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Published: Saturday, April 16 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Temecula, CA

I see Milsap's and Jefferson's numbers going down next year, as Favor's' minutes go up. I see Fes returning and taking more of Jefferson's minutes at center.

Milsap has been a wonderful and tough player for the Jazz, and I'm glad he is flexible about where he might play. The Jazz need a couple of guys who can curl out from behind the basket around a screen and hit the little jumper like Harpring used to do. Milsap can do it pretty well. I bet next year he'll do it even better. His play in the post is stellar when he is healthy and not having to play against a Gasol type. Switching to small forward against the Lakers was one of the interesting developments of this mostly sad and turbulent season.

Houston, TX

The problem of guarding 3s in the corner is not because of Millsap. It is because Sloan's Defensive scheme funnels to the middle. That leaves the corner 3 and most 3s open. It is an unorthodox NBA defense that has not serve the Jazz well.

When was the last time the Jazz were known for their ACTUAL defense instead of their image? The Sloan biases hurt this team. His defensive scheme continues to plague this team. Corbin knows the defense needs to be changed. Let's see if he is wise enough to change it and defend the 3.

Millsap can play SF a lot more with a normal defensive scheme.

The draft will tell a lot. If the Jazz draft a 6'10 SF it is unlikely Millsap becomes an SF. There are 96 minutes of PF/C that can be distributed among AJ/Millsap/Favors. However, Corbin tends to play match ups which I really like. So Millsap could play SF maybe 1/2 of the time if the Defense is changed.

Compare the Bulls D to the Jazz. Boozer is/was the PF on both teams. The difference is in coaching philosophies. The Bulls Defend.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Bugoff.........Boozer got lit up by Tyler in the game today. Boozer doesn't play defense in Chicago either. Noah plays hard enough for both of them so Boozer doesn't look bad.

Trade Millsap...........

Layton, UT

I think that Milsap is the type of player that can change his game to be a small forward. Every year he comes back stronger and better and adds some thing new to his game. He is far better than Al in his game if we were to choose between the two. He deserves to be here. I hope that we keep him here.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Paul's value may be as high as it ever has been and for that matter trading him may be a good idea but I don't think the Jazz will trade him. Paul is the kind of player we need, he works hard, is tough, plays injured, is versatile and consistent. Using Paul at the 3 10 minutes a game and splitting the rest of the time with Favors and Big Al should give all of them 37+ minutes per game but whether they will give Milsap 10 minutes per game at the 3 is the question. Corbin seems to want to do it only if the match up demands it.
I would like to see Evans work hard on becoming a 3 man, if he will become aggressive at shooting and learn to put the ball on the floor and attack, he could be what we need at the 3.
Love Hayward at the 2, he has good handles, shoots the 3 well, creates for himself and others, plays good D, all he needs is consistent playing time and he will continue to improve.
Favors gives us much needed D on the inside,he needs to play.

Meridian, ID

milsap should try and loose 20 pounds and play the small forward position bc based on this years draft its more likely that we draft someone that will play pf/c and a combo guard and we need a small forward worse then we need any pf or centers even if we drafted a rookie small forward.. now that perry jones is staying in school especially ... I think he could become a nightmare for other teams to guard if he could loose weight and keep most of his strength but add lateral quickness... i remember kobe bryant used to try different weights in his younger days as well...

Saint Louis, MO

In order for the Jazz to compete (as in Lakers), they need to have a "big" lineup. Milsap would be hard to handle with two other "bigs". Favors is now the future savior. The team needs to be built around him who is all of 19 years old. It would be nice to get Kanter and Knight from Kentucky with their two picks in the draft. Obviously in order to do this, they need to "trade up".

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

I see evans as a backup center, his serious hops and skillset is the best fit and he's worth keeping on the floor, good things happen but to play center he only needs to add more weight which is more reasonable than asking him to develop a whole skill set and then sit back and make excuses later on down the road, i'm tired of hearing excuses on these boards and posts that sound more like fantasies than realities.
alot of times my head is already hammering in the morning and i come get drilled by nonsense on top of it.
there is only one correct opinion on the jazz that is the truth, since the one correct opinion happens to be the one i have, it means i get to criticize with authority.
i am going to hold koc to the statement that the jazz are committed to putting players in their correct positions, but in honesty, if the jazz keep ak47 then they don't need millsap, and they don't put players out of position.
millsap is hungry but all the apologies for him turn my stomach.

Captain L
Provo, UT

JazzCop: You must not listen or read much about what is said by the players or the FO about the different players, if you think Evans can play center, your way off. Center is not even in the picture for Evans, he is 6'9 at the most and 196lbs and he can't gain weight. In his locker room clean out interview he said he feels like the best thing for him is to work on being able to play the 3, working on his shot, his ball handling, his outside game etc. He says the hardest and most unlikely thing is that he could gain weight. Evans has shown he has a good shot from 18to20 ft but he needs increase his range and be able to put the ball on the floor and attack, hit shots coming off of picks etc. That shouldn't be that hard for him. The biggest thing may be getting him to overcome his hesitancy to shoot. He shows good quickness and his length is what we need at the 3, I hope he works hard and comes back with more confidence in his shooting.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Millsap is a bench player. He was successful in the past because he came off the bench and guarded 4's who were bench players too. When he has to guard the elite pf's, he is too small to stop them.

