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Published: Thursday, April 21 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Captain L
Provo, UT

I think Ty will do a good job, he needs time to evaluate things and he will need time to see how some of his players respond and how they come back to camp. He has alot of young players and players who may be asked to play different roles and he will need to see how they respond to what he wants them to do. Ty has shown the ability to adjust and try different lineups etc and it will be interesting to see how he comes out this fall and what things he tries to implement.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Considering the hand he was dealt, give Ty an B+ for the partial season. The teams main MO was not to crack under the unique and unusual circumstances the season brought. They bent a bit, but inevitably never broke. That takes leadership and dedication at every level. Since the team is heavily "re-tooling" Ty needs at least two full seasons to demonstrate his full repetoire as a coach (and no, a lockout shortened season does not count as a full season). Let's hope KOC has some good draft/free agent tricks up his sleeve to give Ty some more ammo to shoot with.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think this article is spot on. The team Corbin was coaching wasn't the same team that started the season. Over the last 5 games he was able to win with a team that benefited more from losing, that aint easy. He never once had a full roster at his disposal.

I don't think he did a great job as head coach this year but he did a respectable job. Next season when he has a chance to put in place and run his own system we'll find out for sure what he is made of.

Tokyo, Japan

to be honest...every coach has a rough start...even the great Jerry Sloan...so this is why im willing to give the next two years to prove his worth...im hoping he'll surprise us next season...by getting us the the WCF...we do have at least an 8th pick on next year's draft...

Murray, UT

This article is a nice time to remember the significance of that win in LA.

1) LA was trying REALLY hard to get that 2 spot
2) Jazz had a ton of injuries (I believe 9 players dressed, no Fes)
3) Jazz haven't won LA at LA for a loooong time
4) Hayward and Favors showed a combo pick-n-roll that marked the future potential of the Jazz.
5) Both the rooks had career nights. Hayward could actually keep up with Kobe. Favors matched up well against any of the LA bigs. This is huge for the future of the Jazz.
6) Hayward showed big-time leadership and composure down that 4th quarter stretch and it makes me think he'll be a great closer for this team.

Ofcourse, LA had an off-night. But part of that can be attributed to the Jazz's defense.
Anyways, I know its putting more icing on the cake, but its nights like those where I believe Corbin will do great for the Jazz.

Temecula, CA

I agree, give the man two years to see how he can lead/help transform this team. Hopefully, with a PG like Harris and maybe drafting someone like Kemba, Corbin will change the offense a bit, allow it to evolve in a less predictable way. The Jazz players are lucky they got a level-headed coach who, like Coach Sloan, played many years in the league. Just wishing KOC some luck in the lottery, now. Go Jazz.

Ogden, UT

Ty Corbin will bring the Jazz an NBA Championship, and he'll do it in five or less years.

Roosevelt, UT

only bad mark against Ty was his choosing Hornacek to be a full time coach. Sloan had been around Hornacek for years yet had not chosen him to coach full time. There is a reason for that and it seems to be that Hornacek cannot coach.

Hopefully this was Ty's inexperience but Hornacek was the Jazz shooting coach and the JAzz shoot worse than 80% of the teams in the league.

To come through a rugged part of the season and have his team still intact says volumes about his ability to communicate with his team.

Good luck Ty.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Doug, Hornie was unwilling to coach full-time while his kids were young.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

The Jazz' "bright future" led Portland to a win against Dallas last night.

Dr Truth
SLC, ut

I'm hoping Corbin installs a new defensive philosophy that guards the 3 point line better. The Jazz need to stop pushing people to the middle of the floor, and push them baseline. And most of all the Jazz need to stop fouling everyone, it's bad enough that the Jazz give up 3 points outside and then they compound the problem by giving up 3 point plays inside as well.

@ Doug, Jerry never had any openings on his coaching staff. The fact that they let Hornie hang around as a shooting coach should tell you something. I guess Hornie's work with Hayward this season doesn't count??

My guess is Layden would be the weakest link as far as coaching goes, however, it helps having him around for evaluating talent. I'm excited to see what kind of players the Jazz will draft and or trade for with Jerry gone....

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Doug10: There were no vacancies on the coaching staff for Hornacek. The Jazz were already carrying three assistants: Johnson, Corbin and Layden. Jerry did bring Hornacek in as a shooting coach, but Jeff also didn't want to commit full time due to family priorities I believe.

