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Published: Wednesday, April 20 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

So many silly comments.

The word "Marriage" is that word created in the English language to signify a specific type of relationship between a man and a woman, and conveys certain expectations of those two people supporting each other through life.

It does not mean anything else. It doesn't mean a relationship between a pig and a duck. It does not mean a relationship between a horse and a moose. It doesn't mean a relationship between a man and another man. It doesn't mean a relationship between a woman and another woman. It is a simple matter of definition.

The LGBT community wants to change the definition of this word. And they do it through telling people who want it to continue to mean the same thing that they are "hateful" or "bigoted." What is hateful about believing that a word has a certain meaning?

Just Truth
Saratoga Springs, UT

Exactly! Marriage is being attacked. Gays don't want what marriage really is, they want to change it to fit them. Unwittingly or divisively, this directly affects natural families and their rights.

I don't care if Gays have unions, but to accept the lie that those unions are comparable to the union between man and woman (the basic unit set up where all children should have a right to be born into and raised up in), is damaging to families and societies. This article very well points out directly some causes and effects of accepting the selfish view of Gays, to the detriment of upholding better familial practices for society as a whole.

Salt Lake, UT

Dear Mrs. Maggie Gallagher,
You say unstable families are contributing to high crime and other social ills and yet you criticize Europe for it's small family size when it has fewer of the very social ills (such as crime) you insist 'strong' families prevent. I have lived in an western european country and while they do have smaller families I can also say they put their families above anything else in their life. I also fail to see how falling populations is a tragedy-I think in a world with limited resources that is probably beneficial and I think it's better for society that those who are uninterested in child-rearing not feel compelled to do so.
As for same-sex marriage I see no reason why it should have any less legitimacy than adoption. Yes, it is ideal when the father and mother can raise their biological child but we don't live in an ideal world-a world where not all children can stay with their biological parents and not all parents have the innate heterosexual attraction that would make that union a happy one.

Kearns, UT

What comes across as hateful is comparing my feelings--something that is an innate part of me--to that of a pig, duck, horse, or moose.

Sank You, Doctor
Salt Lake City, UT

Uncle Charles: "No logically thinking individual can say with a straight face that homosexuality is nothing more than a chosen behavior."

Are you calling the LDS church ill-logical? They admit that same sex attraction (homosexuality) is not chosen. Do you want to stick with that line or are you willing to learn (like the LDS church did that there are those who did not choose this attraction?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I dont get why gays insist on shouting to the world about their sexual preferences?

If someone finds out I am a heterosexual it is because they find out, not because I'm insisting they know I like women.


It is often easy to spot a gay, such as the ones who wear tight pink shorts and britney spears tank tops at my gym.

Why? Because they want to make sure everyone knows they are gay.

Not a single person at the gym has even worn a "I like women" shirt to make sur everyone knows they are straight.

For some reason they gays want to shove their gayness in everyones face.

I'm not saying I hide my sexuality. For example, I will hold my girlfriend's hand in public.

However, I do this because I want to hold my girlfriends hand, NOT because I want everyone to know I am straight.

Why do the gays insist on everyone knowing immediatley just by looking at them that they are gay?

American Fork, UT

Maybe "marriage" can exist with several associated adjectives: "traditional marriage," "gay marriage," and "plural marriage." Would that be some sort of compromise here?

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

michaelitos: ". Homosexual marriage is a huge socio-political-cultural change that affects society as a whole."

Support your statement. Show me how much Massachusetts has changed since they adopted gay marriage in 2004. Point out how a member of the LDS church - or any church has had their beliefs changed, has had such a cultural change that it compromises their integrity or makes them question their own marriages and the sanctity of the vows that they took. Can you show me one couple that has decided not to marry because gays can also marry?

Show me proof or all you are spewing is fear without any truth to it.

Spotswood, NJ


I don't know if you are LDS, but the 11th article of faith states:

"We claim the priviledge of worshipping the Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience. We allow all men that same priviledge; let them worship how, where, or what they may."

Our personal beliefs on what makes a sin a sin should not be part of this argument, because not everyone shares these beliefs. The church itself, according to the above AOF, states that we allow all people to believe whatever they want. What, then, gives us the right to dictate who is allowed to marry who, just based on what we believe to be sinful?

Sank You, Doctor
Salt Lake City, UT

sjgf | 9:55 a.m. April 21, 2011
South Jordan, UT
So many silly comments.

The word "Marriage" is that word created in the English language to signify a specific type of relationship between a man and a woman, and conveys certain expectations of those two people supporting each other through life.


Is that what the marriage of two companies means? I didn't realize... Or how about the marriage of a good wine and cheese? All these phrases are used within the English language to signify the uniting of two entities.

And why shouldn't gays marry? They two are asking the state to recognize their expectations of supporting each other through life. They are asking the state to grant them the same leagl status that any other couple of Aerican citizens are presented with when they receive their marriage certificate.

Is it that you think they are not good enough or righteous enough to have the same privileges and benefits that you enjoy? What is your legal reason for denying them the same citizenship that you enjoy?

