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Published: Wednesday, April 20 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

'Mormon Church posts statement supporting controversial immigration reform bill' - Title

This is good. But will it HELP? We have other examples in Utah's history where Utah's leadership does factually NOT listen to the will of the Mormon church.

*'Mormon church issues statement in support of gay-rights ordinances' - By Carole Mikita- KSL - 11/10/09
'SALT LAKE CITY -- At Tuesday night's Salt Lake City Council meeting, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a statement showing its support of the city's proposed non-discrimination regulations.'

This was a anti-discrimination bill in SLC to prevent discrimination due to orientation to housing and employment.
12 cities have passed similar measures to date. Why not the state?

*'Senate blocks anti-discrimination bill from public hearing' - By Dennis Romboy - DSNews - 02/28/11
'SALT LAKE CITY A last-ditch plea Monday wasn't enough to move Utah legislators to consider a proposed statewide housing and employment anti-discrimination law.
'The Republican majority Senate voted 21-7 along party lines....'

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

From the article:
"...allow those who are now here illegally to work legally, provide for their families and become better contributing members of our communitybut without establishing a path to citizenship or granting amnesty."
If you allow illegal aliens to work and live here, aren't you in fact granting the amnesty they seek?
They don't want citizenship; naturalization rates have been pathetically low since 1960.
And the Church had better get out the red pencil for the new Handbook 2.

Ogden, UT

I looked at the statement, and it can be misleading to assume that the church is only in favor of HB-116. They are saying that it is only part of a solution. They also say that enforcement of current emigration laws is necessary. If you only look at part of the solution it doesn't look good, but taken as a whole it seems reasonable.

As part of the Mormon church's stance on this issue is No citizenship is granted, we control the flow of emigrants, and border control.

There are still details that the federal government needs to address. The biggest problem with this plan is the status of the children of immigrant workers. If these children are granted citizenship, then we will still have an issue of breaking up families when the jobs dry up and the parents are forced to leave because of limited work. They also need to define how long some one can stay and work. There are a lot of details that would need to be worked out, but I think that it should be done at the federal level.

Provo, Ut

I have a lot of empathy for those that have their social security number stolen and their credit history and job history trashed.

I also have lots of empathy for those that struggle under the unbearable tax burden of those that break the law and steal benefits.

I have a huge amount of empathy for families that are torn apart by drugs and violent criminal activity.

I have immense empathy for those that have had their livelihood destroyed by huge numbers of day laborers paid in cash.

I am distressed that so much money is spent in English as a second language programs. Money that could be spent in other educational programs.

I am troubled that so many hospitals near the Arizona border had to quit delivering babies and closing emergency rooms because of all those that don't pay their bills.

I would like to see the compassion extended to the victims.

Saint George, UT

I would comment with respect and intelligence,and you would not post it. I did that already today on another article and you refused to post. One can only assume that you really do not want any other opinion than your own,and those who appear racist so you may classify all of us the same. No logical thinkers with a differing opinion will be tolerated.Silly,silly people. We allow my four year old grandaughter to use this phrase,I apologize if it is to harsh for you.
Seriously,do you think you are a legitimate newpaper?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Thank you to the leadership of the Mormon Church for bringing reason and influence to this critical issue. Their thoughtful support should be appreciated by Utah's citizens. In a politicized atmosphere, they have stated a position which resonates with a balance of justice and mercy.

Murray, UT

I don't think the Church knows what it's stand is. The law violates the Utah compact, which they claim to support, by intruding on Federal law.

It violates the 12th article of faith by rewarding and encouraging illegal immigration. (The law has a May 11th deadline, which encourages people to come here illegally)It's against it's own teachings in the Bishops handbook.

And it hurts the families of Utah citizens that are out of work. Is this really the message they want to send? This is not the Church I knew as a child.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Yes, it is important to keep families together.

But what about "We believe in obeying honoring and sustaining the law"?

It is wrong to reward people for breaking our laws and our immigration laws are just (except for the misinterpretation of the 14th amendment that grants citizenship to children of illegal aliens born in the USA).

Here is what I propose:

1. Offer a $10,000 reward to anyone, including illegal aliens, for turning in employers who hire illegal aliens without making an honest effort to screen them out.
2. Make it illegal to rent housing to illegal aliens. The penalty is the landlord has to refund all the rent.

The above provisions are self enforcing. Nobody will risk it.

3. Offer a guest worker program where workers can come to the USA for a limited period of time (3 to 5 years). A background check will be conducted and they come here with the understanding that their children who are born here are NOT citizens.

4. Anyone who violates our immigration laws be deported and will not be eligible for citizenship or the guest worker program. Same goes for those who help them break our laws, including lawyers.

New Age Phil
Delta, UT

Just who is "The Church" in this endorsment. Surly "The Church" can not expect to be speaking for every member on this political opinion. Is this a statement representing the First Presidency? If so then say so - that is their opinion. The "LDS Church" I hope does not expect every member to stand in lock step union with such a nebulous statement of LDS Church Policy unless we have some authority for who made up this position and exactly what they are driving at in their praise of the Utah legislatures recent actions.

Provo, UT

I'm deeply saddened that the church has chosen to support illegal activity. I long for the days when Bensen was President and was a staunch supporter of Law and Order.

Cedar City, UT

The Church has spoken. Faithful members now need to think about their personal views of others and accept the Church's position.

There are many scriptural accounts of clarification of social issues (King Benjamin, woman at the well, Peter & Paul's disagreement about proselyting gentiles, etc).

No, the Church isn't the same as it was 40 years ago. The Church must be reflective of current challenges and issues.

Provo, UT

I'm glad that so many members of the Church who find themselves at odds with the Church on this issue are so generously offering to counsel the Brethren as to the proper interpretation of the 12th Article of Faith and the General Handbook of Instruction.

Viva la Migra
American Fork, UT

Can someone please cite the recent conference talk that announced this apparent major change in church doctrine? I wasn't aware that parts of the D&C and Articles of Faith were no longer doctrinal.

Since arresting and jailing any criminal separates families, does that mean the church is softening its stance on other crimes as well? It seems that sending just one family member to jail is worse than deporting one member of a country the their homeland, as the rest of the family could choose to rejoin them there and be together again.

Provo, UT


In other words, you long for the days when "following the prophet" meant only following counsel that already coincided with your personal opinions anyway?

Church aint an echo chamber, folks.

Henderson, NV

Choose ye this day...

Did I Say That?
Rawlins, WY

My church may accept it, but I don't...


I applaud Bishop Wester for taking the time to see what problems HB 116 will cause in the future, and not endorsing the bill.

It's bad for those here illegally, and it's bad for the citizens of the state.

When the First presidency addresses this directly, then I will listen, but might not agree. They have been wrong on issues before. In this case I will follow the Bishops handbook, articles of faith, and scriptures.

Saint George, UT

So you print this statment, but not my statement regarding Paul Mero and his sad commentary about the good people of this state who may not agree with him re illegal immigrations,and the effect of illegals on my home town. To close to the truth perhaps? It does not matter,thinking people read other forms of communication.

Provo, UT

The churches position use to always be that that we should educate our selves on the issues vote and support good causes and that it, the church was responsible spiritual issues. I chose to follow that stance. I am not blindly following political advice! If the prophet says, thus saith the Lord, then I will follow, but political opinions, even from the brethren is not mandatory for any member.

holladay, utah

Let's see ... what's the usual snide remark from the angst-ridden Right-wing?
Oh, yeah. I remember now.
"If you don't like the way things are here - Move!
(or write Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter and Fox News and see what they can do about this terrible un-American thing.)

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