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Published: Sunday, April 17 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

As bad as the Jazz have been using first round picks past number 3, they might as well take a shot at Jimmer if available at the 12 spot. As good as he is at shooting the 3 and creating his own shot, its a gamble worth taking for the Jazz.

They desperately need a 3 point threat that can open the middle for favors and AJ. Jimmer wont have a problem adapting the NBA 3 point line.

Defensively, he will work on that over the next few years.

Overall I say take him at 12. Please don't touch him at 6.

Palos Verdes Estates, CA

If the Jazz have a chance at Jimmer with the 12th pick, they need to take him. They have nothing to lose, even if Fredette turns out to be a bust, they can get rid of him in a couple of years. The Jazz get rid of all of their first round picks within a couple of years anyways.(Maynor, Almond, Brewer, Koufus) It is not a high risk to take him at 12. Unless there is some player that slips to 12 that is an obvious pick, the Jazz should take Jimmer for ticket sales alone.

Springville, UT

Fans would love it and if Jimmer can continue develop like he has these past 3 yrs. it would be a great chance to take.

These lotteries and draft picks are all a 'crap shoot' anyway. Jazz won't lose any money on this kid. It would boost interest locally.

Go for it and I'll watch more Jazz games just to see him play.

Rocklin, CA

Big BYU fan. Big Jimmer fan. PLEASE do not draft Jimmer! Only one way for it to work out good and many ways for it to go bad.

Layton, UT

Disagree, if you hope Jimmer succeeds, it won't be with the Jazz. Kyle Korver had difficult times getting shots off at his height and that was with Deron, Boozer and others on the floor. Jimmer would fare better with teams with multiple all-stars that you wouldn't be able to cheat on. I hope he goes to the Knicks.

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

trade for dwight howard + draft the jimmer = championship, i don't care if he is only korver.2, he will be great piece to put around dh.

South Jordan, UT

Knowing JAZZ history, they will blow it and not draft him!! It is all about pulling you fans in, but just not quite delivering with the Jazz. I want to know how is it that teams like Boston, LA Lakers, San Antonio, Chicago, Detroit, and others go thru down years, but then comeback with a vengeance and win Championships?? Why has this organization not delivered a Championship to this State and it's fans?

Jazz will never win anything!! They play it too safe. Never going for that big move that will take them to the next level. I won't even begin on how many top players the Jazz blew it on when it came to the draft...I want to be a Jazz Fan, but getting more and more difficult as the years go by!!

Houston, TX

Corbin is altering the flex. Bell is obsolete because he is a spot up shooter. The new offense needs people who can create their own shot. That means CJ has more value in the new offense. Jimmer can create. Many NBA players can't.

The Jazz are -4.7 PER at the SG position. They are also negative PER at the PG position. The guards are allowing 5+ more points than they are making. Jimmer's D could not be any worse and his shooting would be a lot better.

Jimmer has a very quick first step. He is also fast. He can defend if the coaches want. He knows how to attack a Defense. He has a high Bball IQ. He can be developed in to a very good PG. Probably a lot better than Harris. He has a linebacker build similar to DWill. He can set and attack screens.

He should be compared to Jason Kidd without the experience.

Knight is a good pick. Burkes might be.

The Jazz do not need another big. They need wings who can shoot and a PG who can run the offense and shoot efficiently.

Fix the wing problem.

Bountiful, UT


People say to draft him because he will put those BYU fans in the Jazz arena. Well 2 points:

1st - Where will those fans be after a year if Jimmer does miserably in the NBA? Nowhere to be seen thats where.

2nd - Winning puts people in seats too. Get the best player that best fits our needs and our system, not a marketing ploy.

Houston, TX

Fans and local media seem fixated on the Jazz getting a big in the draft with the first pick. Bluntly that is not bright. The front line of AJ/Millsap/Favors is very good. The rebounding is a little weak. The efficiency could improve.

The biggest problem is the SG position followed by the SF and PG positions. Go look at the differential by Net PER for each position. The Jazz have been weak at SG for years by design. This year they were so bad that it KILLED the vaunted Sloan system. It actually choked for lack of outside shooting.

