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Published: Sunday, April 17 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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In Stitches
Provo, Utah

Coach K2,

It's nice to meet you. I'm sorry that you will only be allowed 2 years to fix the programs before the impatient Utes decide that you need to be replaced. Since Majerus, Boylen is the only one they've given more time than that to and they only gave him 4 years. Just think of it: you are the 6th coach since 2004! Keep that resume dusted off.

Also, just wondering, will there actually be any players on the team this year?

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I like what I see in Coach K's answers in this interview. I'm one Ute fan who has a lot of patience. I understand it is going to take time to get back to where the program once was, but as long as we see things going in the right direction I'm happy. I think most Ute fans look at it the same way. There are a few very vocal ones who make themsleve known on blogs and comment boards who don't understand what it takes.

By the way, Stitches, I don't believe the MC was full to capacity during the Steve Cleveland years. So if you're taking the low attendance to mean our fans are impatient, take a look in the mirror. BYU fans are no different.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is going to be an exciting era for Utah basketball.

We're going to reestablish ourselves in this state. Sweep out the Cougs and Ags who feel like they've made a permanent roost at the top; their success is fool's gold, IMO. The Utes ceiling has always been higher than those other two, and their history, deep post-season runs and various championships show that.

Now that the Utes are in the PAC12, Utah will start a new chapter of its rich history. Krystkowiak will do just fine. It's exciting to see Connor on the staff.

Things are looking up. Go Utes!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Welcome and congratulations on the job!!! I'm very impressed with the staff you have assembled, your approach with the current players, your initial recruiting efforts, and your personal philosophy. We're behind you - all the way!!!

I would like to offer one coaching suggestion. Have Janita Badon, our 5 foot 7 inch wonman's team guard, teach our two 7 footers how to rebound!!!!! She got 17 in one game... for our guys that's a months effort (or lack therof)!!

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Sorry wanna bes, Coach K is at DUKE! Try again.

Sandy, Utah

Coach K,

Congrats on getting the job and running off the best player before you've even settled in office... I wouldn't get too comfy, you're likely just arranging seats on the Titanic.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Universities in sparsely populated states will in most cases have difficulty in building programs, particularly since in states like Utah, there are few players in high schools that can excell at the division 1 level. Yeah, and it's not coach K, he's at Duke. Let's go with Kystco. I wish nothing but the best for Utes basketball, except when they play BYU, Utah State, Weber State, in that order. This is going to be a tough job to get done. With all the corruption in collegiate recruiting, and keeping players eligible and out of trouble is daunting. Obviously basketball is not the headline sport in America, or in Utah. The other PAC-12 universities will be tough to handle for the Utes, since they have a serious leg up in the recruiting of top players. Hang in there Ute fans.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Dear Coach,

Congratulations on your new position. I wish you the best of luck and hope you do well. Even though I am not a huge Ute fan I liked your answers on the interview.

In spite of a few supposed BYU fans, I believe most Cougar fans wish you well.

Pocatello, ID

Real Bass, if you think Ute fans call Krysto coach K because we want to be like Duke, you're sorely mistaken. I call him Coach K because it's faster to type it, and, more importantly, it obviously get's under the skin of overly sensitive BYU fans.

Coach K's interview got me pumped up. It sounds like he knows what needs to be done, now let's hope he is able to get that translated on the court.

I loved Boylen, and really wanted him to succeed. I thought he would be able to do it as well, but he struggled with progressing with his guys.

viva la Pac-12

Go Utes.

Flame of the West
The OC, CA

Lone Star...I second that.

sacramento, ca

Here's a question that should have been asked. Coach...you've been to a lot of different places and haven't won at any of them? You weren't even 500 or a little bit under...in every case, you've been atrocious. What makes this different? Basically, if you don't have the winning experience then how are you possibly going to bring it here?

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

The coach has done some very good things - the best thing is that he brought in Tommy Connor as his head assistant.

One thing he hasn't done as someone above suggested, is run Clyburn. Clyburn asked to be released - crazy move on his part to sit out a year for only one year left of eligibility but whatever.

