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Published: Friday, April 22 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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New York, NY

About time church does it right for the unprotected on this issue.

Murray, UT

Mr. Obama loves to hold meetings and give lectures just like a true law professor and then hurry's off for a round of golf. Does this guy do any real work? This country is starving for someone to lead and solve problems and Mr. Obama just keeps campaigning and going on vacation.

Eugene, OR

I am all for legality.

Let's triple the size of the line coming from Mexico and make everybody, including those already here, go through THAT line....on into the future.

The line is simply not big enough now.

That would be the law. That would be legal. That would be a federal solution.

That would make everybody happy.


Except for the racists and religious bigots among us who just don't like brown and Catholic people......but who love to hide behind obeying, honoring and sustaining the law.

It's not about the law. It's all about the numbers.

When are the members of the threatening "base" of the GOP going to face up to the implications of their opinions.

Jon W.
Murray, UT

In the true spirit of compromise, I offer the following thoughts on amnesty: 1) some politicians want amnesty for illegal aliens because they think those aliens, if they become citizens, will vote for them and their party. 2) Other politicians don't want amnesty for illegal aliens because they are afraid that those aliens, if they become citizens, will vote for their opponents and the other party.

Therefore, the compromise is this: make those illegal aliens who have established an otherwise law-abiding life in the US permanent legal residents, upon the payment of a fine, but remove forever the possibility of them becoming US citizens with voting rights.

PS - what happened to the practice of putting a party designation by the name and state of a member of Congress?

Kearns, UT

I can see where Obama would embrace this with open arms. He does believe in change and we all know that. He wants to change to the United States into One World Rule. I think that the Utah Government is very comfortable with Obama's vision.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Jon W

That's why I support the Utah Compact. It is not amnesty, because they are not made citizens, they are just given the legal ability to work here. That means they cannot vote.

If they want that privilege and will respect it, they have to become citizens.

I have been saddened to see the lack of support to a collection of bills that has enforcement, immigration reform, opportunity, and a few punches to the boys in Washington.

I know someone who was legally adopted from another country and has lived here all his life since he was an infant. He has participated in everything American, including the boy scouts. But the US of A will not grant him citizenship!!! If that's due to the 'tough' laws that all of you are in favor of (which it is), then no wonder people immigrate here illegally. It can basically be impossible to become a citizen for many who are already nationals. Why would someone who isn't a national even try?


When someone chooses to come here illegally for a job, allowing them to stay and work is amnesty. That's what HB116 does. American workers are not going to sit by and let each state give away their jobs.

It's not fair to our citizens and those in other countries waiting to come here legally. It's failing to enforce consequences on those who put their family in danger, and are bad neighbors to others by breaking their laws.

Clinton King (Ephraim)
Ephraim, UT

The current federal laws regarding immigration are idiotic.

Williams, AZ

I believe that it is high time the laws are enforce. Stop giving away all the free medical, food, and schooling to the people that are here illegal, and send them home packing. I know that it will break families up, but they are the ones who came here illegally ore married some one who was here illegally. What the problem, I am for one is tired of seeing tax dollars being spent on the illegals, let start spending it on people that are here in this country that needs the help and not on the illegals.

Salt Lake City, UT

HB 469 throws out over 100 years of US case law about immigration, creates a way for Utahns to sponsor people from around the world, providing the immigrants are not in the US illegally.

The Constitution of the United States grants authority to the federal government to regulate foreign commerce and to adopt a uniform rule of naturalization. [Citizenship not Immigration]

HB 469 claims that there is NOTHING in the US Constitution that grants the Federal Government power over Immigration and prior Case Law starting 100 years ago, the States had that Power.

It tells the Federal Government to protect our borders, create rules for granting citizenship, but as the State of Utah, we can take care of immigration, thank you very much.

The sponsoring principle of HB 469 provides a limiting factor of how fast immigrants can come, makes sure they do not place a larger burden than we can handle, and is more like co-signing a friend's car loan. It is the truly unique piece of the puzzle. With it, you don't need HB 116. Someone here illegally could find a sponsor, go home and come back with permission.


It may appeal to those who want a quick fix, but HB 116 will not work. Current visa law requires a person here be hired for a job an American is not available to do. And does not depress wages in that field of work. Because of that stipulation, many of those who apply will not be able to retain their current job. To do so would violate immigration and labor laws. This was poorly planned out.

A misguided attempt to show compassion that will create a bigger mess. Our country can't employ 15-20 million citizens right now.

HB 469 will never happen, sponsorship is limited to families to stop people from exploiting people from other countries.

Let's encourage compassion from all sides, ask those here illegally to love thy neighbor and return home, so they may come back at a later time in a legal fashion. And the business owner needs to love they neighbor by not breaking laws to fatten his wallet. I would like to see a 3 month moratorium for people to return home, without the 10 year return penalty.

Provo, Ut

The recommendation that we triple the amount of individuals from our southern border that are allowed to legally come in the US doesn't make sense. Individuals that are not even fluent in their own language, have almost no job skills and register for food stamps the first day they arrive are not what we need going forward.

If we flood our country with individuals with less then a third grade education and immense drain on tax dollars. We move downward towards a third world country quickly.

I vote for documented work needed jobs and allowing legal workers in the country but no citizenship. Workers only and not their families, that is the only way we can stop pouring our tax dollars out to support them.

Salt Lake City, UT

Herbert's characterization of U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith letter to the Attorney General as "throwing rocks at Utah" is disingenuous at best. HB116 is dishonest, illegal, unconstitutional, and corrupt at the core as its real purpose is to serve special interests, contrary to the will and interests of the people.

Wets Valley City, UT

How about putting a personal face to identity theft?

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