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Published: Thursday, April 21 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Saratoga Springs, UT

The best thing that could of happened to the Jazz, was having Jerry step down when he did. Now Corbin is not starting a new season without experiance. Go Jazz. And draft well

Houston, TX

For this last year the raw WP48 scores for the Jazz were as follows

AK .17
Millsap .15
AJ .14
Favors .12
Watson .08
Hayward .04
Harris .04
CJ .03

The rest were negative, 10 day contracts or Evans with few minutes.
That is a team WP48 score of 78 (move the decimal) for the players who played most of the minutes.

WP48 is effected by how well the team is working together and also by individual performance.

Assuming that the team functions better next year I would suggest the following.

AK (or replacement) near .20 (usually is)
AJ > .20 (recent play)
Millsap > .20 (previous)
Favors > .20 (improved play)
Hayward .10-.15 "
Harris about .10-.15 (past sometimes .15+)
Watson .10
CJ .05-.10 (past)

That puts the Jazz in the 120-130 range on team WP48 for the 8 players with the most minutes. That is similar to most of the better playoff teams.

This assumes that the offense runs properly, the defense improves, and Harris/CJ improve shooting percentage.

If negative players are replaced with positive ones things really improve (lousy bench).

There is hope for the Jazz next year with 2 decent draft picks.

Farmingtown, IL

Hmmm... All I read was KOC making excuses for giving an unproven assistant coach a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract.

Let's not forget Corbin lost AT HOME to the worst teams in the NBA. It was only in the last 5 games that the young guys actually got playing time. The starting line-up had no consistency under Corbin. I can't recall a current or former Jazz player praising Corbin's coaching as an assistant. (Contrast that with Thibodeau when he was with Boston.)

I'm not sure what some Jazz fans see in Corbin. Sure he seems like a nice guy, but a great basketball mind... I guess we'll see.

Hopefully the Jazz bring in Jeff Van Gundy as an assistant, just in case Corbin continues his losing ways.

Farmingtown, IL


I would like to see an article that compared Corbin to other NBA rookie coaches rather than a fluff piece on Corbin. Sure Corbin was promoted in a difficult situation, but contrast him with Frank Vogel in Indiana or Monty Williams in New Orleans.

I'd say both of those coaches have done more with less talent than Corbin.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I think the Jazz are doing very well within what their limitations are. I think this will be a very competitive team next year and they will be a top 3 Western team within 2-3 years.
I agree it would be nice to have Matthews now but the jazz don't have a billionaire owner to cover mistakes with money. Portland now has Brandon Roy with a suffocating contract they will not be able to dump. Portland will implode again and the Jazz will be back on top.

Los Angeles, CA


Can you provide WP48 numbers for the last month of the season (after DWill left)? Is it possible to get the stats of that month of how players played together (combinations of AJ, Sap, Hayward, Harris and Favors)?

Otherwise, the full season numbers (or even the past couple of seasons) might not mean a whole lot as playing with DWill could have been a big factor.

I see the potential of some of these guys and the possibility of clawing back into playoff contention, but if I am honest with myself I see a lot of lottery teams with a few good players (the Nets had Lopez, Harris and Morrow and couldn't win, and Clippers had better players than Jazz do now and didn't make playoffs). Choosing twice in the lottery of the worst draft in over a decade does not help the situation. While cautiously optimistic, we might have to admit that we are in for a bumpy ride the next few years.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

"Jazz players say future looks bright with Corbin"

Uh, a few things.

1. The players are trying to suck up to Corbin to get positions and playing time for next season.

2. You have to be a bit worried with players promoting Corbin. There were a few concerns I saw that Corbin was trying to be a "players coach" which is code for "undisciplined" and "player freedom". That would be the kiss of death and a guaranteed losing strategy. Phil Jackson, Popvich are respected but I don't think the players would say they like everything they make them do but it works. That is the approach we need.