Millsap is not a 3. What a joke. Millsap is a banger, not a guy who wears a skirt.

For 6 years the Jazz played AK out of position. How did that work out? It didn't.

Hayward and CJ should be playing the 2 and some 3. The Jazz need a starting 3 and to get Fes up to speed in the offseason.

The Jazz will be back in the playoffs next year.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

I really like the idea of Favors, AJ, and Millsap sharing all the minutes at the 4 and 5. With Fes on the floor some when AJ is out. Hayward, CJ and a free agent sharing the minutes at the 2 and 3. Draft a point guard in the draft to back-up Harris. With 9 players who can give minutes, the Jazz will have a bench again. You need at least two scorers off the bench. I like CJ starting and Hayward and Millsap off the bench.

Steve Jensen
Herriman, UT

Ha ha ha - Of course the 'miles lover' says Milsap is a bench player or trade him. You wouldn't want him to take your loved C.J. spot. Milsap is NOT a Bench player and he is WAY more valuable than C.J. - plus he shoots a better percentage than C.J. - Drop Miles or pick up the option and trade him for a Klondike Bar. The Jazz needs shooters - NOT a 'Miles' that is good one out of 6 games. Guys like C.J. are a dime a dozen on other teams beaches. C.J. is NOT a Starter on ANY Playoff team, his your 7th or 8th man.

Teams want a Milsap, not a Miles. The only down side to Paul is his size - which makes him a '3'. The best thing to do is to start Al, Favors & Milsap together, then after about 8 minutes in the first quarter rotate between Milsap and Favors at the '4' spot - depending on how you match against the other team each game; and the fouls they have. That way the Jazz can go Big or small depending the other team ect.

Tokyo, Japan

I think CJ Miles is a very valuable trade chip...we could trade him for a bag of cheetos...im just kidding...I think they should do away with Price and Elson...If we could get Holiday from 76ers or Raymond Felton for Harris pull the trigger on the trade...i dont think we need a backup PG...we already have it in Watson...we need a solid SF who is a decent defender and shooter...I really hope Perry Jones join this year's draft...maybe we could trade one of our picks for another lotto pick next year...I hope they start Favors and if Paul can really play the 3...he needs a quicker release on his outside shot...and he would need speed and quickness to defend the position...If Millsap does improve...this lineup would do wonders

Al Jeff

If we get Tomic...they should really teach him how to bang and be aggressive on D...because honestly he isnt a good defender...Boozer is a better defender than Tomic...

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

@capL-don't u see, if he gets that 18 ft jumpshot down then how can u not say he is a backup center in this league???

Captain L
Provo, UT

Jazz Cop: He's not big enough, he's 6'9 at best and 196 lbs, he can't guard the centers in the league, they just push him around and do what every they want. I don't understand your thinking to even suggest that Evans can or could be a back up center in the NBA. It makes not sense at all. If he were 6'9 and 280 lbs then maybe but even then he would be undersized for a center. Again I don't follow any logic behind your thinking, it doesn't even come close to making sense. Even Big Al and Favors are undersized to play the center but they at least have enough size and bulk to hold their own somewhat. 196 lbs and Evans can't hold his own against the PF's in the league let a lone the centers.

Cedar Hills, Utah

@Captain L, I agree that Evans cannot defend at the 5, I don't think he can defend at the 4 spot either. The Jazz got killed inside late in the season, Milsap can score at the 4 but he cant defend against NBA power forwards at 6'7". He got lit up every night. Teams were pushing the ball inside almost every time at the start of the game. Big Al is good offensively but his defense leaves a lot to be desired, I wonder if thats because he was forced to guard a 5 instead of a 4. The Jazz have a lot of guys playing out of position.

Bountiful, UT

Bottom line, C.J. will never be starting over Hayward ever again. If anyone is coming off the bench it is C.J. not Hayward.

C.J. Miles you have the summer to get your mind used to seeing C.J. coming off the bench.

Coos Bay, OR

Just an opinion......Milsap CANNOT guard the bigs, never has, never will!! Great gamer, hustler, tough as can be, but just CANNOT guard the bigs!! Needs to play the 3 and Hayward needs to start. CJ....guard somebody and maybe you deserve to stay....so many backbreaking plays on defense by Miles that just killed the Jazz. AK needs to stay with a paycut and hope he agrees. Fredette, Walker are out there, we need a big time scorer to go with what we now have, either one of those kids would be great to have. Both are hard working and have what Hayward has.....bigtime basketball IQ!!! O'Conner, listen to the fans for a change.....

Las Vegas, NV

Part of the problem is that Millsap thinks he is better than he really is, and he certainly cannot play the SF spot. Millsap is an undersized 4 best suited for coming off the bench. Why do you think the Jazz made the trade for Favors in the first place? It is obvious from the content of this article that Millsap has a big ego, and that will be a problem for the Jazz.

Eventually, Millsap will have to be told the Favors is the starter, and if he cannot adapt to playing the 3, he will have to go to the bench. I don't see this ending well for Millsap and the Jazz: a likely trade is in the offing.

Layton, UT

@pbpm you must have forgotten about when Paul had his big time stuffs against Shaq and many others just youtube it.

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