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Hill knows moving to the Pac-12 will take strategic planning

Published: Saturday, April 23 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

68 days and counting...
Been waiting for this day for a long time!

Draper, UT

How exciting! I've renewed my season football tickets and I am anxiously awaiting September 1. We're traveling to Los Angeles for the USC game and we will also probably go to the Arizona road game. I'm also hopeful that basketball can be more fun and exciting and then I'll be there again also. There's just two words - GO UTES!!

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Wow, Utah's move to the PAC is the biggest single event in the history of college sports in the state. Bigger than the original BCS busters, and yep, bigger than 1984.

This has to sting a bit for the team in Provo and its fans. I'm thinking things will be so depressed in Utah County next football season, a certain water slide event will be cancelled.

South Jordan, UT

Laramie exchanged for Spokane. Albuquerque for Corvallis. Ft. Collins for Boulder. Colorado Springs for Eugene. Las Vegas for Seatlle, San Diego for Los Angeles. Plus trips to Palo Alto, Berkely , Tuscon and Phoenix. Only Really cold games will be in Boulder and Salt Lake. Bring it on!

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

@I Still Can't Say It: Nope, it's not bigger than 1984, no one is depressed, and you aren't invited to the water slide event. It's for the BIG boys.

Seriously, enjoy the PAC 12. Hope it goes well for you in every respect.

Magna, UT

Gag. How about we focus on the Utes. That's what this story is about. Leave the rest to their homers.

Utah Man Sir!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Lofty ambitions!! Years of effort by so many!! Success!!!!

The future is built upon realistic expectations, a solid plan, and all within balanced monetary restraints. (If only our government could do the same!!!!)

The Conference of Champions is more than just a slogan!! In the so called Olympic sports the conference is unequalled. Do I, or any reasonable Ute fan, believe we will be able to challenge in the near future in these events? No. But can you imagine, we will now be able to see Olympic athletes competing here is Salt Lake on regular basis. And the University of Utah athletes will be competing against the best!!!! (This is in no way implying that the University of Utah will not be competitive in many sports from day one!!!)

Off the sports page, the University, the city, and the state will receive recognition and benefits which we can hardly imagine. A research university in one of the most highly acclaimed educational conferences!!!

As students, alumni and fans let us express are thanks to all responsible and pledge our support in the future. AND GO UTES!!!

Karchaj, A.V.

You are aware that Spokane is not on the PAC-Map right? I think you meant to say Pullman. Where Washington State is located? Come on brother, you only have 68 days to learn your PACography. This article is the first strike to the nail that is being hammered home declaring the reality of this situation. So excited!

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

What a great article! I'm so excited for the University of Utah to be a part of a great conference and compete against great schools every year. Chris Hill has done a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!

Go Utes!!!!

Idaho Falls, ID

Two words: Peter Principle.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Bothers me that Chris Hill comes up with a "mid-major" comment, when it was only months ago Utah was claiming the MWC should be in the "elite"!!! Cheap talk!!

Go ahead, compare Larmie to Spokane (I'll take clear lakes and streams anyday in Wyoming as long I don't see a Utah plate stinking the place up). Albuquerque ror Corvalis, Las Vegas for Los Angeles, Ft. Collins for Phoenix etc....

Basement dwellers comin' your way at a stadium near you!!

Draper, UT

I'm pumped for the move to the Pac 12. But I have one question: What's the PAC? Never heard of a conference called the PAC.

Burley, ID

I love that PAC-12 logo! Finally, I'll get a chance to see the Utes on TV more than twice during the regular season.

I liked the Mountain West Conference but hated the MTN TV contract. Thank goodness Ute fans don't have to deal with that any more.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Yeah... Enjoy... The Big Reality will hit Sept 10th and continue from there... But hey...the Montana State game should be a nice experience. University of Utah Doormats will be very popular items in all those places in the PAC. Especially on rainy and muddy days. Wonder who has the Marketing rights???

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Society's Maniacal Child
You're joking right??? PAC=the original 8 team conference name before Arizona and Arizona State...Must have been before you were born if you honestly didn't know that.

rock springs, wy

A serious question: What does being a "research" university have to do with football?

Black Shirts
South Jordan, UT

Here is what you win:

2011 The year Utah football becomes Utah basketball. Life couldn't be better!

MT Montana State = Win 1-0 (Good Job Wynn 4 int and he hates BYU fans also)

at USC = LOSE 1-1 (Crack!)

at BYU = LOSE 1-2 (BYU by 20, Ute fans begin to jump ship)

Washington = WIN 2-2 (Maybe)

Arizona State = LOSE 2-3 (Only 5000 tickets sold)

at Pittsburgh = LOSE 2-4 (Talk radio is quiet, Ute fans are burning everything red)

at California = LOSE 2-5 (Utah football has become Utah basketball, terrible)

Oregon State = WIN 3-5 (Every dog gets a bone)

at Arizona = LOSE 3-6 (Back to normal)

UCLA = LOSE 3-7 (Recruits are not opening Ute mail)

at Washington State = WIN 4-7 (Wash St = Idaho St)

Colorado = WIN 5-7 (Just being nice here)

I just couldn't help myself.

Black Shirts
South Jordan, UT

Wait a minute! There must be a mistake. The Utah Utes are not rank #1, but they're in the PAC12. I'm sure they'll fix this and Utah will be #1 tomorrow. I hear the Running Ute's will be rank #1 also. Why are the Ute's practicing? It's just practice, we are talking practice. The new PAC12 champs dont need to practice.

Karchaj, A.V.

I don't understand why the BYU fans such as @Where's Stockton wish ill will on the Utes. They will say that it is the Ute fans that started the whole idea of hate. Reminds me of a something that someone once said whilst perched upon a mount in Judea about turning the other cheek and loving thy enemy. Doesn't seem that those words resonate with the BYU faithful as they only wish pain and failure upon their enemy. Christ is Love. If you preach it, live it. Good luck to BYU, and good luck to our Utes.

Fallon, NV

We're not going in as a little brother," Hill said. True, more like red-headed stepchild. We will be out here watching to see how far U fall into PAC 10.2 irrelevance. It should be entertaining.

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