3. Forgive me but an 8-20 coaching record should not be ignored. I'm not sure anyone based in reality can be so quick to say the future is bright when
Corbin can't beat THE WORST road team in the NBA on your own home court. Clearly Corbing struggled to motivate the players or have a proper system in place to win against a BAD team.

CJ jacking up bad shots all game long against Portland playing exactly zero defense and yet Corbin leaves him out there?

Bright future?

Salt Lake City, UT

Corbin did lose the NOH game, but Ronnie Price lost the Washington game.

Jeff Van Gundy would never go to a small market rebuilding team, esp not as an assistant.

Richfield, UT

@I Will Be Till I Die: The Jazz need outside shooters, Leonard is not that, Jones looked terrible in the NCAA's, Biyombo has zero offensive skills except dunks.

I think they should trade down to get Derrek Williams even if it means Milsap and the #12 pick to do it. If not take Jan Veseley with the #6 pick, he is extremely quick and athletic for 6'11 and can slash and shoot. Knight or Fredette with the #12.

Captain L
Provo, UT

The Jazz do need outside shooters but they need Defense and rebounding even more. That being said, I really like how this Biyombo looks, read about him. He doesn't have alot of offense but what he brings defensively changes the game, and is what the Jazz need. Then trade Milsap and get the 3 we need, that can shoot, someone like Granger. I like the idea of drafting Jimmer, and it is not because he's our boy, it is because of what he can bring to the game. Defensively he is a question but I think he'll do OK there and his offense is what the Jazz need. He's not just a good shooter, he can put the ball on the floor and create.
If the Jazz don't like Biyombo, then I like TJones, I have been on the Vesely bandwagon for over a year but today I watched him and he's not assertive enough, I like his size, skills, length, motor but he's only averaging 10+ points per game.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I'm not that high on Williams, to me he is a smaller(or about the same size) Milsap and unproven, at least Paul has proven himself. Even when I suggest the Jazz consider trading Milsap, I realize that could be a mistake, he brings alot to the game but he is short & undersized and gets taken advantage of by bigger, longer 4's. Paul probably is at his peak, value wise though and we may be able to get the most possible for him now. We do need a good shooting 3, especially with AK possibly moving on & getting older. We need a point guard for the future, Harris may be OK for a few years but a young point guard would be a good pick up and I think Jimmer could fill that spot. I think he is being under valued because he hasn't shown he can play D, time will tell but I think he can play D and will prove it given the chance.

Houston, TX

@ LA Fan Your point is very well taken. It can be done but it would take me a lot of work. First the data from each game would have to be found and then summed for each player. Then the raw WP48s would have to be computed using the formula.

I can tell you that AJs WP48 was thru the roof and much higher than .20 and probably >.30. Harris was erratic but hurt. Favors consistently improved. Hayward improved a lot. CJ dropped but was up and down.

AK, Millsap and Watson have been pretty consistent all year.

Except for the outside shooting and weak rebounding the talent is there IF the team starts working together like they should.

In my opinion MOST of the current problems are in the lack of outside shooting and in the newness of Harris (and perhaps his style). The defense also has to be redesigned. The Jazz defensive approach has NOT served them well for a few years. That D may have been developed for Boozer/Okur? But it is a bad defense that makes the Jazz vulnerable to 3s (especially in the corner). Sloan was not worried about corner 3s.

Richfield, UT

@Captain L: I agree with most of what you say but Biyombo averaged 4 points and 5 rebounds and a lot of the mock drafts don't even have him going in the first two rounds.

As for Jimmer and defense, the consensus 3 best guards in the NBA, Dwill, CPaul and Rose all play very little D. Actually haven't been to impressed with Harris's either.

I think what the Jazz need most is someone who is feared from outside and can spread the defense and in this draft that is Fredette.

Can't ignore Williams 65% 3 point shooting especially from someone so explosive inside.

