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Published: Friday, April 22 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Redmond, WA

Both extremes are off their rocker, though as usual the anti-BYUers take the cake.

To the Brandon worshipers: Please. I'm as happy for Brandon (and for the Bball team) that he's got things in order. That's great. His private life should never have been made an issue to begin with. But the fact is, Brandon (and, incidentally, the team) would have been much better off if he hadn't violated his word in the Honor Code. The hero worship is not merely excessive, it's misplaced (and more than a little embarrassing).

To the BYU haters: Comparing the Davies situation to the situation of allowing athletes back at the U of U is stupefyingly absurd, even for you. Davies was never even accused of doing anything illegal; that was made clear from the start. Admitting to violating some private aspects of an honor code is a very far cry from committing assault and battery and threatening someone's life. The two situations are in no reasonable sense comparable.

Florissant, MO

Congratulations Brandon, I hope you have a good year and do well. I really admire and respect you for your courage and strength.

Kearns, UT

No one goes to summer school anyway.

Brigham City, UT

Not surprised, Y will be much less talented next year without Jimmer and Emery, and they desperately need Davies. If I was Davies, I would transfer as soon as he is in good standing.

Dietrich, ID

Those who only talk of Christs forgiveness get plenty of that in Protestant churches. And diffrence there? There has to be punishment for sins. If there was no punishment than there would be no need for a law. There are many students wanting to get in to BYU that never get a first chance to get in is it fair when someone breaks the honor code?

There is repentance but you need to be willing to suffer the consequences or there would be no need for a law.

Richfield, UT

Best news i've heard in a long time, Davies is a good guy and deserves another chance. He will be "The Man" for the Cougars next year and with Harrison, Carlino and Winder coming in they could be a very good team for several years to come.

Federal Way, WA

I wonder how many service hours are included in those "conditions"?

Isnt not doing it again along with the other standard BYU qualifications good enough?

Springville, Utah

I am glad that Brandon Davies is going to be back on the BYU basketball team next year. Brandon Davies will be a great help on the basketball court and a great example for not hating BYU for taking him off the team. Go BYU.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

Best wishes to Mr. Davies.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

What story are we going to see in next weeks paper about Davies???

Dwell, Dwell, Dwell.........all is well.....Dwell, Dwell, Dwell

Washington, UT

It just goes to show you Brandon that You should have followed your mentor fellow Provo High Player Tai Wesley to Utah State. If you would have went to Utah State, you would have been coming home from a Mission by now!

Las Vegas, NV

So the underlying message for the youth of the dominant religion of Utah is this: Go ahead and sin, confess the sin, we will drag your name through the mud, publicly humiliate you, and kick you out of school. But in the end, you can come back and play sports in Provo and we will give you a standing ovation. Why would anyone want this type of abuse?

Saint George, UT


Maybe the message should be, get in trouble with the law, be good in football, sign with the u and have the court system downgrade your crime, so you can play. Sound familar.

Most of us wouldn't agree with that, ute, cougar or aggie.

Brandon made his mistake but also owned up to it, learned from it, and is moving on with his life a better person for the courage and integrity he showed. He will be able to help others along the way.

Not too long ago there was a story about Luther Ellis, a great football player from the U. He made some bad mistakes, not the same ones that Brandon did. He was millionare one day and basiccally homeless another day. He has admitted what he did was not the best, some would be too embarrassed to admit should behavior. Not Luther, courage and integrity. Look at what he is doing now, you think he can help these young people with his life story? I do and I believe the same goes for Brandon.

Lets all hope we would have the guts these two showed. Good luck to both the cougar and ute.

salt n' peppa'
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Just throwing this out to the world... If you were in Davies' shoes and the University of Utah offered you a full ride what would you do? Given the situation and recent conference and coaching changes I think Utah would be the better fit for Brandon.

Seattle, Wa

salt ' peppa'

Yeah since there are only 3 players left on the U team, he'd be guaranteed a starting spot...don't be so condescending to assume that everyone wants to play at the U. Not even your own players do.

How Davies handled all of this is admirable. Go Cougs!

Riverton, UT

Troutman: "If you would have went to Utah State..."

If Troutman is an example of the education you get at Utah State, don't do it! Brutal...

Eugene, OR

Jesus said a lot of things worth remembering....particularly at Easter.

One was:
Neither do I condemn you.
Another was:
Go, and sin no more.

Some want to forget both sayings.
Some want to forget just the first.
Some want to forget just the second.
Repentance touches on both.
And is a cause for rejoicing.

Go White, Go Blue.
And Brother Davies, too.

Snowflake, AZ


I don't know where you get the idea that people are worshiping Brandon. I have read every comment and I have heard admiration, but there is a big difference between admiration and worship. Most have made comments about his response to the public scrutiny, not praising his mistake. Ultimately, he and the team would have been better off if he wouldn't have made the mistake. But with that said, he did make the mistake and he responded in a very mature way to a very difficult situation.

In a world where athletes try to lie to hide their mistakes, rationalize, and blame everyone but themselves, Brandon's situation is very refreshing. How many 19 year old young men would publicly admit his mistake and recognize the great support that he has received without making any excuses or blaming anyone else? If you call this worship, then I am worshiping. I am a high school teacher and what I hear is excuses and averting responsibility.

Provo, UT

@bigutefan "...we will drag your name through the mud, publicly humiliate you, and kick you out of school."

LOL, why is it that people are blaming/accusing BYU of humilating Davies? The ONLY thing BYU reported was that Davies had been dismissed from the TEAM (not from school) for a violation of the Honor Code. In no way did they reveal what the violation was...we have the good ol' Salt Lake Tribune (that "newspaper up north") to thank for that.

BYU handled it in exactly the right way and in no way did they betray any confidences. The reason this story has gotten so much play is that in a world where the principles of accountability and moral standards are ridiculed and shoved aside, BYU stuck to its guns and kept to its standards without making any weak concessions to public opinion, something schools like OSU, Oregon, and others are unwilling to do. For BYU, that is to be lauded and commended.

Brandon Davies is a great example of someone who understands, and respects, the Honor Code, and my hat's off to him for working through this tough situation. I wish him all the best.

Provo, UT

@SJ Bobkins "Where is there any biblical scripture advising confession to leaders in place of confessing to Jesus in prayer with a desire to be forgiven and for the Holy Ghost to bring peace?"

Excellent question...why don't we ask the Catholic church? They've been confessing to their leaders for generations.

We don't confess sins to the bishop seeking forgiveness from him. Rather, the bishop helps us along the repentance process. Confession to God and Christ is th integral part of this repentance process and it is from them that we receive forgiveness, not the bishop.

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