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Published: Sunday, April 17 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

Love Jody, even though I didn't read the whole article it wasn't because it made my stomcach turn...just the fact the story was bullet pointed made it the way it was.
this is what i think, u tell harrriss that dwight howard is available and trade rumors are going to be inevevitable, that we need him to play as good as he can regardless, go get it badger.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

By next season, the Jazz will be totally made over. The problem is are Harris and AJ really leaders? AJ has never been in the playoffs and Harris has been losing for most of his career. Those two have not proven to anyone they want or can win. I think if you want to be a leader next year then come to camp in shape and ready to play defense by example.

Millsap's language shows he is not a leader. CJ forget it. Bell should be but doesn't do it.

If someone doesn't step up soon, this team is doomed next year. Without a proven leader and scorer, you are not going to be in the playoffs.

Bountiful, UT

What is this talk about Dwight Howard? Kind of pointless to talk about him IMO. He wants a big market team and hot weather year round. We have neither. Pointless to discuss.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Not making the playoofs this year and getting eliminated in the 1st round is just what this team needed. Now the coaches and players who are all young in their positions can take a deep breath and retool for next season if there is one, if no season that won't hurt either. If Fess, A.K. and C.J. are going to remain here get started right now on their individual programs for development. Fess conditioning, A.K. same, and C.J. first to a head shrink then to a conditioning and practice court. All 3 should be able to be signed for no more than 6-10mil total. I don't see a position for Price, Elson or Bell here. Okur needs to be included with the 3 mentioned above if we keep him also. The future looks very bright to me, hopefully it turns out that way.

Longmont, CO

The biggest problem with Harris and Jefferson is neither one of them can play the pick-n-roll. Harris doesn't know how to hesitate and look for the roll or pop. He is a very fast slashing guard that uses that skill every time he gets a pick. That means he gets to basket a lot but has difficultly finishing at the rim. AJ is much better in the low post and getting isolation on the low block. I don't see either of them working out to be Utah's primary offensive weapon.

Hayward and Favors will eventually become the go to scoring tandem. Hayward is almost there, Favors rolls to the basket well but needs to work on his free throw shooting and midrange jumper. He needs to be studying Karl Malone's and Boozer's game rather then AJ's IMO.

Harris needs to learn to run the offense and setup Hayward/Favors and AJ in the low block. He needs to focus on using his cutting/slashing ability to set other players up rather then just getting to the basket. Tony Parker is an expert at this skill.

Saint Louis, MO

The comments have stated that there is no ledership on the Jazz. Obviously, this is true. Williams took over the team and everyone followed him rather than Sloan. It is obvious that Milsap was "locked out" by peer pressure. Hayward had a good game and then he was "locked out" as well. Basketball is a team game. Corbin has to step up and make sure that it is. Harris wants to come in and pick up where Williams left off. He cannot be allowed to do so. It would be better to bring in Brandon Knight to do the same thing. Even if they are able to draft Kanter, would he be "locked out" of the "in crowd"? It appears that Favors is being tested for his role "among the elite". The Jazz need to build around the "anointed one" Favors and get rid of everyone else who will not fit that role. That is what the Lakers do with Kobie and "so be it".

Morgan, UT

I am amazed at the amount of knowledge we have in our comment givers...if Coach Corbin doesn't pan out...why we have alot of experts listed here which can pull it all together.

Los Angeles, CA

I keep reading that the Jazz should "keep" so and so and let others go. You guys should look at the roster and see who is under contract next year. That includes Okur and Bell.

After this last year, I doubt any team is interested in either one in a trade. We have to hope that Okur comes back to form, or a team is interested mid-season in his expiring contract. We also have to hope that Bell comes back with his missing shot.

Orem, Utah

No one currently on the Jazz roster is or will be a superstar. Without one, you don't have a REAL leader.

Some might become all-stars, but none will be superstars.

Enter The Jimmer. He's already got that status in college. No one else, including Kemba or Smith, got close to it. They got their props, but not superstar status.

Only the naysayers, doubters, and those who haven't paid attention can deny Jimmer's ability to lead the Jazz as a point guard.

Give Jimmer just one year and he'll turn Harris into another Ricky "the fastest of them all" Green--the PG starter that loses his starting job to the next Jazz PG superstar.

A backcourt of Jimmer and Hayward would be killer! They can both dribble, pass, and shoot. They can both create their own shots, and get to the rim in traffic. AND, shoot free-throws!

Trey-adept guards can nullify any NBA defensive scheme.

Those who use Jimmer's season ending games' stats against him aren't considering what that young man went through his last two months. Even shooting poorly, he still kept breaking the 30 point barrier!

