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Published: Saturday, April 30 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

The Jazz defense is obsolete going back to the time when they had a big body at C. It was designed for Eaton and Otag and has been obsolete and also bad since that time. The design dates back to before the 3 point shot.

The D has to be totally rethought, and then adjusted to the strengths of the core players and modernized for the current game and opponents.

The game has changed. Shaq plays limited minutes and Ming is gone. ORL has an athletic big but no behemoth. MIL has Bogut but they are not even making the playoffs. LA has Bynum (some of the time). They are about the only team that has a big C and Gasol and Odom are probably more important.

The Jazz approach to D is out dated, obsolete and dysfunctional. In 2009/10 the Jazz scored 104.2 (4th) and allowed 98.9 (12th). This year they scored (99.4) (15th) and allowed (101.3) (19th). In 2008/09 they allowed 101.9 (18th). In 2007/08 they allowed 99.3 (13th).

Dribble penetration defense was among the worst in the NBA. It starts with the guards.

Murray, UT

Oh man, so much to comment about....this should've split into like 5 articles...oh well.

Who do they bring back?
AK, Fes, Watson. AK much lower price (~6-7 Mil)

CJ, Elson, and Price seem like they're out. I don't want Fes back, but you can't ignore how tall and beastly he can be. He does have an impact on the game by just running down the other end.

Who do they draft?
Kawahi Leonard for the second pick . He's gotten a lot of raves about his work ethic and has a background that would motivate him to be the best. Plus he's a SF with double doubles in rebounds and points...you don't see that often.

Not sure about the 6th pick....Jan Vesley is intriguing because of his hieght, but meh....I say trade the 6th pick to fill another hole...get Maynor!

Farmington, UT

This is an excellent analysis and reflects what I have seen.

I think Ronnie Price just can't shoot well enough. He gets tense, his release changes constantly, he holds at the top of his jump too much and doesn't get enough consistent inertia from his legs and body. I have not seen him improve. He also makes too many turnovers per minute. Let him go and pick up a real shooter. Jimmer could work. Or go to Europe and talk Jaycee Carroll from Utah State into coming here to play. Jaycee is one of the finest shooters I've ever seen with a quick release, 40" vertical leap, great work ethic, excellent rebounding skill for a 6'2" guy and great at shooting off curls -- ideal for the Jazz. Carroll has led his league in Europe for three straight years.

I like Fesenko. He is getting better. His attitude has improved. He is not taking so many stupid shots. He is learning to go strong to the hole, and his defense is fine for a big buy. We can't give up on him now. He needs coaching from a center.

Tokyo, Japan

really? Maynor?...he isnt the answer...plus we do have watson...i'd rather have hinrich than maynor...Bugoff is right...you need to have good wing defenders...i was pulling for a trade for tony allen during the season...we need a stopper at the Point..and i dont think there is one right now that is available...

Mount Beauty, VIC

package CJ & one pick for a better pick or an established SG or C
resign Fes for 2 years with a T/O on the third year as everyone knows big guys do take longer to develop & mature - he still is only 24 - we have already invested 4 years & $ on him

say goodbye - Price, Elson

Trade options for Memo

Sign AK for 4/5 million - 3 years
Sign Watson 1 year with T/O on second one

Draft best player available - if not fit team - trade them for something that does fit.

I would look at most trades for any players but Favors & Hayward

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Let cj go...lets try something else.

AK could stay....but at a minimal price...if he will agree.

I think Price & Elson can both go as well. I like both of them especially Price...but we have Watson and Elson is likely not in our future.

Keep Watson and Fess. Watson is great and Fess's dimensions are too large to let go...at this point.

South Jordan, UT

Center: I want to know more about Tomic. I think he is the lynchpin to whatever the Jazz decide to do this year. If they get him, they are set at center. They can easily get 48 minutes out of Tomic, Memo and AJ.

PF: Too much talent at one position. I think you have to stay with Favors in first back-up role with the idea that he becomes the starter in 2012. So what do you do with AJ and Sap? I think one of them should be traded (with other assets if necessary) to get a wing.

SF/SG (wings): Hayward has talent and should become a starter pretty soon. CJ needs to start for his own confidence. With those names, it's obvious the Jazz need help on the wings. Bell is a good locker-room presence and can give reserve minutes but his time is past. AK would be a great pick-up at the mid-level exception.