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

You know what makes me sick. I'll tell ya'll what makes me sick. It's stuff like this. Like it or not Utah, this is my view. Let's start now with Michael De Groote, Deseret News - title - "Gay marriage and reshaping society." OK PEOPLE, "Wake up America". Why are we "American's living in a Country "without any laws" all around anarchists"?. What's Congress and State law makers doing to cause this?. Even these Anarchists in central Russia were either imprisoned, driven underground or joined the victorious Bolsheviks, the anarchists from Petrograd and Moscow fled to the Ukraine. Who in OUR GOVERNMENT is putting a stranglehold on political freedoms we always known?. Are ya'll tired yet of these person's who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power, who believes in, advocates, or promotes anarchism or anarchy, especially one who uses violent means to overthrow the established order of The United States of America?. Do you want to give up YOUR Holy Bible for the Anarchist Cookbook?. How about The Book Of Mormon also, seeing Utah is the Mormon State?. It's time to "WAKE UP AMERICA", and, do something about it.

Zack Tacorin
Salt Lake City, UT

sjgf at 9:55 a.m. April 21, 2011 said,
"The word "Marriage" is that word created in the English language to signify a specific type of relationship between a man and a woman, and conveys certain expectations of those two people supporting each other through life."

By this same criteria I think we would have to condemn our Mormon forefathers for their practice of polygamy. For most of the nation (in the 1800s or now), the word "marriage" is not defined in terms of multiple spouses at a time for one person. Any time we try to argue the definition or original purpose of "marriage", we argue against the eternal doctrine established in Doctrine and Covenants 132.

In addition, you seem to have an unstated major premise, that a definition (in this case the definition of "marriage") may not change. Why not? What prevents society from changing the definition of a word? I'm reminded that the word "gay" did not even connote the idea of homosexuality. Now it seems homosexuality is the first thing thought of with the word "gay".

By the way, refering to comments as "silly" is an ad hominem attack.

Huntsville, UT

Chris B | 10:21 a.m. April 21, 2011
"I'm not saying I hide my sexuality. For example, I will hold my girlfriend's hand in public.

However, I do this because I want to hold my girlfriends hand, NOT because I want everyone to know I am straight."
Whatever makes you think that if I hold my partner's hand in public it is because I want everyont to know that I'm gay and that I'm not doing it just because I want to hold his hand?

It seems that it's okay for you because it's what you "want" to do, but if I "want" to do it, I'm shoving my gayness in your face.

That, my friend, is called hypocrisy.

Colorado Springs, CO

@Zack Tacorin: Stop with being logical; it will only bring on more illogical comments, lol! Have you read these posts? For instance, "gays want the world to know they are gay, and wear pink shorts to the gym," paraphrasing, of course. I personally am friends with many gays who are the exact opposite of what that particular poster has said. Would you most likely know they are gay? Yes. Do they kiss and hug and make a scene? No. Blanket statements are hilarious. I'll bet the poster has even had contact or been friends with someone who is gay and not even known it.

Bountiful, UT

"If you want to know how same-sex marriage is going to affect traditional believers, mainstream Christians and other faith communities, ask yourself how do we treat racists who are opposed to interracial marriage in the public square."

It won't matter if the laws are changed or not Mrs. Gallagher, I already view people like you the same way I view racists and other participants in harmful discrimination. The laws aren't what changed the way racists are viewed, rather the way racists are viewed is what changed the laws. We are seeing a similar change happening now around the world with regard to sexual orientation. Thank goodness.

Springville, UT

I forgot to clarify earlier that I disagree with most of what Maggie Gallagher has to say, generally and specifically. I am in favor of gay marriage not only on moral grounds, but on legal grounds as well.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

@Happy Valley Heretic:

"But a gay marriage doesn't produce children to be abandoned-heterosexual relationships do. Please explain how this relates to gay marriage?"

If we redefine marriage in lots of different ways, we weaken the institution. That increases out of wedlock births. We live in a society where fathers don't recognize that they have a responsibility for their children. Indeed, they may not even know they have children. They've moved on.


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Did I ever say if a gay holds hand with another gay its shoving it in my face?


Recently a group of gays gathered at the state capital wearing dresses, makeup, and high heels to whine about something gay.

Why did they dress like women?

Because they wanted everyone to know they were gay.

No straight person acts in such a way solely for the purpose of letting everyone else know they are straight.

Yes - straight people do straight things, such as hold hands, but its not for the puropose of making sure everyone knows they are gay.

Why do gays at the gym wear tight pink shorts and britney spears tank tops?

To let everyone else know they are gay.

Kearns, UT

Where did I put my tight pink shorts and britney spears tank top? Oh yeah, I don't own any.

Anaheim, CA

@Rockon: "Gay" is a learned behavior? Please reference any peer reviewed real scientific evidence to back up your claim, otherwise we should all dismiss it as your biased opinion based on your world view... or in other words your "learned behavior." Sans proof I congratulate you for having an opinion, just like Ms. Gallagher.

If sexuality is a choice, please describe the day you woke up and declared yourself Heterosexual. I'm hetero myself, yet I can't recall making that choice. What's also funny is that I keep hearing from the Pious (aka the leadership of the LDS Church in particular) that we should "resist our NATURAL urges" in reference to sexual behaviors (usually premarital, or when speaking of "self abuse" etc.). Natural urges? Doesn't that seem to fly in the face of your argument that our sexuality is a choice? Am I to believe that as I progressed through adolescence that my sexual urges were really just a choice, and not "natural"?

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