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Published: Wednesday, April 20 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Gay marriage would indeed affect people outside of that union. We're dealing with major societal change here. It permeates our culture and affects us all. Ms. Gallagher points out that the major reason for marriage is to join mother and father in a bond to raise children. Changing that definition would represent a huge socio/political/cultural shift!

To quote Brian Brown, "Marriage is a public good. If you change the definition of marriage, you dont just change it for the gay married couple down the street, you change it for everyone. If gay marriage is allowed, then the state is essentially saying that my views on marriage, and the majority of Americans views on marriage, are equivalent to discrimination. It profoundly affects me if my children are taught in the schools that my views on marriage are bigoted. It profoundly affects me if the church that Im part of is treated in the law as bigoted. And, ultimately, same-sex marriage is not true."

This affects us all!

West Jordan, UT

Because you are not acting upon your feelings of same sex attraction you are not immoral. You are not evil. You are not selfish or worthless to society. I don't know whether or not you were born with same sex attraction. It doesn't matter if you were or not. What matters is what you choose to do now. It looks like you have chosen to live a chaste and moral life because you love the church. I respect that. Our church leaders respect that. We know it must be hard and we should never make it harder by treating you badly. You will be so blessed for not sucumbing to this temptation.

Hang in there. Forgive those who say things that hurt. They don't mean to hurt you personally. They are just concerned for the doctrine on families as given to us in the Proclamation. The family unit is so important to our Father in Heaven, more important than any other organization in the church. We are asked to defend traditional marriage and promote it as the fabric of society.

I wish you well. Your example is of great worth.

Magna, UT

This isn't "It's a Wonderful Life" where "Every time a bell rings an Angel gets its wings". If a gay couple gets married a heterosexual marriage doesn't automatically explode!

Despite Ms. Gallaghers dire predictions of cultural Armageddon, gay and lesbian families simply want the basic legal protections that flow from CIVIL Marriage.

If heterosexual couples want a religious wedding ceremony in their church or Temple, that's OK. No one is stopping them. No one is forcing ANY church to perform same sex weddings [It's been legal and Massachusetts and Canada for years and yet the LDS Temples there still have the lights on].

Zack Tacorin
Salt Lake City, UT

To milojthatch - I disagree with you regarding same sex marriage but want to commend you for your decorum and respect. Thank you for starting the comments with such civility!

To Ethan Smith - I agree with your points about homosexuality occurring naturally in humans as well as other species and with the idea that the evidence does not demonstrate same sex marriage harms the institution of marriage. However, I disagree on one point. I think technically, if there are genetic factors involved in homosexuality, then they could be passed to offspring by a lesbian mother procreating with her own ova. It probably wouldn't be common but is likely to happen.

To slcwatch - It seems to me that government involvement in marriage extends well beyond procreation. What is your source for claiming government involvement is solely for procreation? Even if that were true, why would we as a society be limited to this even if it were the original purpose? Besides, if we extend your reasoning to its logical conclusion, shouldn't we exclude infertile heterosexuals from marriage?

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Tekakaromatagi said:
In this young man's world there is no reason why someone would know their father.

But a gay marriage doesn't produce children to be abandoned-heterosexual relationships do.
Please explain how this relates to gay marriage?

SLC Watch: You said, "There is only one reason for government to be involved in marriage at all. That is to perpetuate the species."
Actually it's all about Tax revenue, but besides that we allow old people to marry, we don't force people to have children, and that "be fruitful and multiply, they still got half the scripture right, the multiply part was when few were on the earth, I think there's enough starving children in the world that die every day, who would beg to differ with the rabbit mentality.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

There are some astounding comments being posted today. I am wondering:
When did governments role become to perpetuate the species?
Stopping people with same-sex attraction from living morally is saving the soul of America?

Wendover, UT

Amen to the author of this article. She wasn't trying to vilify homosexuals or lesbians, she was defending and promoting the valid and reasonable argument for traditional marriage. If you choose to act on your sexual preferences, that is your business, but children need both a father and a mother in the home.

Zack Tacorin
Salt Lake City, UT


You wrote, "Gay is a learned behavior. There is no gay gene. Marriage is a choice".

What is your source for this? I suggest you listen to Dr. William Bradshaw of BYUs Department of Microbiology and Molecular Biology (go to the Mormon Stories web site, it's podcast #191). You may find the scientific research does not support your claim.

You also said it's proven, "that a child with a mother and a father is better off than a child with one parent or one without either a mother or a father. Both is essential. The proof is timeless and overwhelming." What research can you cite that indicates that having two mothers or two fathers is detrimental to children?

Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

Same sex attraction is genetic. Most estimates are that no more than 10% of the population at most are born with this attraction. Seeing, reading about or knowing gay individuals will not make a straight person gay. Sexual attraction is probably the strongest natural urge we have. Many same sex couples have raised children in homes that are every bit as supportive and loving as healthy traditional families. Statistics also show that children from same sex parent homes are gay at the same rate as the national average. Same sex attraction will not go away no matter what we say or do. It is time we allow them the same rights and respect as all citizens.

Therefore, I simply do not understand why so many are focusing on same sex relationships or marriage as the threat to traditional marriages and families. the real threats are divorce, pornography which is a major driver for divorces and unhappy marriages, children born out of wedlock, and deadbeat dads. NONE of which have ANYTHING to do with same sex relationships and marriages.


Gallagher's absolutely right about the value and importance of marriage - however she fails to explain why that doesn't apply to same-sex marriage.

Same-sex couples have children - why shouldn't those coyotes and those children have the benefits of marriage?

If you want a culture that values marriage as a place to raise children, and make sure all families with children are married - or at least have the option to be.