Houston, TX

@LAJazzFan Your bumpy ride assumption is justified if the Jazz do not add outside shooting. The Jazz imploded when DWill hurt his wrist and Raja's shot went South. CJ tried to carry the load and could not consistently.

The Jazz offense CHOKED on Sloan's bias against outside shooting. The team NEVER had enough from the start of the year. That is also KOC and Miller's fault for not putting the shooting onto the team. IF the Jazz had as much outside shooting as last year they would be in the play offs.

Opponents knew all they had to do is choke off the Jazz inside game by packing the paint. The Jazz could not force it open. The offensive efficiency disappeared as the TO's went up and the shooting percentages went down.

Williams is not better than Millsap. Don't trade Millsap. Vesely, Jones and Knight are good picks. Jimmer should be as good as D Fisher.

Biyombo would replace Fes.

The Jazz are going to get better with the 2 picks. The Jazz could trade down and get Singleton (SF). There are NO great SGs high in the top 20.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Watch Biyombo on YouTube, Nike Hoops Summit Highlights. Or find him on one of the Mock draft sites and they have it there to click on.

Houston, TX

Right now in Draft Express's Mock draft the Jazz could choose among Biyombo, Kanter, Vesely and Jones with the 6th pick and Burks, Hamilton and Jimmer with the 12th.

They have Knight going 5th at the moment.

All of those players have a reasonable chance of starting in the NBA within 3 years. Kanter, Vesely, and Jones probably could help this year. Jimmer could in special situations as a paint unpacker.

The Jazz could trade down and get someone like Clay Thompson (SG/SF) or Honeycutt (SF).

I do not like Kemba based on shooting efficiency nor Leonard base on lack of offense.

It really makes NO sense to draft another undersized PF. The Jazz already have Millsap and half the board want to trade him away. Why replace Millsap with a rookie clone? Millsap is already an established player. You know what you have in Millsap and every other undersized PF is not going to be better including Williams who some want to trade up for.

Tokyo, Japan

Trade Harris for Hinrich and a draft pick....i dont think we need a scoring PG...we need someone who would defend the position...i think Dalembert is a free agent...im not sure...if we couldnt get a defensive C....get Dalembert...then for the draft....draft a SF and a combo guard (Jimmer?)...we still have another draft pick next year...but its a 7thpick protected...

Farmingtown, IL

The problem with all this draft speculation is that Jazz fans have no idea what type of system Corbin will run next year.

Is he going to stay with the Motta(sloan) System? If so, then the Jazz need a big PG that can set screens and make great entry passes. They would also need a 2/3 that can run the baseline and curl off screens while making a high percentage of jump shots.

If Corbin is moving to more of a triangle/2 post players with Favors/Big Al, then the Jazz need shooters/scorers like Jimmer/Kemba/Williams.

Otherwise the Jazz should continue to follow the Spurs model of success. Draft international players that you can 'store' for a year or three.

Jazz fans shouldn't put so much weight on this year's draft. There are some good free agents available and next year's draft is very promising.

The problem remains that we, as Jazz fans, have no idea what offensive system the Jazz will run and if Corbin can develop young talent or if he is best suited to coach veterans.

Orem, UT

Jazz in for a long drought in the playoffs. GET RID OF KOC. All we are doing is watching xjazz player in the playoffs (Port & Chi) that we didn't get resigned last summer and sending a all star to NJ for a ok point guard, not any better than what we had as backups to DWill and another 19 yr old project that might turn into a star, but will look for $$$ else where when his contract runs out. Getting a Hall of Fame coach to retire. Larry is rolling over in his grave watching what management is doing with his team!!

Ogden, UT

Did you really just say that CPAUL has bad D! I'm just going off the top of my head but he's been in the top 5 in steals for the last couple of years. Correct me if I'm wrong. The thing with CPAUL is nobody really knew he could play that great of defence and now you see him stealing the ball from Kobe in the playoff. Draft Jimmer, I admit it's a risk, but a risk worth taking.

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