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Published: Tuesday, April 19 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, Utah

I'm rooting for the Chicago Jazz to win it!

But, for next year's Jazz...

Players w/contracts of 2+ years:

Jefferson (C/PF, 26 years old w/7 years experience, 2 more years on contract); hard to replace
Favors (PF, 19 w/1, 3); franchise type
Millsap (PF/SF, 26 w/5, 2); still valuable
Harris (PG, 28 w/7, 2); can't lead team to championship
Bell (SG, 34 w/11, 2); trade, if possible
Hayward (SG/SF, 21 w/1, 3); possible superstar

Players w/1 year contracts:

Okur (C/PF, 31 w/9); who knows with him? Trade?
Evans (SF, 23 w/1); keeper if he develops outside shot

Free agents to re-sign:

Watson (PG, 31 w/10); too good a price for this good of a backup
Kirilenko (SF/PF, 30 w/10); does so many things, but injury prone anymore
Fesenko (C, 24 w/4); closes down the middle when he's playing; hard to ignore that
Miles (SF/SG, 24 w/6); if you must; depends on the draft or trades

DON'T re-sign Elson or Price.

DO draft Jimmer (1st pick), and maybe a hot-shooting SF.

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

The thing I don't understand about these reporters is that none of them, not one, wrote an article in defense of keeping boozer in utah, now they want to act like martryrs, everyone of them writing before last summer should be fired for being hypocrites instead.
And this article feels like now we're being punished, jazz fans arenot being punished, no one is making you watch bball if you don't want to, if i don't want to watch the jazz lose w/o boozer then i don't have to,
watching bball is about what is interesting to the individual, boozer was not interesting to these reporters, now the jazz aren't interesting for anyone,

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

I don't think the Jazz are in a terrible spot, but it sure would be nice watching them in the playoffs. It was clear that the FO should've committed to Dwill and Boozer, the two players who were obviously key to any success. Instead, they planned around other players. If they had planned on keeping Boozer, man, I won't get into the team we could have right now, but Boozer on the team was unacceptable to EVERY reporter, why,
isn't it their job to make us fans appreciate our best players,
if not,
it's the reporters that need to get out, not our best players.

There's one thing that I think Doug can teach me, and that's how to make crow taste like chicken.

navotas, philippines

my sentiments exactly. and i am rooting for the bulls to win the title

Louisville, CO

I think that the difference is that Derek Rose is playing at a much higher level than we have ever seen from Williams. I'm not sure Williams is even capable.

Plus, Noah is more of an inside presence than Millsap offensive, defensively, and emotionally. I would rather have Millsap however. And, they have Luol Deng who should arguably been oh the All Star team this year.

Plus, the first two weeks of camp were spent on "defense" - probably why Boozer hurt himself in order to skip that part.

I find myself pulling for them since no other team is appealing...can't believe it!

Name Already Used
Fort Duchesne, UT

Unlike "WhatsInItForMe," I don't own a gypsy's crystal ball. I'm not a BYU fan; however, I am a Jimmer fan. The hype and attention that he was given may get tiring for some; however, I think he handled fame with class. "Some are born great-others have it thrust upon them." With him, it is both. So how often does this come even close to Utah. Face it we're small potatoes. When you find a pearl among the clams--don't throw it back into the ocean.

Nampa, ID

Where were all the local reporters using thier resources to keep Brewer, Boozer, and Korver before? Great question.

I think our problem here with the Jazz is that we think we need another stockton and malone show. why do we need a "dynamic duo?" Why can't we just get a good team?

The Bulls just don't have Boozer, Brewer, and Korver...They got a great team. They use all thier players well.

Tulsa, OK

Unfortunately, there are a few big differences with Chicago's team and Utah's team.

1. Noah is a lot bigger than Kirelenko and Milsap what a horrible comparison.
2. Derek Rose- lets just say it everyone he's BETTER than Deron Williams a lot better.
3. Deng is better than Miles, and Taj Gibson can play.

4. Top to bottom Chicago is just better than what the Jazz would have been had they kept Boozer. So far Chicago's success is all Derek Rose, Boozer has not played well his rebounding is what keeps him on the floor late in games. I'll give him props for that, but he is not counted on to score in Chicago like he was in Utah.

Roosevelt, UT

Boozer is on the floor in Chicago for the same reason he was in Utah. While he was out there he will take the high pressure shot as would Williams. Sloan knew that if Boozer and Deron were on the floor he had a chance of winning, any time in the league. Boozer is an animal in the league and in Chicago where the entire offense is run through Rose Boozer is not called upon to score as often as he was here but he is ferocious on the boards.

The Jazz if they could have had another animal like Noah things could have been different but instead they had European players like AK and Okur who are big but do not play well inside. Probably the thing that kept them from getting someone like Noah to help was AK and his huge contract that crippled the Jazz everytime that someone was available the price tag was too high.

Chicago did not have an AK contract and now they have a very good team, not a dynamic duo but a good team.

Hugh G. Hater

Good job Greg Miller!

Orem, Utah

In watching Chicago's first two playoff games, it's obvious Boozer is still Boozer. And, he's not the reason they're winning---Rose and others are. Still, Boozer and Korver are integral parts of the equation for this team, which is why they are winning.

Posters here are on the money that this is a much better team overall than the Jazz ever were, even when Boozer was here with D-Will and Millsap and AK, etc.

