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Published: Tuesday, May 3 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

Is there any doubt which school came out ahead?

Utah-PAC 12, huge TV contract ~20mill annually, Rose Bowl, better bowl opportunities, AQ conference

BYU - ~3.5 million Annually, Armed Forces Bowl, Poinsettia Bowl, Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, no guaranteed BCS appearance


Karchaj, A.V.

Before my fellow Utes get on here and start pounding their chests, I would just like to remind them all (myself included) where we came from and that money does not great sports programs produce. We need to keep up our blue collar work ethic that our coaches have instilled (or will instill in the case of hoops). Money is great, but it won't make us a winner. That will come from great coaches, finding great kids who want to suit up and show up for the Utes. The money won't hurt though.


It's a great day to be a Ute!

Heber City, UT

That is some serious money going to the schools. I wonder what the Ute's share is.

Ann Arbor, MI

"12-year television contract with Fox and ESPN that is the most valuable in college sports."

Deep breaths trolls, deep breaths.

As I have said all along. The PAC12 is now the pinncale of College athletics. Personally I thought it would be bigger ( 250 million per year) but the Fox/ESPN combo sounds perfect.

Although it doesn't need to be said, I must say....I'ts GREAT to be a Ute!

Jim Marshall
Clearfield, UT

Wow. 2.7 BILLION! 19 million per year for the utes. That is a lot of money.

Springville, UT

Utah is always following in Big Brother's footsteps.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I like what I'm hearing. ESPN and FOX!?! What a great combo! Talk about national exposure. The most widely available cable and satelite sports network as well as access to one of the best broadcast sports networks. I don't know how you could get access to more sports fans. I am relieved to see that Comcast is not part of the deal.


The Utes will get an equal share. This deal is big enough to wipe out the USC and UCLA special funding clause. This deal also might be outside the phazed in deal on existing revenue. My understanding is that the Utes would be phazed in over 3 years for existing revenue streams. However, as we've already seen with the Championship game revenue, this is new revenue negotiated after the Utes were signed on. So this may come starting July 1, 2011. Does anyone have definitive answer on that?

Doctor J
Manti, UT

BYU will be in bigger Bowl Games more often than Utah...Oregon, Washington, USC, etc will be in the Rose Bowl...the Utes will have played the teams in the Rose Bowl though.

BYU is fine...just watch and see.

Utah is doing well also...but don't get too carried away now.

Karchaj, A.V.


The Utah share next year is 2.5 million share from the championship game revenue.

2012-2013 (first year of new deal) would be upwards of 5 million (25%)

2013-2014 would be upwards of 10 million (50%)

2014-2015 would be upwards of 15 million (75%)

2015-2016 would be upwards of 20 million (100%) when full membership is granted.

Only down year is next and we will still make more than what we did in the MWC. It gets better from there. I have no problem with the grading scale on payouts. The other teams have equity, many years of equity, in the league.


"BYU fans are going to try and justify this until they are blue in the face, but make no mistkae, this hurts to see."-Hans Olsen, former BYU defensive lineman.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Following who? Let's replay a little bit. The Utes played in two BCS bowl games before BYU has gotten even one invitation. The Utes lead the overall football series with BYU. The Utes basketball team has had more success historically in the NCAA tournament than BYU while matching up well over the years in head to head match ups. Of course our basketball team has been down recently, but I'm talking over the long haul. The Utes were invited to the PAC-12 before BYU anounced they were going independent.

I see very little evidence of the Utes as a little brother following BYU. That attitude from you BYU fans really is annoying.

Pomona, CA

MESOUTE, you need to go back and check your numbers again. We get the 2.5 million from the championship game, but

2012-2013 (first year of new deal) would be upwards of 10 million (50%)

Karchaj, A.V.

My apologies, my pay grade was wrong. The Utes go from only sharing the championship tv deal money next year (2.5 million) directly to a 50% share in 2012-2013(10 million) and then to 75% (15 million) and finally 100% share in 2014-2015 (20 million).
Just confirmed with Chris Dodds, I was wrong in my initial post. This news is better.

Magna, UT

Mormon Ute- Annoying? More like hilarious! ridiculous!

Karchaj, A.V.

That is correct minerman. I already checked the figures and confirmed them with Chris Dobbs. My inquiry to him was whether Utah graduated from 0% share in 2011-2012 to 25% or 50% in 2012-2013. This was his reply:

0-50 correct
Direct message sent by Dennis Dodd (@dennisdoddcbs) to you (@MesoUte) on May 03, 9:42 AM.

So I did check, I was correct in my second post, hope this satisfies you.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wow that massive whiring sound you here isnt' a tornada!! it's troll nation hard at work at their spin machines cooking up a heeping load of spin!!

Who would have thunk??? Does this meet the "exclusive" deal category with ESPN I here so much about on here??

Hey when did ESPN add a "regional" TV network??

What was that you trolls were saying agian about the PAC never matching the SEC or Big10 dollars because they lack the appeal????

I'll sit back and wait for Sammgwhite and the 7 trolls to answer these questions.

Tooele, UT


govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

This will forever change University of Utah athletics. lets hope the huge increase in funding for the athletic department does not go to their heads and they are able to manage the department as successfully as they have. I sense some huge investments in athletic facilities being announced on July 1.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

BYU got the deal they wanted.

Utah got the deal they wanted.

All the banter back and forth is to be expected from two close rivals.

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