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Published: Saturday, April 30 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

So let me see if I can get the gist of the pro abortionists position here. It seems it is that we either need to allow women to have their babies killed or else we need to pay for all of those babies they don't kill through higher taxes, government handouts and other social programs.

Sounds like extortion to me and a really disgusting brand of extortion at that.

Howzabout we just insist everyone be responsible for their own actions. Yes I understand everyone won't be responsible and in those cases adoptions should be made quick and easy. There should never be a case where a woman that would consider killing her child should then be deciding to keep that child anyway. Once you have considered killing another person there probably isn't alot of love for that person anyway so allowing someone else to adopt, and love, that child should be the alternative.

And don't tell me that there aren't more people waiting to adopt than babies available because we wouldn't have people going to other countries to adopt if that were really the case.

West Jordan, UT

OldCougar, I describe myself as pro-choice, but I personally oppose abortion and would do anything to convince my wife, children or friends to choose life. However, I believe that we are all given free agency and that it is not my role to decide whether a woman should be allowed to make this decision. It is not my role to judge them either.

I also oppose the death penalty, mostly because it is ineffective as a preventative measure and is too costly to make sure that an adequate series of safeguards is in place to ensure that no innocent person is executed. We could save millions of dollars and free up the court system dramatically by converting all death senteences to life without possibility of parole. That way, the bad guys stay behind bars and no innocent person is killed by a potentially biased court system (note, I didn't say the court system is biased, but that the possibility exists).

So, where is the hypocrisy?

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't have a problem with a woman's right to abortion in the first tri for rape, incest or saving the mothers life......But I am strictly opposed to the government funding it! If your old enough to afford a condom, you're old enough to pay for your own abortion!

Clearfield, UT

It is a woman's right to her life that gives her the right to terminate her pregnancy. Nor should abortion-rights advocates keep hiding behind the phrase "a woman's right to choose." Does she have the right to choose murder? That's what abortion would be, if the fetus were a person. The status of the embryo in the first trimester (when most abortions occur) is the basic issue that cannot be sidestepped. The embryo is clearly pre-human; only the mystical notions of religious dogma and emotionalism treat this clump of cells as constituting a fully developed conscious person. We must not confuse potentiality with actuality. An embryo is a potential human being. It can, granted the woman's choice, develop into an infant. But what it actually is during the first trimester is a mass of relatively undifferentiated cells that exist as a part of a woman's body. If we consider what it is rather than what it might become, we must acknowledge that the embryo under three months is something far more primitive than a frog or a fish. To compare it to an infant is ludicrous.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Interesting. The protagonist in this article, Melinda Oberhelman, had her abortion performed in Shawnee, Kansas. I may be mistaken, but I believe that option is not currently available to the inhabitants of Shawnee, Kansas right now b/c a "pro-lifer" murdered the only doctor willing to withstand the death threats, attempted murders, etc... enacted by this "pro-life" crowd. Threatening the lives of doctors who provide a legal, constitutionally protected right. The Lord must be so proud of this "comeback."

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Abortion isn't about choice, it's about un-choosing a bad choice. When one considers an abortion, a choice has already been made.

The unfortunate thing for women is that it took two people to make that choice, but she get's the brunt of the consequences and shame.

My personal feelings are that when a pregnancy is conceived out of wedlock, and the woman is unable to care for the child. She should have the right to place that child up for adoption without consent of the father. Adoption should be just as easy, legally, as abortion. Maybe this will get men to take more responsibility in this matter.



Random thoughts. First, some birth control measures have a much higher effectiveness rate than others (pill better, condoms worse). I would also point out that the predominant religion (Catholic) in the U.S. considers abstinence/rhythm the only approved birth control measure.

re: Stalwart Sentinel In Kansas there are 3 Planned Parenthood clinics, only 1 performs abortions. 87% of counties in the U.S. have no abortion provider. Dr. Tiller was the only provider who did late-term abortions. On the surface the idea of a late-term abortion (terminiaton of pregnancy) is repugnant, and it would be, if the only reason for a late-term abortion were convenience. But I know of women who discovered, late in pregnancy, their babies had severe deformaties which were incompatible with life and the emotional burden of carrying the pregnancy to conclusion was more than they could bear. I think these types of decisions should not be imposed from outside forces, but left to the woman and her Dr. There are also other reasons a woman might seek an abortion--such as severe diabetes and compromised kidney function. There are many, many others.

Eagle Mountain, UT

God says Abortion is Murder. I am on his side. You can make all the arguments you want and say anything you want about science or choice. It does not change a thing. It is still Murder.

I Choose Freedom
Atlanta, GA

I am pro choice. I believe everyone has the choice to have sex. However, once that choice has been acted upon and pregnancy results then the right to choose becomes restricted. Then the choice is to either keep the child or make it available for adoption. And if the couple cannot care for the child without taxpayer support then the child should be put up for adoption and the couple fined. I believe in choice. And I believe in accountability for choices. As a taxpayer, I am not responsible for your bad choices!

