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Published: Thursday, April 28 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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byu rugby
Crystal Lake, IL

I count playing BYU Rugby as one of my choicest experiences. Coach Smyth is a no-nonsense Irishman who, just seems to draw out a players' best effort. The caliber of team members was also unmatched. on a squad of 25, 24 were returned missionaries, 17-ish were Eagle Scouts, 14 were married, and several had children. A large number of the guys were grad school bound, and Rich Kafusi was in grad school.

We had to train around our other commitments. Marlin Green and I got up every day at 5am to train before work and school. Most of our road trips involved flying down the highway with everyone in back studying.

We all took turns imposing on family and friends for a place to crash and eat while on road trips. In fact, some of our loudest supporters attended away games.

I am glad to see the development of the program and the relatively huge commitment BYU is making to Rugby. Unlike many traditional intercollegiate sports, Rugby has a active world-wide reach. It is awesome to see guys coming from all over the world to play rugby for, and study at BYU!

Don Crawford, BS '94

Orem, UT

I love watching Rugby---great sport!!!

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Play for the love of it. He and other rugby lads are The Men.

Stockton, CA

I love it how BYU and Cal are on a different level than the rest of the league

Fresno, CA

Rugby has got to be the toughest, craziest, manliest game invented. I'm super impressed with these guys. Keep up the good work!

Ogden, UT

Here we have real sport, what "sports" are meant to be, according to the dictionary.

"Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.
A particular form of this activity.
An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively.
An active pastime; recreation."

Notice, not a single word about fame or money--common contaminants of sport.

Alexandria, VA

Wait a minute - School first, then rugby? I thought there were supposed to be 4 other things in front of rugby. You mean you can put your sport higher up on the list without compromising your morals or your religion? Strange.

Love the news about BYU Rugby. Becoming a fan of the game.

Omaha, NE

What a great article! I especially loved re-reading the scores, especially the 40-22 score! I wonder how the decision was made to have the title game in Utah?

Salt Lake city, UT

the state of utah is a great rugby power. i'm not sure how national rankings work all around the country, but one publication i looked up once a while back had the formula they used to determine national rankings. they had each region of the country and a number from 1-5 given to that region based on rugby strength and the state of utah was actually it's very own region and received a rating of 5.

byu is the flagship rugby program in the state, but my utes are no slouches either. byu did dominate them this year though. utah has great athletes but byu just has a better team and it showed at rio tinto this year. utah's lost twice this year, to the Y and cal.

did anyone watch the collegiate 7's tournament last year? it was an exciting tournament and it was an awesome finals match where the utes beat heavily favored ca to bring home the 7's championship. it's too bad that the tournament is a saturday-sunday deal because i think we all know the cougars would have an amazing showing there.

Frisco, TX

Love it! Cougs are a well rounded program, striving for excellence in all they do.

I haven't heard much about Utah's Rugby team. Maybe hedgehog will give us an update.

Holladay, UT

Please stop referring to Highland Rugby as having anything to do with Highland High School - the two used to be affiliated but have had no affiliation with each other for over 8 years. Highland is a U-19 club team, just like United.

kaysville, ut

More of a question than a comment.....I was wondering if any other schools offer scholarships to rugby players? Amazing we can compete and win the championship and not have this be a scholarship recognized sport. I love playing rugby, but it is a serious sport that needs to be recognized.

Highland, UT


I would love to see BYU make rugby a scholarship sport but they cannot due to title 9 restrictions. To do it they would also have to add another womans sport to equalize the scholarships between men and women. My guess is that they don't think they can afford to support two more scholarship athletic sports which is what they would have to do.

So while the rugby team is obviously deserving of being elevated to a scholarship sport it will not happen until they can also afford to add another womens sport at the same time.

That is just a reality of how our country is run these days.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Rio Tinto, that was a surprise to have it in Utah. The championship games usually held in Stanford just like College World Series in Ohmaha, Neb. How will Cal fare in high altitude?

For Women Rugby, will they play Friday/Saturday format this time around?

Salt Lake city, UT

i thought byu did have a women's rugby team. didn't they make headlines last year for not playing in the ncaa rugby tournament because of a sunday game or was it another team sport? they were seeded pretty high and were a favorite to win the nc too if i remember correctly.

Highland, UT

@Dew Cougars

Is the BYU womens rugby team similarly successful? If they play both championships here is there a chance both could be playing for the championship?

Holladay, UT

Cal was just downgraded from a Varisty sport back to club, so I don't know if they can still give money or not. Utah has out-of-state tuition waivers to offer (out of state players pay in-state cost). Kutztown, who has a pretty good rugby team, does have some rugby scholarships to give, and I think maybe Life University on Georgia (also a very good team) can give some money. But Duckhunter is right, Title IX keeps rugby from being a scholarship sport for the most part.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nothing but respect for these guys! Studs one and all!

Austin Mom
Austin, TX

Woman's Rugby is also a club sport--not NCAA. If it had been an NCAA tournament they would have had to change it to a Saturday game for the (BYU Rule). Since it is under USA Rugby they didn't have to change it for them. The women are also on track to win a NC this year with a promise made that the tournament will work with them.

Happy Valley Stud
Provo, utah

Love and miss my rugby playing days at BYU. In fact, now as an alum I can't recall much what was taught to me in my classes but I do remember vividly all the fun trips, games, dinners, hang-outs, church, team devotionals, singing, etc with my team mates as a player. I met some of the finest exemplary men in my life through BYU Rugby. I don't miss running and training till I died, however I miss the faces of all the players, coaches, trainers, and all those who supported us. Those experiences will live with me forever.

It taught me that even though I'm from the islands with my own culture but that at BYU there's one culture that stands supreme which bonded us together in that of the "gospel culture". BYU Rugby Forever!

BYU BS 2007, MPA 2010

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