The biggest difference I'm hoping for is that he can actually coach - that is something that Boylen or his staff simply could not do. Coach K is supposedly a good x's and o's guy and I know Connor is too - hopefully they will be able to teach the players how to play the game better.

As for all the coog fans commenting on here - you should probably focus on how you replace the only player of the year your school has ever / will ever have and who is going to replace coach Rice.

I think the Utes will be fine. It is going to take a couple of years to get the talent level to where it needs to be but I'm confident this coaching staff can get more out of the players we have.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

@ In Stitches I am guessing that you chose that name because you think you're funny. I believe it is more literal, and it's because you've been smacked around a few times. Winning coaches don't need more than 2 years to prove themselves. Coach K will be around for a lot of years.

If coach K has talked to his team about the same things he said in the interview, then I am glad that the players who left are gone. They are not the players who will work hard and be hard nosed.
I am one Ute fan who believes that we will have significantly more win's than losses next season.

Go Utes!

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

Mormon Ute

Actually I was basing it on those (MORE than few) vocal Ute fans who perennially call for the coach's head because they are perennially rebuilding. When you make the coach start from scratch every other year, what do you expect?!

As a Utah tax payer, I hope and cheer for the teams to do well. But I've come to realize that those many vocal Ute fans will never give any coach a chance to rebuild the program. Like spoiled children, they want it NOW. Lucky for Steve Fisher that he went to San Diego State. The Utes never would've given him the kind of time he took to rebuild the program.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Look at that little nunya finally found the cap key. I guess there is hope for some BYU fans!!

Deep Thoughts
Salt Lake City, UT

Unfortunately, I have to agree with In Stitches on this point: when we continually fire our coaches, it makes it hard to rebuild the program. SoCalUte is the very example of the wrong attitude to have. MormonUte is more the attitude we SHOULD have. It takes time to rebuild a program. Ridiculous expectations from us have hindered this program for far too long.

Good luck Coach K. (By the way, let's be honest, Coach K is just a lot easier to say and type -- it has nothing to do with Duke).

man of few words
Salt Lake City, UT

Deep Thoughts

Well stated! Here's hoping that we give this one a chance!

Pocatello, ID


I don't know you can type, so I would suggest you actually research things before you post.

coach K had a bad run with the Bucks: 31-69

His other head coaching jobs were Montana where he was 42-20, went to the tourney both years he was there and lead Montana to their first NCAA tourney victory in their history. He was also the head coach for the Idaho Stamped (CBA). In his one season there he went 38-14 and they went to the CBA finals. His other coaching jobs have been as assistants, hardly the point man for the success of a team.

Therefore, your statement, "Coach...you've been to a lot of different places and haven't won at any of them? You weren't even 500 or a little bit under...in every case, you've been atrocious." is either an expression of your ignorance regarding Coach K, or your bias towards making completely false statements. And the fact that multiple people have recommended your post is a condemnation to the same, or merely a reflection of blind support by those related to you.

Morgan, UT

Well, if I were a Utah High School basketball player, it would be very discouraging knowing the Coaches interests lie in Brazil, France, Europe and not really in SLC or Utah...but I guess it doesn't matter anyway if I also want to serve a mission...I guess that is strike two...Oh, what the heck...strike three and I'm gone...Utah can be real proud of its foreign brothers and not their own sons...

Pocatello, ID


From the article:

"But Utah's going to be a big part of it. We're a Utah school and we need to get some Utah players."

From Coach K's introductory press conference:

"We need to place a lot of focus on the state of Utah. There's tremendous basketball talent here so I need to hire a staff with at least one person, if not more, familiar with the state. "

Coach K has never said he isn't going to focus on Utah think coach K's hiring of Connor shows his commitment to recruit Utah.

You're statement "Utah can be real proud of its foreign brothers and not their own sons..." is pretty off base. I believe Coach K is going to recruit very hard, but obviously the state doesn't provide enough talent to field the entire team.

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