I'll be really happy if the "Chicago Jazz" win the title, because I always liked Korver, in spite of his poor defense. And, I never really felt down on Boozer. He is what he is, a rebounder and scorer with little defense. Brewer is another I think should have been kept by the Jazz, but not as a starter.

I like Rose, too. They guy just plays.

the boonies, mexico

Boozer was a cancer just like D-Will, but Korver was the keeper and shooter we miss. His defense isn't as bad as some of you say, but the difference is the defensive system. He's playing within a system that is #1 in the league in defense and when he was here it was an ancient "Sloan" system that doesn't work and hasn't for many years. Hire a defensive coach Ty, amd copy the Bulls and Celtics defensive schemes thats all. For all of you maucho males that felt threatened by Korver being good looking and getting the ladies raves your just that "maucho", and insecure apparently about yourselves because he is and was a needed team member here.

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

As a Jazz fan, I am not rooting for the Bulls. Those players that played for Utah are no longer Jazz players so I don't root for them, they are on a different team, but I do hope they do well. I've watch some playoff games and just want to see some good B-Ball no pressure not having your team in the playoffs, I really hope to see an underdog make a mess of things.

I was a fan of all those former Jazzmen that now don the colors of M.J. and company of old. I liked watching Booze bang and yell but dont miss the Ole D, I miss (Kale) Korver shoot it, and R.Brew's energy and dunks, I miss them all but root for da Bulls, never! But man they just might take the ring. If they do i will hide a smile.

Since the Jazz came to Utah long ago every year I tell people this is the year they win it all, I will say the same thing for next season! Im a Jazz fan for better or for worse.

Tooele, UT

The biggest difference and the biggest reason Boozer just didn't quite work out here in Utah is simple, Noah is the Bulls center and Okur was ours. You can't build a team around 2 non defensive big men. You can't rely on your small forward to be your inside shot blocking presence and your best perimeter defender as well. I think OKC has it perfect. You got the shot blocker in Ibaka and the defensive position guy in Perkins who will D up his own man and also slide over to take charges. Okur was decent at low post defense, but both he and Boozer could not move their feet if their guy faced up on them. If we run with Favors and Jefferson next year, I hope Al is working on his position defense. He has great footwork on offense, why can't that translate on the defensive end?

Saint George, UT

Boozer and Williams were locker room cancers. Did you ever notice how much crud Hayward and AK got from Williams. Need to get rid of Bell too, he can't play.

Las Vegas, Nevada

If you watch the Bulls' games, Boozer, in many clutch situations is right where he needs to be: on the bench.
Too bad he was our "clutch" player here.
That's the difference.

Farmington, UT

Some fans seem to forget that Boozer did not want to come back to Utah, and that Utah could not afford to pay him his market value anyway. It all comes down to one huge mistake, and that was paying AK top dollar. Nobody knew how bad he would get, how often he would be injured, how emotionally unstable he would seem at times, etc. He is better now, of course, but still not worth max money and all the restrictions that go with it. Now he is valuable to the Jazz, but only at a certain price. Whoever says Harris couldn't lead the Jazz to a championship is probably the same logic-challenged person who said the Little General could lead the Spurs to a championship. Jazz fans must take part of the blame by refusing to accept the fact that Boozer did not sit out due to injury because he wanted to do so. Don't these cerebrally challenged fan(atics) remember that he came back TOO EARLY from his first hamstring injury? Or that AK and Memo both tried to come back too early, leading to disaster?

Farmington, UT

Hey, Doug, don't forget about the other ex-Jazz players still contributing to their teams: Stevenson, Pavlovic, Arroyo, Koufos, Matthews and Fisher. Combined with Boozer, Brewer and Korver, this could make a pretty good team, probably enough to win the first round and maybe the second. If it weren't for all the ifs and buts, the Jazz fans would go nuts. Imagine the possibilities if the Jazz had kept the picks for Magic Johnson and Dominique Wilkins and then traded up to draft Michael Jordan or had been smart enough to get positioned to draft Larry Bird a year early the way Red Auerbach did! Or drafted Kevin McHale instead of Darrell Griffith. Or Danny Ainge instead of Danny Schayes or (gasp) Howard Wood? Sure as shooting, with some of those players the Jazz would have reached the finals and probably would have won the championship long before Malone showed up. Now, will the Jazz pass up Jimmer because he's white and played college ball in Utah? Just the way the Jazz have passed up on pretty well every other great Utah college player?

Salt Lake City, UT

You forgot to mention that the Bulls have Luol Deng, who is defensively efficient as Andre Kirilenko but a much better shooter. Millsap is weak defensively, so he cannot be compared to Noah. We also have a coach who isn't past his prime and promotes defense in his system. This team is nothing like the Jazz team of last year. Brewer and Korver are much better defenders under Thibodeau, and that is what really matters.

Salem, OR

Jazz have always produced good players. The team is the farm for the whole league.

It is frustrating to see players leave and do really well on other teams. Something was wrong to keep them from playing to their potentials. Or some hated each other and didn't feel like a team and they feel better on their new teams. Who knows.

It's just sad as a Jazz fan to see it all unravel.

Bring in "The Jimmer", the great white hope. (Harris teaches then transitions to back up).

Get a good solid true center that can cause trouble in the paint and vacuum rebounds (Dwight Howardesque) (trade some of the Forwards(way too many) and Okur, and almost anyone else you have to)

Finally get a drop em' dead, ace 3 ball shooting guard to accompany "The Jimmer" and with existing pieces you have a "team".

Prefer to keep Milsap, Favors, Bell. Everybody else could be traded if needed for above to happen.

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