PG: I like the Harris/Watson combo but the Jazz need to draft the PG of the future.

As a team, bugoff has it right. Perimeter defense is a bigger problem than interior defense.

South Jordan, UT

Possible depth chart for 2011-2012:

C: Tomic, AJ, Memo

PF: AJ, Favors, Memo, Evans

SF: Hayward, CJ, AK

SG: starter (acquired by trade or free agency), Bell, CJ

PG: Harris, rookie PG (acquired in draft), Watson (Note: I'd let the rookie be the first one off the bench to get him playing time in meaningful situations but Watson should get more minutes.)

TBD (starting SG or SF)
TBD (rookie PG of the future)

That's 13 players. If the Jazz go with the league-permitted 15, I'd add a front-court presence (Fes?) and a perimeter defensive stopper.

I've agonized over trading Millsap but he's too small to guard the better PFs in the league (backed up by statistics from 2010-2011 season) and I believe he is too slow to guard the better SFs in the league (this group includes guys like Lebron and Pierce). He's a hot commodity and I think the Jazz could get real value for him in a trade. He's redundant at PF and the Jazz really need help elsewhere.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I agree that Milsap may be the best trade chip the Jazz have, the idea of trading Paul isn't fun, but may be a good decision business wise. Favors and Big Al should start and get the most minutes at the 4&5. Tomic is long and tall but he's not that good on the defensive end, he's not a shot blocker, rebounds OK, nothing great, not sure he can hold his own down low, needs more weight & muscle. I'd like to look into Biyombo more to see if he would be worth drafting, he's the defensive presence we need. I'd love to see Fes brought back, I think it will be a last minute signing just like last year if they do.
I don't know why so many people think the Jazz need a 2, both Hayward and CJ are best at the 2, every coach/FO manager want to get taller, longer and more athletic at every position, Hayward & CJ can play the 3 but are undersized and overmatched alot at the 3, at the 2 they give the Jazz the advantage of height&length etc. The Jazz needA3inthedraft.

Captain L
Provo, UT

A point guard for the future is also a need to fill in this draft, Knight or Jimmer would be my choices.
TJones, Leonard, Vesley would be the 3's I'd look close at to see who would be the best.
Kanter is very skilled but he's more of a 4 (he wants to play 4) and his knees are a question.
Jonas is too skinny/lightweight, Biyombo is very interesting, watching him, he could be a good backup to Favors and Big Al. He plays with tremendous energy and intensity and that is valuable, especially for a big. His 7'7 wingspan makes him like a long 7 footer.

Orem, Utah

Bullet responses:

1: Hayward proved at the end of the year he's the long-sought SG the Jazz have needed. Can both defend the likes of Kobe and score against them. DUH!

2: Favors' shot-blocking and rebounding at season's end shows if he gets enough playing time, that alone improves the Jazz defense.

4: Bring back AK, Fes, and Watson. Forget Price and Elson.

5: Let CJ hang around without changing anything. He'll be Hayward's backup. Then decide whether to extend or just let go.

6: Waste a high draft pick on a non-superstar big man and the Jazz will continue to wander in mediocrity.

8: Forget Tomic, unless he's cheap. Haven't heard much good about him other than size.

10: DUH! Use first pick on The Jimmer, or the Jazz will be sorry. He's a future superstar. The Jazz currently don't have one, except Hayward might become one--just a maybe there. Harris can't lead the team very deep in the playoffs--he's a poorman's Iverson.

Outside of Jimmer, the draft is pretty slim pickens for a team that needs a PG leader.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

I love reading these comments, pretty good thoughts by all. Tomic just signed a big contract with Real. I think it would be tough to get him to SLC.

Saint Louis, MO

Enes Kanter is a "beast" at 18. Dad wants him to stay at Kentucky and sue the NCAA. The Jazz need to build around Favors. I like Fez and he just has not been coached. Bring in Malone to get involved. They could trade up from 12 with a draft choice for next year to offer. The Lakers have their "bigs" back in the game and are going to the NBA finals. The Jazz need to match up bigs. Tomic may help. The best scenario is to get lucky in the lottery or trade up for the two Kentucky jewels in Kanter and Knight. Height and a good point guard are priorities. Miles is too controversial. Kirilenko appears to have "eaten out of the same apple" as D-Wil and Miles. The jury is still out on Corbin. He has good blood lines from DePaul and Ray Meyer. We shall see.

