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Published: Wednesday, April 20 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

What a slap in the face...This is a way for the NBA to make up for those other times Sloan deserved it.

Enterprise, UT

Nice attitude bigmom...you do need to learn that this was not an awards from the NBA, but from the Pro Basketball Writers. The NBA has still never paid respect to Sloan. Would you learn a little first before you speak next time.

Lindon, UT

Jerry didn't win coach of the year because of Utah being a small market team. Happy for him and glad he received this award. Nice for him to receive the very first one. I would love to see him become the GM of the Utah Jazz, or work somewhere in the front office. Greg needs to do it! Jerry has spent practially his whole career with the Utah Jazz, and it would be a nice gesture if he could help guide the Jazz to a championship and be a part of it. Maybe we should all write to Greg and tell him how we feel about Jerry Sloan. I, myself, admire the guy. The Jazz can still use his expertize - it would be a positive move for the Jazz.

Salt Lake City, UT

This was a way for the NBA to justify not giving Sloan the COY award...Does that work for you Mokie?

If not Im willing to take some lessons from you

Los Olivos, CA

Sloan probably prefers to stay in Illinois but I wish he would come back here in any role he wants.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good for Sloan, but he made it clear he's keeping a low profile & will not have any role with the Jazz as that would be seen as undermining Corbin.

The NBA should name the COY award for Sloan, but of course THAT won't happen either.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Jerry is a quiter.........Left his team in the middle of a play-off run. He deserves nothing.........

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

Uh, Jerry and Greg won't be working together anytime soon is my guess.

Rumor I heard is in that famed "meeting after the chicago game" Sloan wanted Deron reprimanded/suspended for his insubordination/running his own plays that quite possibly cost them the game. (Deron 3 consecutive turnovers)

Greg said "no" to Sloan's recommendation and then Sloan said "Larry and I had an agreement that as the coach I could run the team the way I thought best ti win games" and Greg responded "that agreement ended with my fathers passing...".

Sloan at that point immediately would have realized that the inmates would be running the asylum thank to Gregs new approach. Then he told O'Connor and Greggie "see ya"!

That is what I heard at least....for what it is worth. Kind of adds up when you think about how things transpired.

Kearns, UT

Much better award than anything the NBA could award. This is from outside the NBA world. Great job Coach Sloan and well deserved for your character and passion.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Too bad they couldn't recognize him as "coach of the year" ONE TIME when he was still coaching. The media ALWAYS had somebody (in a bigger media outlet) that needed recognition the 2 or 3 years Sloan deserved it.

But at least we appreciated him here... even if the NATIONAL media didn't.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA


As it takes one to know one - I'm sure you are one.

Sloan's record speaks for itself - he was no quitter. Nice cheap shot, though.

Farmington, UT

A fitting award for an uncompromising coach. Sloan deserves a ton of credit. If your manager sent all your talent away and was in the process of sending the last bit of it away, you might quit, too, and let your favorite underling get your job. Whether he quit in the middle of a season or at the end, it doesn't matter. Sloan wouldn't have received credit if the Jazz had gone on to win home court in the playoffs. Can you imagine the criticism he would have received then? "See, we told you Sloan couldn't coach. Look at what his former assistant has done!" Let's just accept the truth. Sloan was a great coach, one of the most winningest coaches who ever lived, and he did it with limited talent in a small media city that didn't have the resources to compete for the Shaqs, Magics and LeBrons of the world. We've always predicted that Sloan haters would rue the day when Sloan quit.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Tom in CA......by your analysis, Barry Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame. His numbers speak for themselves too.

And Tom you know nothing about me so stick to the facts...And the facts are Jerry quit on his team in the middle of a playoff run!! How is that a cheap shot? That is the truth!!

Cedar Hills, UT


You never usaally bother me with you smack. However, That has to be the worst comparisons that I ever heard. Bonds cheated himself, the Game, fans, etc..

If you want to talk about guys quiting lets talk about Dwill, and how about the guy you admire who shows up 1 out of every 7 games CJ Miles. Just to name a few.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA


You are right - I know nothing about you - apologies.

I don't know how my analysis of Jerry Sloan can equate to saying Bonds should being named to the Hall of Fame. You don't know the fine details about what led up to Jerry Sloan "quitting" mid-season, either. I only know where he came from and what he achieved after it was all said and done - to me he is no quitter and shouldn't be named as such.

Holladay, UT

RE: panamadesnews

Sloan didn't win coach of the year becuase he never did much coaching.

no game time coaching, no strategizing, no developing young players, not god at drafting, no nothing.

HE had a system and lived and died by it, never winning a championship.

You do not win awards for having a system that never won a chmaionship, not even withj two of the supposedly greatest players of all time in prime positions of the "system",

a system that ignored the 2 and 3 positions for 23 years, and the 5 was just for defense and pointing out illegal offenses,

a system that ruin the careere of players that did not fit the system like ak, humphries, etc.

a system that drove off more 2's and 3's to other teams, or let them dwindle,

a system where players are never developed or had to develop themselves, or leave.

a systen whre they obvioulsy overachieved leaving them with mediocre to bad draft positions.

a system that had only sloan type players, types that could never win you championship not even if it took 17 years.

A coach should get an award for all this?

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Re: CJ Miles and critics

None of us on this message board know of the circumstances surrounding Jerry Sloan retiring/leaving the Jazz along with Phil Johnson. They are the kind of class people who will probably never reveal why they did it. The bottom line, they did it for the good of the franchise and are not the sour grapes kind of people who would air any laundry, if there in fact is any. Another fact is, the Jazz were not in a playoff run with the players they have, even if Williams stayed. Take a look at the roster. The biggest blow(s) were Boozer and Korver leaving. Other things like the ups and downs of CJ Miles and the apparent failure of Fesenko and Kirilenko to measure up to NBA standards for stalwart status. Jerry and Phil apparently had enough of it. The passing of Larry Miller is also a huge factor. This market and Jazz fans everywhere owe Larry immeasurable gratitude. All we can do is continue to support the organization and minimize our snipping and criticism. Who knows what the future has in store. I wish the current players, management and staff all the best.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

The speculation that lead to Jerry quiting was a run-in with Dwill. Sorry but coaches have run-ins with players all the time.

Give me a reason that you think qualifies for Jerry leaving in mid-season on his team? Health would be a good one or than that, I can't think of one.

Dwill never quit, he was playing hurt and couldn't make a shot. He was playing frustrated, but never quit.

And to say the Jazz were not a playoff team? They were in the top 4 out West for a good part of the season. That seems like a playoff team to me......

Tokyo, Japan

@CJ Miles

Have you ever thought that KOC approached Jerry telling him that they are willing to trade deron...and going for another rebuild...knowing this and how old he is...he knew that the time was up and his body might not be able to cope with more stress?...

Never ever judge anyone that quickly...till you have known all Facts...yeah he did have a run-in with deron...but you really think that's the reason? i doubt...it was after the meeting with KOC and Greg Miller that he decided to quit...a guy like him isnt a quitter...a quitter wouldnt have stayed for 20+ years...a quitter is like lebron who quit on his team to join other stars to win a ring...after 20+ years of coaching...you cant call that quitting....

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

I don't care what the reason was, you stay til the season is over and fulfill your contract. This was a guy who was quoted often as saying that you are paid a lot of money to play hard. I shouldn't have to motivate them. Well he was paid a lot of money to coach the team and he walked out on them in mid-season. That to me is someone who quit on his team while under contract. Don't sign a contract if you don't want to fulfill it.

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