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Published: Saturday, April 23 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

If the Jazz of two years ago were still intact and healthy, we would have made the playoffs. Unfortunately, other scouts and coaches around the league see the potential in the players we lost that the Jazz organization didn't. Granted money plays a big factor, but you have to keep key players that will get you to the playoffs.

the truth
Holladay, UT


Making the playoffs is end all and be all,

in fact most team make the playoffs, so no accomplihsment at all.

jazz have made the playoffs a lot,

the real goal, the real end is a championship,

something the jazz failed at for the entire history of the franchise.

The fact if the jazz never get the right set of players, and make use of the 2/3 they will never win a championship.

Champinship teams have superstar/allstar 2's ans 3's:

kobe, wade, allen, pierce, rip, dumars, magic, jordon, pippen, ainge, drexler, toney, etc. etc, etc.

they don't rely on pure 1's and 4's.

Build your team right and championships will come.

Jazz have had too much sloan system players, too much wishful thinking,

jazz have shown waitng years for your turn just doesn't work.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

Yahoo Sports' Kelly Dwyer, on Carlos Boozer's performance in the playoffs:

"If Chicago Bulls fans were leery about the signing of scoring forward Carlos Boozer heading into the playoffs, his four-game turn in the 2011 postseason has likely sent those dubious fans over the edge. Not only is the team's highest-paid player shooting just 37.5 percent against the Pacers thus far, but he's turning the ball over 3.5 times per game. These offensive marks go hand-in-hand with his typically terrible defense, which was at least then passable enough during the regular season as Boozer chalked up 17.5-point and 9.6-rebound averages in just 32 minutes of play.
Worse? Boozer was signed to be the type of scorer that finishes plays that weren't drawn up for him in the paint with little muss and/or fuss, and yet Boozer has been terrible finishing around the rim. In short, the guy has been awful, on both ends."

Richfield, UT


Please explain to me how Mathews would have been a bargain. After the luxury tax hit on top of his salary he would have cost more than Lebron James and a bunch of other big time stars made.

Next year they won't even miss him with Hayward at the 2.

Lehi, UT

Don't forget DeShawn Stevenson, the former Jazzman is playing lock down defense for the Mav's and is another player that has a chance to win a ring this year.

Nampa, ID

I'm glad Chicago's doing well. I'm glad these players found a system that works for them and that they can contribute to. I don't get upset about pro sports. We pay athletes to "play." I mean we could call it "work" but....no. Its a game, its entertaining, but playoffs and championships are just more fun for me.

Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Matthews - Blazers
Boozer - Bulls
Brewer - Bulls
Korver -Bulls
Carlos Arroyo - Celtics
Sasha Pavoliv - Celtics
Fisher - Lakers
Stevenson - Mavs
Kosta Koufos - Nuggets
Eric Maynor - Thunder

Doctor J
Manti, UT

How about...Former Post-Season For Jazz?

Tokyo, Japan

its not because they were great players...its that the system they went to is much better suited for their style of play...so if Korver Brewer and Boozer won a ring this year...its not because they are good...its because of the system they are in...Rose carried the bulls...

Murray, UT


Mathews said after he got signed to Portland that he'd have accepted any offer Utah gave, but the Jazz never acted. No way KOC would've shelled out $34 Mil, but I'm sure a lower price could have been offered.

The problem was that Portland came before Jazz and they threw in a ridiculous offer. Jazz should've offered Mathews a contract at 12:01AM, but they didn't...

Same thing happened with Korver, Jazz never acted.

Richfield, UT


He can say anything he wants after the fact, but yes the Jazz made a big mistake by not offering him a long time before the free agency ever came up and he would have for sure signed for a lot less than Portland offered.

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