Roosevelt, UT

AK usually a fan favorite has given the Jazz all that he can. Would you hire someone who has proven by numbers they will be there only 75% of the time and part of that time will be getting back into shape after his next injury? Nobody can afford to pay somebody and not count on them.

I will also go against the numbers here by saying the team does not need Fes. They can trade of draft someone who can match up better with Favors or AJ. The team cannot depend on Fes except to miss free throws and to still foul out early when he has to play. His upside is a flatline.

I like Devin Harris and I think if the Jazz can acquire players who can hit (that excuses Bell, CJ, Price, Elson, and more recently Okur) that his assists will increase and the team will benefit from his experience.

I like the kid from San Diego as he seems to have the athleticism the Jazz like, defends hard and usually gets his numbers.

The Jazz have had a huge payroll and after they disperse the above named players their potential should rise.

Dave from Taylorsville
Taylorsville, UT

The comments here have been very knowledgable. If were in Jazz management I'd consider having an open forum with several of you to get some input.

But it wasn't until "WhatsInItForMe | 10:22 a.m. May 1, 2011" that I saw the light I wanted to see. Jimmer! This guy is the real deal. I don't ANYONE on the Jazz (maybe Hayward or maybe Miles) who have the "spark," the "fifth element," that the Jazz or any team needs to take it all the way.

The Jazz have lots of the cogs needed, for sure some more need to be in place before they move back up into contention. Jefferson is a key as well. But, the best thing out there that would bolster up the Jazz in many ways is, Jimmer. (I can't believe that Jimmer is not in the Des News Spell Checker.)

Logan, Utah

If the Jazz could get a consistent 3 shooter or two, that would be nice. I think the two beat options would be Jimmer and Jaycee Carroll.Both of them know how to shoot the lights out and would be a nightmare for defenders. Maybe try to trade Bell for a fairly big SF. TRADE MEMO!!!! Maybe for a draft pick or something but just trade him! Get 'rid of Miles, Elson, and Price. Maybe a mid-major star like Tai Wesley may work.

Everyone, this is how the roster should be...flat out...

PG: Harris, Watson, PG(From Draft)
SG: Hayward, Jimmer, Carroll
SF: Millsap, A.K., (person from Bell Trade)
PF: Favors, Evans, Wesley
C: Jefferson, Fes, (person from Memo trade)

King Black
Paso Robles, CA

@ joe5

get out of here Atomic starting C pleeeeeease.... I mean could minutely possible but I highly doubt.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Every NBA champion in the last 20 years has had a 2 guard as one of their three best players. The Jazz haven't had a 2 as one of their top three players since Hornacek retired.

George Karl said the Jazz are only a player or two from being a legit contender, so the Jazz let Matthews go because his contract was too big -- at the same time the Millers were building a brand new dealership in Ogden. I love the Millers and appreciate their sacrifices for the team. At the same time, much of their fortune has been built on the good will they've received from being Jazz owners. I think it is time for them to step up.

Watson is a great, fiery backup 1. Fes has potential and NBA champions need length. Start Favors. Millsap is a GREAT sixth man, but he isn't long enough to to take the team to the top and is statistically one of the worst on-ball defenders in the NBA as a result. Injuries or not AK is one of the top 10 on-ball defenders. Keep him, and get a different trainer. CJ lacks heart.

Lindon, UT

Draft Jimmer with the #12 pick. Bring him along during the first year and determine where he best fits. We need his 3 point shooting and his determination. He is a SG in a PG's body, but will be valuable on the 2nd unit along with Milsap at PF for the first year. Trade up with the #6 pick using CJ, and Price or Bell or Momo. Get the best player we can with that pick. It would be great if it could be a SF, but whatever. Keep Fes, but hire a retired center, a good one, to work his butt off. If he won't work, trade him at the first opportunity. AK seems to be having the same problems as Boozer had. Offer him the mid-level exception - if he won't take it, let him go. We already overpaid him once, but shouldn't again. I think this would give us a great team,with these few changes. We'll need a little luck also. Go Jazz.

Temecula, CA

Keep Fes & Watson. Hope AK agrees to stay with a big paycut. Don't draft the SD small forward Leonard...even a local SD paper said he is not first round draft material. I'm just starting to hear more on the long-armed, high energy Biyombo. Intriguing guy. Draft Burks, too. He is a penetrator and good defender. Horny can help him with his jump shot.

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