Ogden, UT

The biggest thing that Ty needs is an attitude. He needs to believe that he can win 82 games next season, and get his players to believe that as well. After they start to believe, they will then be able to put the work in that would get them a championship. Dream BIG and work hard.

Lehi, UT

The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades!


Saint Louis, MO

I happen to like Corbin for his DePaul connections. Wasn't his son Mr. Basketball? This means that he is a "family guy". He appears to have all of the tools. However, his players are "another story". Right now, there is a great deal of sycophanting (snuggling up to the coach). Some deep changes need to be made. There is a lot of "dead wood" not only on the bench but on the floor. Right now, Favors at 19 is the "real deal". They need to build around him. They need to evaluate Tomic. They need to evaluate the draft and their two high picks. If they can get Kanter, they need to trade up from 12 to go with their 6. The story now is that Kanter's dad wants him back in school and will sue the NCAA (with Calipari's blessing) to get him back there.

Hamilton, MT

Corbin was put into a very difficult position and did an admirable job. I was getting sick and tired of people bashing Corbin and wishing Sloan was back. People completely forgot that the Jazz lost 10 out of 14 games before Sloan walked out. Sloan lost the passion to coach and therefore lost his team. Thankfully, he recognized it and called it quits. He was done and I am glad he walked out when he did.

Corbin and the Jazz were able to give us a glimpse into the future. Jazz fans are excited again and I think this slight rebuilding process needed to happen so that the Jazz can make the next step towards a real run at a championship. 45-50 win seasons and early playoff exits leave the Jazz with low draft picks making it nearly impossible to land that special super star player who can help bring the championship home. This is the first time I can ever remember a team with 50 win talent getting 2 lottery picks. I have never been more excited about Jazz basketball.

I think yarrlydarb is right, Corbin will bring a championship in less than 5 years.

Las Vegas, NM

We will see....I think though after watching Mathews score 25 for Portland...How about Ty stays and KOC goes immediately?

Houston, TX

What Corbin really needs is some more talent to work with. The Jazz will never be any good until they get enough shooting to open up the inside and spread the floor so AJ, Favors and Millap have room to work.

The Jazz shoot poorly because Sloan did not like jumps shots and complained about jump shots vs going inside. Going in to pack paint did not and can not work so the team would revert to jump shots. However, most of the players were not good jump shooter.

I expect KOC and Corbin to fix that problem. The Jazz do not need to try to become ORL but they do need more outside shooting to get their offense to work.

The Sloan defense needs to be replaced badly. It is a very poorly designed defense that begs teams to shoot 3s. When they shoot and hit 3s that opens up the middle and exposes the slow weak interior Jazz defense. The Jazz defense is a mess.

Farmingtown, IL

Nice work on the one-sided article Jody.

Is it any wonder that KOC lists all the excuses he did to cover the fact he gave an assistant coach a multi-year deal before they even knew what they were getting into with Corbin?

For all the pro-Corbin supporters I'd love to hear one coaching decision or adjustment that Corbin made in his 30 games that inspires your confidence? You really saw a silver lining as the Jazz lost to some of the worst teams in the NBA on their HOME COURT??

I think Corbin may be a great a assistant coach, but his carousal starting line-up, inability to make defensive adjustments, offensive ineptitude, and unwillingness to play the rookies (minus the last 3 games) lead me to believe that he is trying his best to copycat Sloan/Johnson and has little coaching ability.

I also can't recall hearing one Jazz player over the years praise Corbin's work as an assistant. Compare that to Tom Thibodeau who was constantly lauded by the all-stars in Boston.

I hope the Jazz reach out to Jeff Van Gundy to fill their asst. coaching vacancy.

I Will Be Till I Die
Holladay, UT

JBQ: Rather than add ANOTHER 6-10 forward to our roster with Kanter, if the Jazz brass want to go big, I'd go with Biyombo from Congo. Yes, he's 6-9 too, but he has a freakish 7-7" wingspan, and we wouldn't have to trade up to get him. If they can trade up, I would pick Williams from Arizona over Kanter.

If they stay at 6, I hope they go after a backup PG (Knight from Kentucky, Walker from UConn), then take a wing player at 12 (Leonard from SDSU or Jones from Kentucky).

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