Lindon, UT

@WhatsinitForMe: Valid points about Jimmer. The MWC had an agenda because of opposing coaches complaining that Jimmer got to the three throw line too often. The league's solution was to not call obvious fouls against him. I guess the league thought it was unfair that he got more foul calls than other players and it disrupted the flow of the game. In the NBA, especially when he achieves supersar status, he will get those calls, or at least many of them. If opposing players do not foul him, then he will score. I see a comparison to John Stockton, except Jimmer is a much better shooter. He does sometimes play a bit out of control when he is trying too hard to create a shot for himself, but he will learn to rely on his teammates to deliver from the pass. He could become a great assist guard, if he learns to do that. He could be more dangerous than Stockton, because of his shooting ability. The Jazz MUST draft Jimmer - not doing so will come back to bite them big time. It is now evident the Jazz should have drafted CP3 instead of Williams! Go Jazz.

Lindon, UT

In another article, I mentioned Frank Layden awhile ago said, "Jimmer is the real deal". Frank is very knowledgeable about prospective NBA players. He was the single person most responsible for the growth and emergence of the Jazz as a great and successful franchise. Son Scottie, an assistant Jazz coach, I'm sure feels the same way that Daddy does, and will undoubtedly make his feelings known. So will Frank, who is still in the in with the Jazz. Look for the Jazz to draft Jimmer at #12. Hopefully, he will still be there. This one action will do as much for the Utah Jazz than anything else they do.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Even though he is young I think you will see Hayward step up and become a leader. As soon as he becomes a starter and gets starter minutes, I think you'll see him step up, he has shown flashes of that all ready.

Tokyo, Japan

First of the Dwight Howard suggestion is foolish and has lack of NBA insight...i mean come on...really?...for the leaders...i cant see harris being a leader...Al Jeff cant coz he doesnt know how to win yet...if memo hasnt been injury proned so much...he could've stepped up and lead...he is part of that detroit championship right?...proven winner...however he isnt vocal...and he doesnt play D that well...i think Captain L would probably be right...Hayward might step up and lead...i think he can lead by example...he is a hardworker...plus he isnt a me first type of player...and always considers the team...as displayed by his willingness to pass and create for teammates...in time...Hayward could be that leader...he may not be a superstar...but he could try to put you in check...and consider to play with a team first mentality...well...that's wishing too much...

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Did anyone notice that after Dwill left, CJ was quoted more in the papers than anyone on the team. The press seem to think he is the next leader!!

Orem, Utah

CJ being quoted a lot is because he's both willing to talk and more often than not he hits the nail on the head. If you've paid attention to his comments after a game and then applied them to that game, he's generally been spot on.

Too bad he can't be that consistent on the court, though. He's been on the team long enough to have finally evolved into a consistent player. I see him being Hayward's backup as early as next year. Maybe spending a few minutes spelling the 3, as well, unless Evans suddenly blossoms.

I believe his problem is that everything's come too easy for him. He doesn't really work hard for it. He's too talented for his own good.

Look at CJ's body. Doesn't look a whole lot different than when he come on board, outside of normal maturity growth. That indicates a lack of will to get stronger. Again, I bet he doesn't work all that hard ON HIS OWN.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Like I said I think Hayward will become a leader on this team but I think CJ could become a leader if he could become consistent, I don't think he will step up and try to lead as long as he struggles to be consistent.

Holladay, UT

Jimmer being compared as better than Stockton? Wow. . . I mean WOW!

Longmont, CO

Jimmer could be very good, there is no way he will be as good as Stockton. Even if he were on the team both Hayward and Favors have better shots at becoming superstars in my opinion.

Houston, TX

Harris has never had a good FG percentage. He tends to be a volume shooter. For him to lead the Jazz he needs to improve his assist numbers substantially and also do like Rondo and improve his shot selection.

He could do it but he has not done it so far in his career. Inefficiency and volume shooting are exactly what the Jazz do not need and they particularly do not need it at PG. Harris should run the team better next season as he get to know the players and the offense better.

AJ is one of the best low post players. He is a rare breed. But he tend to not pass back out when he should (lack of 3 point shooters). He tends to force the Wheezie and get blocked. Again the Jazz do not need inefficiency. Nor do they need a one man team.

AJ did improve his game dramatically in the last 20 games of the season. Corbin modified the offense for him and it helped a lot. The offense tended to flow better and AJ attacked the basket quickly. I see progress.

I suspect Corbin will adapt the offense to Harris and AJ.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Bugoff: Your a stat man you should look at some interesting stats written by Locke on the Jazz site, shows Milsap as one of the worst defenders at his position and CJ and DWill about the same, not actually that bad (refering to CJ). AK was the 5th best defender in the league. Favors looks real good. Harris was terrrible.

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