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Published: Thursday, April 21 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Richfield, UT

Steals don't make you a great defensive player.

Williams will be a 3 in the NBA, he shoots well enough from outside and is plenty quick also can dominate inside as a bonus. Ten times better than Jones.

Biyombo is listed at 6'9" but the word is he's 6'7". 4 point and 5 rebound average is not a lottery pick, and the word is he is 2-3 years away from NBA ready.

Logan, Utah

Draft Jimmer then trade him, Bell and Okur for Wesly Mathews! Also move Millsap to the 3, then have this line up:

PG: Harris, Watson, Price
SG: Hayward, Mathews, Miles
SF: Millsap, A.K.
PF: Favors, Evans
C: Jefferson, Fez

Maybe pick up another big man or two, like Tai Wesly.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Time will tell whether Williams will be able to play the 3, he has shown he can at times but so has Milsap and Paul has proven himself at the pro level. I'm not that sold on Williams. TJones is very skilled, he was a point guard as a freshman and it shows if you watch how he handles the ball. I don't know how good he will be as a pro but I like his skill level. He is more of a natural 3. He is 6'9, long, athletic, with a good body.
Biyombo is 6'7&3/4 barefoot, 6'9 in shoes, he has a 7'7 wingspan, he too has alot to prove but it is his defense, blockshots, rebounding and hustle/aggressiveness that are impressive. He has a chiseled body, weighs 243lbs, he's smart, watch him and read about him on DraftExpress.com. , the Jazz need a defensive minded, shotblocking, rebounding center and Biyombo fits the bill. If the Jazz did look to draft Biyombo, they would need to look to trade Milsap.
Favors & Big Al as starters with Biyombo coming off the bench, better defensive team,stillplentyofoffense.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Ty will never play in the NBA, he isn't athletic enough and he is too short to play PF, considering he's not athletic. Charles Barley he's not.
He could play overseas, time will tell. Hope he does, if it is something he wants to do. Makeli did for a while but Makeli was bigger and more skilled.

Houston, TX

KOC found Mathews and he can find another one. Favors is not a project. He is a starting quality NBA PF and getting better. I would rather have Favors than Boozer.

I just watched OKC. Perkins was not impressive at all. However, he was very impressive while playing with the Cs. Next year after he adjusts to OKC he will be impressive. Give AJ, Harris and Favors a year of playing together and see what you have.

Boozer is not doing that well in CHI. He is no longer the focal point of the offense. Based on WP48 Boozer (.172) is not much better than his back up (Taj Gibson .121), AJ (.143), Millsap (.146) and Favors (.123) (who is a rookie just getting started with a new team).

Korver and Brewer are doing really well. That is because the coach is utilizing them a lot more effectively than Sloan ever did.

The trades that KOC made will work out IF (and only IF) he gets enough outside shooting. All night DEN left Ibaka open so they could double down. Ibaka made them pay.

The Jazz can't shoot outside and their offense dies from paint pack.

Tokyo, Japan


it wont be that long before we are back in the playoffs...id say...2 years...


Portland wont trade wesley back...they just got him...and they wont agree with the trade...better forget about him and move on...and try to swing for a different guy...like Tony Allen...Tony Allen can shoot and defend...and he is a great lockdown defender at the 2...

@Captain L

i know Biyombo has a 7'7 wingspan...but aren't we tired of having undersized C?....if Biyombo turns out to be somewhat like Ben Wallace at his prime...then i'll grab him...im not sold on a player who got hot on just one game...i'd watch him on the workouts...before i rate him...


i agree with you that Kendrick isnt playing at a top level right now...but every player...respects his interior D...even though it doesnt show on the stats...people would second guess when they go in the lane...and notice he is there...i think that is what is lacking on our Team...

Captain L
Provo, UT

Kakashi: I agree, we can't get excited like he is a sure deal, it would be nice if there were some ligit centers in the draft but I don't see any. Biyombo may be the best, especially when it comes to being a defensive minded, shotblocking, rebounding force. He may only be 6'9 but his length makes him as long or longer than most 7 footers. Plus he is chiseled, 243 lbs, young, and the thing I like most is how hard he plays. Getting a player that plays with tremendous intensity is a Hugh plus. That reminds me of a Mathews kind of a player and with his size & length that would be very good. The biggest weakness last years Jazz had was defense and rebounding.
I like TJones as the best 3 on the board, I was higher on Vesely but watched him and he's not assertive enough on offense. He is long and athletic and skilled though.
Point guards wise, I like Jimmer and Knight.
The workouts for these players can't get started soon enough for me. It will be interesting to hear how they do.

Richfield, UT

@Captain L

Are you sure were watching the same Vesely? He seems highly aggressive on offense and could be a very good defensive player with great quickness and lateral movement for 6'11" and he is very close to NBA ready at the 3.

While Biyombo is long and athletic and looks good on his highlights most NBA scouts say he is 2-3 years away from being NBA ready and I seriously doubt he will play center in the NBA and Favors is a lock to get most of the minutes at the 4 spot.

If your looking for a true center that's a project how about the kid (Lucas Nogueira) from Brazil that just declared, a true 7 footer with 7'6" wingspan and a killer shot blocker.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Shaybo: I have liked Vesely and been on his bandwagon, hoping the Jazz would pick him up and I still like him, he has the perfect size & length to give us a 3 that can match up with the Durrants, Melo's, James' of the league. I just watched his recent championship game and he was 4 for 6, 8 pts, which was efficient but he wasn't assertive on offense. I've watched his highlights and love what I've seen, maybe this one game I just watched was not the norm but I think he only averages 10._ something per game. I'd like to see him at least in the high teens. He seems to play smart and good team ball. I would be happy if the Jazz drafted Vesely, I know they will do their homework.

Tokyo, Japan

@Captain L

maybe it was an off game on that championship game...like i said...you cant judge a player with one game...i think you have to at least...watch a players last 5-10 games...to have any sort of consistency to what he is capable of...


that lucas nogueira is interesting does he have a lot of vids on the net?

Lehi, UT

Burks with the 6th pick, he is a Wes Mathews type shooting guard but taller at 6'6 considered the best shooting guard in the draft. Jimmer with the 12th pick gives us a solid back up point guard and three point shooting we must have to help open the paint. Hopefully we can sign AK to the Veteran minimum and make a push for a free agent or two like Dalembert to play some garbage minutes for the big guys. Maybe find a team willing to take Memo's contract and Bells contract for a young veteran shooting guard? Maybe we keep Memo and play him, who knows?

Tokyo, Japan

I heard the guy shaybo suggested...Lucas Nogueira...is a monster defender...the problem is i think he is too young...but having someone patrol the paint with that aggressivess is something nice to have...

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