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Published: Saturday, April 23 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Burley, ID

The irony of it all. Just imagine if Boozer, Korver and Brewer all get rings this year?

Temecula, CA

Boozer has always been a stud defensive rebounder and pretty good scorer. Having super energy guy and tough defender center Noah next to him might improve Boozer's chances of finally getting a ring. As for Korver and Brewer, they will always be handy guys to have on the bench, one solid on offensive, one solid on defense. Still, I say, go Memphis. Wouldn't THAT be something!

Ogden, UT

Yes, rvalena2, and we can list name after name of other former Jazzmen who irritated Jerry Sloan, were traded away, then went on to bigger and better things.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Brewer, Matthews and Korver are all better than Bell or cj!

O'Connor must be brilliant.

Smithfield, UT

Eric Maynor?

Santa Monica, CA

Gosh, I'm one of those who always used to bag on Carlos and say that I'd rather root for a losing team that didn't have him on it, than pull for a playoff team that he played for. Hmmm......he averaged 20 pts and almost 13 rebs for us in 44 games? Those are hardly "cancerous" stats. Those playoff teams seem to be having a lot of fun and I guess I COULD root for a losing team that doesn't have him as part of it, but my losing team is scattered around the globe, enjoying their vacations. It's dawning on me that I never really disliked Carlos Boozer all that much in the first place. I guess I should start being careful what I wish for.*

*Note--my tongue is planted firmly in the side of my cheek as I write this.

Morgan Duel
Taylorsville, UT

Mr. O'Conner should be very proud of the Jazz record of 44/38 over the past 8 years since he has been in Utah.

Alpine, UT

Sloan had his good qualities, despite his brow-beating, grumbling approach to the game and players, though his approach wouldn't motivate me. The lose of Matthews was a huge misfortune. O'Conners needs to get out of the rebuilding mode, and start finding ways to keep and build players.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Let's face it, most fans do not miss Boozer, though Korver was a fan (particularly of the female persuasion) favorite. Brewer is a solid player, but a wing player with an inconsistent shot has only so much utility. The giant faux pas by Jazz management is not sitting at Wes Matthew's door at 12:01 a.m. on the first day of free agency with a decent (6 for 25M or so) contract in hand. He would have signed it and the Jazz would not even be thinking of rebuilding right now. They would be a happy 3rd or 4th seed in the west playoffs and very competitive.

Cedar City, UT

Koufus Also along with Maynor

Richfield, UT

People tend to forget how drastically the Jazz's season turned around when they first traded for Korver, now we are right back where we were when we traded for him with teams giving absolutely no respect to the outside game and packing it in. It's no wonder we went into a skid.

People need to forget about losing Mathews, Hayward will be a better #2 than him. The refs called rookie fouls on him every time he got near someone this past year and when he starts getting some respect from them we will find he is an outstanding defensive player. He did the best job of defending Kobe in that last game as any Jazz defender has in quite a few years.

Favor's is going to be the man at the #2 next year and Milsap needs to develop a consistent 3 point shot and move to #3. With Ocur, AJ, Favors and Evans, and Milsap sliding over to the 3 at times this team is long enough and the Jazz need to draft people who can knock it down from outside.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

After watching Matthews' performance in this year's playoffs, I scratch my head and ask myself "How could this guy have gone undrafted two years ago??".

Anyone care to speculate?

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Kirilenko's contract prohibited the resigning of Matthews. Now they are both gone. No fear Hayward is here.

Boozer can really rebound and score but has trouble scoring in the playoffs against better longer competition. Boozer was a slacker on defense. Since Favors came to town I haven't missed Boozer at all.

I really hated to see Eric Maynor get away. I thought he showed alot of promise.

You can see in the playoffs how important defense is in the paint. I hope we resign Fesenko (cheap) to give Favors a backup who can make a "big" difference defending the painted area.

Roosevelt, UT


crying over spilled milk

Tokyo, Japan

@B Russ

i think it would be nice if Fes and Favors played at one point...packing the paint...and have hayward defend the best wing...that would/could trigger a run...we need two scorers one preferable a 3pt shooter and the other a lightning fast guard...we could have a run and gun that plays solid efficient D...

I'd trade Devin Harris and our next year's pick for Hinrich and Jamal Crawford....solid defensive PG that could defend the position and could shoot the three...and a 6th man that could rain 3 pointers...

Richfield, UT


I like your idea of playing Fes and Favors together but neither Hinrich or Crawford are any better than Harris. And the Jazz won't have their own pick next year unless they are in the lottery and the pick they have from the warriors will probably be 8th or later in the lottery so Harris and one of those two picks would be too much to give up for what they would get.

They just need to draft a guard like Knight or Jimmer and let them back up Harris and learn for a year or two.

Lehi, UT


Murray, UT

Chicago isn't happy with Boozer. Brewer couldn't make a shot.

Korver and Mathews is where KOC really messed up. Both were a bargain, both worked hard. I believe Mathews reached a ceiling. He's short for his position, but gives you good minutes.
Korver could've been a Ray Allen or Hornaceck. I don't understand why they gave away one of the best 3 point shooters the league has seen. Maybe defense wise, he was a liability though....but that was manageable.

Salt Lake City, UT

Boozer and Brewer are both playing lesser roles. The reason the Jazz didn't compete for the title is because they had Brewer starting at SG when in reality he is a bench guy.

St. George, UT

Next Year Nets Lineup


Hmmmm 4 out of 5 will be ex Jazz Players

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