Clearfield, UT


God NEVER said abortion is murder! Prove where it is mentioned anywhere in the Bible that the God of the Bible says abortion is murder. If anything, abortion is biblical. We cannot simply accept what some religious leaders proclaim as being God's word on a given subject without carefully reading the full text of the book and taking into consideration the entire context. Indeed, I could claim that the Bible supports ending a pregnancy in the face of a life without quality. And, if I wanted to be bold, I could claim that the interpretation of some scripture is in fact a biblical mandate to support the use of abortion as a way to improve our quality of life. In fact, I will stop short of making the claim that the Bible condemns or supports abortion at all. It does neither. The condemning and supporting comes not from the words of the Bible but from leaders within religious cultures who use verses out of context. It is time to stop preaching that the "God" contains an undeniable doctrine against abortion. Besides....your "God" only applies to YOU and is no reason to deny women abortion. It's NOT_murder!

South Jordan, UT

In the Roe v Wade decision, the justices made it clear that if we ever defined a life as starting at conception, then Roe v Wade would be overturned.

Biologically, life indeed starts at conception. The female seed in itself has no continuance. The male seed in itself has no continuance. But once the two join, they for a new single cell that will multiply, grow, and if nourished, will eventually become an adult human being.

If we ever stop politicizing the start of life, and recognize it for what it really is, Roe v Wade will go away. Do we, as a people, have the courage to speak the truth rather than coddle politicized alterations to the truth?

South Jordan, UT

All life is precious, until it is born.

-- The right wing of American politics

fruitland, utah

try electing a governor that will enforce state law, thomas jeffersn once said about a supreme court ruling,[i forget the chief justice name] he ruled on it so let him enforce it.


re: TJ According to your view, that abortion is murder, exceptions for rape, incest and life/health issues shouldn't be permitted.

re: I Choose Freedom
So, your'e going to fine destitute people?
Right, that'll work to decrease the abortion rate.

Eagle Mountain, UT

"Thou shalt not commit Murder" is in the bible. Other than that I said nothing about the bible. I said God is against murder. So says every Christian church. So says commons sense, so says modern day scripture and so says a living Prophet of God.

To selfishly have a sexual relationship, then refuse to be responsible and choose to kill an unborn child is murder. The arguemant that the fetus is nothing more than a group of undefined cells is another uninspired arguement by the irresponsible.

Truth seeker;
I do belive that in rare circumstance, when the life of the mother is in peril, where incest is involved or if the pregnancy is the result of rape, the mother should have the choice of abortion.

Many women in this country have children to be eligible for free rent, food and other forms of welfare simply because they are too lazy to work. I have seen this many times personally. The government has enabled them to live their entire life living off of government handouts.
Take children away from these people if they are capable of work but refuse to do so. Let them dig ditches by hand.

Huntsville, UT

KM | 10:21 a.m. May 1, 2011
Cedar Hills, UT
We, as a society can make laws and call it whatever we want, but in the end, its taking a life of an innocent unborn human. Have we become so calous that we are no different than the terrorists we so despise? Have we become death worshippers also?

We, as a nation, spend more money on death and destruction than the rest of the world combined. So, in answer to your question - have we become death worshippers, I have to say that, yes we have.

Are you pro-war? If so, you are not pro-life.

Several others have commented that lifelong pro-life equates to pro-life. Anything else is simply hypocrisy.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

@Truthseeker - Thanks for the added info, much appreciated.

@TJ - Not sure if you believe LDS are Christian or not, but I am LDS and my faith is actually pro-choice. Despite what a lot of my fellow members mistakenly believe, in certain instances we are admonished to prayerfully consider whether an abortion is the proper course (see our website to learn more). Indeed, if LDS held the belief that God viewed abortion as murder, there would be no need to prayerfully consider the act. Unless, of course, you want to make the case that a woman being raped justifies her murdering the child. To be sure, the fact that we allow abortion, at any level, indicates that the LDS church does not consider a fetus to be a child/human. Rather, our counsel focuses on the "potential" of the fetus, which is why we hold it to be a very serious decision.

Salt Lake City, UT

As an adult woman it should be my choice whether or not I want to bring a life into this world. It is my body, my decision, my responsibility. If men were the ones trying to have abortions you can bet we would not be having this argument. Who thinks I'm right?

Salt Lake City, UT

This article is still one-sided. There are women who have had abortions that have never regretted their decision. The government should not be involved at all. Get a load of this big picture all of you who walk around spewing opinions while wearing blinders to the world. Money is the only reason the government gets involved in anything and a pregnant women could eventually lose the child to the state because she is unable to provide adequate care and housing for her baby. If she seeks any assistance she is required to give up the name of the father if she wants to become eligible to receive any assistance. If the mother is suspected of using drugs during pregnancy she will be tested after she gives birth. If the baby is positive the state intervenes and the baby is taken from the mother as she is leaving the hospital. Money, money, money and more money from federal to the state for every child in custody. If the child is adopted or aborted the government gets nothing.

I Choose Freedom
Atlanta, GA

Truthseeker, are you saying that all people that choose abortion are destitute? As you so eloquently put it, Not!

Regardless of income level, we must still take responsibility for our actions. If a poor person gets a speeding ticket are they excused from paying it because they are poor? No. If a poor person commits any other crime are they held accountable? Yes.

Becoming pregnant without a means to support the baby is irresponsible behavior. There should be a penalty for irresponsible behavior. Yet you seem to think that it should be rewarded. Not!

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