PER is problematic as a metric, NET PER is NOT. The Jazz are dismal at SG. They can't shoot or defend at that position. Weakness at the SG drags down the PG numbers and kills the inside efficiency. The inside TOs go up and the inside shooting percentage goes down as the paint gets packed.

The Jazz were killed by Sloan's bias against outside shooting. KOC and Greg deserve some blame.

BUT Sloan did not design for 3 point shooting on offense and designed the D to make it vulnerable to 3 point shooting.

Draper, UT

It's really simple - "NO". The Jazz need someone who has heard that you have to play defense in the NBA.

Salt Lake City, UT

We are in desperate need of "consistent" 3 point shooters. Hayward looks promising, Harris has been raining 3's when Big Al looks to pass out of a double team. Getting Jimmer can open the floor for our big guys in Favors, Sap, and Al. Don't forget Memo is coming back, but we don't know if he can return to "Money Memo".

Most PG's who come into the league usually takes them 2-3 years to get into the flow of the game.

Draft Jimmer at 6 or 12 it doesn't matter, there aren't any Lebrons, Durants, or Wades out there.

Burley, ID

If things stay as they currently are with the Jazz drafting at 6 and 12, then I'm fine with the Jazz taking Jimmer at the 12 spot.

If, however, the Collective Bargaining Agreement gets settled soon, it's highly likely a number of other College players will declare for the draft and Jimmer's position would slide.

Fredette could actually fit in quite well with the Jazz; especially if he can get Harris and Watson to kick the ball out to him. In my opinion, he is quicker than Korver and has the ability create his own shot as long as he isn't being guarded by a super quick guard. If he's utilized in the right way, he could develop into the deadly outside threat the Jazz need.

However, it won't surprise me if the Jazz pull off a trade that packages one or both of their picks and/or a player to bring them a "proven" talent from another team. (Likely Memo or CJ Miles.)

navotas, philippines

i say bundle up the two high draft picks plus CJ Miles' contract, even include okur, for a real scorer at the 2 spot. the jazz already have hayward, favors and evans to develop the next few years. millsap and Jefferson, with favors, gives the jazz competent bigs. a couple of consistent outside shooters who can defend is what the jazz lacks.

Queensbury, NY

If the Jazz get the #3 pick and they need a guard type player, picking Jimmer over Irving would make sense as Jimmer is better. Irving has played what 11 games? There's just not enough weight there, he hasn't proved anything. At the same time. Jimmer lived in Utah and played there but it is not his home! I am from NY, where Jimmer is from and would love to see him get home, back to his roots playing for the Knicks. Would be a better fit and I think he would get the same love, if not more than he gets in Utah.
I have watched more NBA this year than in the past and mark my words, Jimmer will meet his match periodically but............. he will have similar success at the next level as he has had as most NBA players don't play defense!

Temecula, CA

I'm guessing that Jimmer will do all right in the NBA as a role player, something like J J Redick. Redick went #11 in his draft. Still, I'd rather see Burks drafted, because he has good defensive ability and would eventually start for the team that drafts him. If the Jazz can't get Burks, then maybe Kemba Walker.

Orem, UT

This article makes sense. I cannot see any real scenario in which the Jazz would seriously benefit from drafting Jimmer. He would be better with a team that would take him off the bench to hit the three-pointer when they need that. His defensive skills and size make him deficient at guarding NBA guards. We need players with size and multiple skills that could play at different positions. Jimmer would be better off playing with a top team coming off their bench.

Riverton, UT

Jimmer Jazz! That has a nice ring to it. I think ticket sales alone would be reason enough to have him on the roster.

Kearns, UT

If Jimmer is the best remaining player available @ 12 and the Jazz think he can help them win, then I would be OK with the draft pick. If they pass up someone that they have rated higher to draft Jimmer for ticket sales, then I would not be OK with the draft pick. The Jazz have prided themselves on making basketball decisions and that is what I expect will happen here.

I would love to have Jimmer on the Jazz but I think he fits in better with Phoenix, Golden State, or New York. I trust the Jazz front office to do what is best for the franchise. I wasn't excited about Hayward when he was picked and I have been eating crow for a couple of weeks now. Jimmer will be successful with the Jazz or any other organization.

Ogden, UT

That's all the Jazz need is another 7' Euro that doesn't amount to a hill of beans!

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