Comments about ‘2 BYU studies reflect complexity of Mormon church’s influence in shaping immigration views’

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Published: Sunday, May 1 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Santa Monica, CA

To In Arizona, you are factually wrong about what happened in California. To the rest of you, parsel the words of the LDS Church all you want, but no amount of pharasitical maneuvering changes the fact that the church supports HB116 and a "humane" approach to the immigration issue.

Provo, UT

I disagree with the Church's position on this subject. Pure and simple.

Fort Worth, TX

The bottom line is that people should look to their own conscience and not the Church for their opinions. Faith isn't a dogmatic practice, instead a thoughtful one. I parted ways with the Church when it begin the Prop 8 political movement. I will choose to belong to a PAC if I want but it won't be one that calls itself a religious organization. Back to this story:
Immigration is allowed in certain situations. If the movement of people into this country is done legally I am for it. If done illegally then the choices made should have the appropriate consequences. We don't want people in this country who show through their immigration status that they are willing to break the laws of this country when they don't agree with them. We have enough natural-born citizens that already do that.

In Arizona
Mesa, AZ

To TMR: I am factually correct because I was actively involved in it. Local leaders asked specific members to donate money. It was done that way in California and Arizona, don't know about other States, but you cannot tell me I am not correct when I was involved in it.

Santa Monica, CA

To In Arizona: I have no idea what was done in Arizona, but the fine you refer to in California was a $5,000 fine that the Church incurred for failing to report daily in-kind donations. The Church had reported it at a later date. This infraction is considered minor and the Church readily agreed with the Fair Political Practices Commission to pay the fine. The fine had nothing to do with your assertion that "local leaders asked specific members to donate money."

Williams, AZ

I don't agree with this article at all. The pure and simple facts are the illegals are causing a drain on the taxpayers pockets. I further believe that if people marry an illegal they are breaking the law, also if the LDS church backs the HB116 they are breaking the law and I was always taught that you don't do it. Families are an important part of it, but lets get real. I believe if a person marries an illegal and then worries what if my husband or wife gets deported sorry so, but you broke this law so don't cry about it.

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