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Published: Monday, May 2 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

With Stanford and Oregon not on the schedule, there is no reason to believe anyone has a better chance to play in the Pac 12 championship game.

An undefeated season is unlikely with the quality of opponents week in and week out, but a Rose Bowl is the goal, a goal which is absolutely a strong possibility if Wynn is healthy and continues to improve.

Weaknesses were exposed last year, which was good timing considering the move to the Pac 12. Whittingham will ensure the necessary changes are made to solidify those weaknesses.

The running backs and linebackers will be the heart and soul of this team. It will be a fantastic first season. I think the rest of the Pac 12 is in for a rude welcoming.

Springville, UT

"We're not in dire straits," Whittingham said. "But if we can help ourselves out by adding another quarterback to our program, then we'll do it."

Dire straits = if Wynn's not 100%

"... We've got a long ways to go... if we're going to have a chance to be a good football team."

And these quotes are inspiring the masses to believe in a winning season and a bowl game?

Can we say 'panic mode'?

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, the Utes are installing a new offense but I think I will go with Norm Chow and his coaching pedigree as opposed to the Skyline High school JV team coaches at the Y. Can you say "panic mode"?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

No Sammyg, no panic mode... See that is the difference between Utah fans and BYU fans... Every Spring BYU is QB-ed by a sure-fire All-American/future NFL player. there are 2-3 future NFL O-linemen ahead of him and "this year" the Y has all the athletes it needs on defense. I mean there are no weaknesses...

In the Utes Spring we see and discuss rough edges and even heave forbid areas of relative weakness... Ute fans seem less likely to convince themselves that they are loaded at every position.

The real funny thing is it is Ute fans that have seen 2 undefeated teams in the last 7 years, it is Ute fans that are coming off of a 10-3 season (not 7-6). Maybe Ute fans are more realistic because they like their reality better than BYU fans like their reality.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Not 'panic mode' sammyg, 'PAC12 mode'.

Las Vegas, NV

Hey tdlawton, let us know when your sure fire NFL superstar QB actually beats a team with a winning record. Until then, continue thinking that the one team he did beat with a winning record, San Diego State, was actually a game where the outcome is questioned due to some alleged cheating in the booth. Sorry, but he has not accomplished anything, and it took the whole season with a watered down playbook for him to be remotely successful. Washington sure looks like the smart ones when they didn't offer him a scholarship and choose Joe Montana's kid instead of your sure fire winner. Good luck with that, ha!

Sandy, UT

If the rb's are the 'heart and soul' of this ute team, they are going down in flames. The ute rb situation is scary.

You can have chow and his 'coaching pedigree'. He coached UCLA into being one of the worst offenses in D1 football with more talent than utah has. Good luck with that.


Calm down, girls. All the speculation about how good Utah will/won't be means nothing in May. Like every year, how they actually perform on the gridiron is what counts.

I have to admit it, I am a nervous about the upcoming season.

I hope the decreased production by the offense in the latter half of last season was due to Wynn's bad shoulder, but we won't know until we see him take the field.

I hope that the secondary will grow up quickly. I don't think Coach Whittingham would have approved moving Blechen to linebacker if he thought there weren't players ready to play at safety in 2011.

I am less worried about the running backs, but having no returning contributors is less than ideal.

I believe the new offense will be a better match for Wynn. No opponent ever considered him a threat to run the ball. I hope the backups get game ready since they will be called upon to take some snaps during the season.

Next fall's schedule will be the toughest one Utah has ever played. I hope they're up to it.

Go Utes!

Hayden, ID

"Raising the bar"! I wonder from where the ute coaches borrowed that line?

South Jordan, UT

Sammy posts only to anger everyone in red. Utah will be ok. On paper, Utah has one of the the toughest schedules in the country. Montana State is a very tough Div I aa team so we better not take them lightly. Our defense will keep us in games while the offense comes around.

Springville, UT

Granted it is Spring time along the Wasatch but it's pretty obvious that Coach Whit and Chow are frustrated.

