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Published: Saturday, April 30 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Anaheim, CA

I doubt the Pro-Life movement, as it is called, is making a comeback, rather apathy is starting to set in. Fewer Women are having abortions, and the younger generations have come to expect that they'll have the same rights and liberties as their parents did, in other words there's not a plight to fight for abortion rights with younger generations. However, I think that if they understood the implications of sitting by idly, there probably would be a much larger outcry. The "Pro-Lifers" tend to be religious and ultra-right leaning. This is not a trend with younger generations; in fact we've seen quite the opposite. Younger folks tend to be more liberal and less religious than their older/different generation counterparts. There are also a lot more birth control options these days, including the morning after pill (as an example). Fewer abortions are great, I agree, but why a Woman needs/wants one in the first place is not the business of government, nor is it the business of anyone other than the Woman and her doctor, PERIOD! No one should ever assume they know why a Woman would seek one either.

Somewhere in Utah, UT

These people aren't really "pro-life" -- they're merely anti-abortion. The vast majority of them care about a "baby" only between conception and birth. After that it's the mother's problem to deal with.

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