Huntsville, UT

RockOn | 7:42 a.m. April 21, 2011

"Gay is a learned behavior. There is no gay gene."


Will you please clarify for me who exactly it was that I "learned" the behavior from? I'd be more than grateful, you see, both of my parents are heterosexual, my siblings are all heterosexual, my grandparents are also heterosexual. Yes, I do have glbt cousins, a great aunt, and other extended family who are glbt, but none of them were around to teach me how to be gay, so I would really, really, like to know who to blame for the unwanted lessons.

working class
Salt Lake City, UT

As a father I love my children- they are my own flesh and blood. This gal is implying that I need some sort of social pressure to feel my responsbilities. No. It's much too biological to need this stuff. As she points out, one of the main drivers toward marriage, perhaps THE main, is the desire to procreate. Aboslutely true. How does gay marriage endanger this? It doesn't. And yes, let's not forget how biggoted we once were about interracial marriage. I grew up in Utah in the 50's - I remember how it was. The views expressed by the establishment in those days is an embarassment to the present establishment. Memo to establishment: you can be wrong - believe it or not!

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

@Mulder21: People have been fired and black-listed because of their religious views and prejudice for what they might do. (The University of Toledo in Ohio is being sued for this.)
This is like 1950's McCarthyism. Instead of communism being not-PC, now religion is not-PC. Allowing SSM gives a blunt legal instrument to a lot of people who are xenophobic to religion.


Colorado Springs, CO

@Mulder21: And to continue your thought, I'm sure someone out there has the time to come up with examples of acts that go against their beliefs were ignored. This is singling out a particular group, plain and simple. Yet we let crackheads and others - I can think of women who have multiple kids by varying fathers, who are nowhere to be seen - have babies without blinking and eye, but don't let those gays invade marriage. What is marriage? It's a legal document that means nothing, except when that imminent divorce occurs. This all leads me back to a prior story and post, about what is the heirarchy of sin. If this is a sin, so is swearing, so is speeding and breaking the laws of the land, so is lying, cheating, stealing. Yet, somehow, those are more easily forgiven it seems, and can be repeated over and over without consequence. No one sees the absolute humor in all of this nonsense?

Uncle Charles
Where freedom and liberty reign, utah


The lady is absolutely correct in her comments.

The embracing of homosexuality by our society is nuts. It shows just how far we have fallen for the tricks of Satan and his followers.

There is absolutely nothing virtuous, lovely or of good report in embracing this self-destructive, family and society killing behavior.

No logically thinking individual can say with a straight face that homosexuality is nothing more than a chosen behavior.

I hope more people continue to stand up for what is right in order to keep the family strong and reverse the perverted trend of our society which dismisses all things moral and of value.

Lincoln, NE

I am tired of reading these articles and then the subsequent comments...these discussion boards are always hijacked by gay marriage advocates (who incessantly comment with the same fallacious responses), and anyone who supports traditional marriage is afraid to join the debate for fear of appearing naive.

I for one understand and agree with the majority of what Gallagher is arguing and appreciate that she is being covered here in the DN. I believe that this topic is the defining debate in public discourse today, and that too often those who are pro-marriage are actually marginalized as bigots or, essentially, the equivalent of racists. I have been in a doctoral program for years now, and as an active, conservative LDS member who supports marriage between a man and a woman, I am consistently demonized and seen only as some uninformed religious fundamentalist. This is the rhetorical tactic of the pro-gay marriage group--marginalize and shun anyone who disagrees with them by branding them as bigots.

This is not true. This is hypocritical. It is a fallacy to equate the gay marriage debate with the civil rights movement, for example. This is blatant suppression of religious freedom, tragically.


Gallagher can repeat the same stuff over and over again, the points which were made in the "Six Consequences" defense of Prop 8.
Did the Prop 8 defense team present any evidence in court as to harm?
Because it wouldn't stand up in court. In court one has to present factual evidence, not just theories or beliefs.

The fact is, Catholic Adoption services, functioning as a STATE supported agency placed at least 2 children with same-sex couples. The trouble began when it was made public and the higher-ups in the Catholic Churh became aware of it. The Catholic church can still participate in adodption services as does the LDS church in MA, without state-funding.

Amen Danny
Nobody has destroyed the "sanctity of marriage" more than heterosexuals.
But it is much easier to target a minority population using discrimination than look in the mirror.

Provo, UT

@ teri88

you said the only reason you support gay marriage is because you believe sexual relationships outside of marriage are a sin. acting upon homosexual feelings is a sin. so by your reasoning you are promoting one sin to avoid another sin?

Kearns, UT


Please tell me how the comments others make is suppression of religion? All I can say is I am tired of being made to feel less than the "normal" people of the world. I have value, but these organizations like NOM make people believe I don't.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you for proving Ms. Gallagher's point and serving as the impetus of her fight. As you so hatefully hurl the term "bigotry" at her (and me for that matter), you prove her point that this fight is worth fighting. Homosexual marriage is a huge socio-political-cultural change that affects society as a whole.

I'm glad Ms. Gallagher has taken up this fight, and I support her in it. As Brian Brown said, "Marriage is a public good. If you change the definition of marriage, you dont just change it for the gay married couple down the street, you change it for everyone. If gay marriage is allowed, then the state is essentially saying that my views on marriage, and the majority of Americans views on marriage, are equivalent to discrimination. It profoundly affects me if my children are taught in the schools that my views on marriage are bigoted. It profoundly affects me if the church that Im part of is treated in the law as bigoted. And, ultimately, same-sex marriage is not true.

Thank you for proving his point.

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