The optimism is there in their politically correct comments but it is so guarded and reserved one would have to think that they are preparing the masses for a funeral.

The QB situation is grave at best. If Wynn does not come back at 100% kiss the season goodbye. The two bench QBs, were off the mark in Spring training. Sure there's 29 practices left but if Wynn is not 100% or takes a few hits and gets injured again Utes are toast. Do we now understand the context of "if we can help ourselves out by adding another quarterback to our program, then we'll do it"?

The RB situation is not any better. What was it for the rugby player, 4 yds in the Red/White game? Clearly a big risk with a huge learning curve. Maybe it will work out but time is of the essence.

Sounds like recruiting problems have hobbled this year's team. Maybe not but I'm pretty reserved about this year's possibilities in a tougher conference. Very reserved.

Las Vegas, NV

Let's see... 90% of Utah's playmakers gone from last year.... Asiata, Wide, Brooks, Smithson = GONE.

Wynn's health a possible issue.....

Nobody who can step in if Wynn can't go.....

Methinks the Utes could in for a rude welcoming party to the Pac 12. Good luck with that Rose Bowl Utes. I'm thinking more like Vegas Bowl, if you're lucky.

Kearns, UT

Sources indicating that a new Pac-12 TV deal will be announced tomorrow. Word is around $225,000,000 annually, for $18.75M per team. Content to be split between Fox and ESPN.

More money, check. ESPN exposure, check. Direct path to a BCS game, check.

Yeah, so much for that independent thing being a "better move."

Salt Lake City, ut

I am excited for the season to begin!

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Depth will be the issue at Utah for 3-4 seasons. can Utah win in those years, you bet. The key, as always, is to stay healthy. I love college football, cannot wait for the PAC 12 teams to visit Utah versus the MWC teams of the past.

I like Wynn as a passer. We have all sorts of talent at the playmaker positions. I worry about the offensive line holding up against the rigors of the PAC 12 schedule. My guess is that is where the week in and week out pounding will be the most felt and where we need the most depth. That could spell problems in the last 3 or 4 games of the season.

Saint George, UT

Where's hedgie, oh ya on the Y article. Can anyone tell me who the seven committments were that changed to the U with the announcement the U was going pac 10.

Chris B. are you serious?

Orem, UT

the real worry is the health and depth of the Offensive Line, utah has lost a lot of experience and talent on the line the last 2 years. This will be the big reason that Utah is good or not. Protecting Winn and opening holes for the backs.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@ willary;
Close your mouth and open your ears for just a second.
The Utes are very lucky indeed for their good fortunes of being invited to the PAC. They will get more money from the PAC championship game alone than they get for an entire MWC season. Eventually, they will probably be getting an equal share of the PAC contract.
Utah could never have gone the independence route because they would never get the backing without a strong conference affiliation. They are too weak on their own and have no national relevence.
BYU, a nationally relevent team, chose to go independent because it accomplished what they want. It gives them even more national exposure and relevence, freedom to broadcast their games worldwide, more recruiting power and it gives them another very good source of income for the entire athletic program. Independence may be a long term situation for them by their choice if it works well enough, which it should.

Ann Arbor, MI


I agree that OL is the key for the comming season Both Wynn and the running backs are reyling on this group.

Make no mistake the current Oline has a lot of talent - both Bergstrom and Cullen will both be in the NFL next year.

Springville, UT


My posts are more of an anti-hype view of the situation. I do not disagree with any of your points other than the 'anger' statement.

Are the following comments any less than what I was commenting on? Maybe you don't like my prose but the underlying message is really no different. I guess it must just depend on the messenger, eh?

govt rocks... "I worry about the offensive line holding up against the rigors of the PAC 12 schedule."

Utah'95... "I have to admit it, I am a nervous about the upcoming season."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Call it 'worry', 'nervous' or for a little drama call it 'panic', it doesn't change anything. Reality is settling in and this September will be one to remember!

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