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Published: Sunday, April 24 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

and the funny thing about Kiper; is he is far from either the most knowledgeable OR the best at it.

He is another Tom Lemming of niche sports. Totally over-rated but somehow considered a fixture due to longevity.

With that said; good luck to Stanley Havili and other Utah (the state) based players. We look forward to following your careers at the pinnacle of your sport for many years to come.

Saint Louis, MO

It appears that this story on Real Salt Lake is a "real big deal". Landon Donovan gave U.S. soccer a "pat on the rump". This Real Salt Lake story sends it up one more notch. Here in St. Louis, once the "soccer capital" of the U.S., soccer is dying. It is good to know that in other areas of the country that things seem to be "picking up". Stan Kroenke (Walmart) who owns the Rams and Nuggets, just bought controlling interest in Arsenal. I am quite sure that there is a connection on taking U.S. soccer "up the ladder".

AsSOCiation Football
Salt Lake City, UT

There needs to be an appeals process in soccer. The call against beckerman will have a huge impact on wednesdays game. Why can't Concacaf just look at the replay and downgrade it from a yellow card to a foul? It would be very easy.

Draper, UT

@ Association Football

The call can be appealed. However nothing is guaranteed and it would definitely not even be considered till after the final match. So there would be no real point in pursuing that.

Kyle missed 6(?) games last season on injury and they still played great. It's more sad that he worked so hard to get to this point then has to sit and watch it come to fruition.

Salt Lake City, UT

I like the yellow card rule. I believe one of the reasons RSL tied the match was directly related to the Monterrey coach subbing out two top players (who also had previous yellow cards same as Beckerman), including the goal scorer, right after his team went up 1-0. Perhaps he figured he could protect his guys and keep RSL off the board. This obviously backfired, but his top stars are at least eligible for this week's match.

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