

Seriously this should be passed on to the people of Utah.

I'm writing my legislator right now!

Fort Worth, Texas

Great day deal for the Utes. Looking forward to PAC-12 play.

Even if Utah struggles and finishes 6-6, like some team did playing a mid-major schedule, at least I'll be booking a trip to Vegas not Fort Worth.

Fort Worth, Texas

"BYU has also put together several goods season(14-1, 12-2, 11-2, 11-2) and has great tradition while still remaining the only non-BCS school to win a national championship."

TCU has 2 National Championships plus a BCS win.

The last time BYU beat a final ranked non-conference team was when Norm Chow was in Provo.

I'll be happy to upgrade my TV package to watch the Utes play, after all they upgraded their schedule with PAC-12 play.

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