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Spring game featured fans, stars and the Pac-12 logo

Published: Saturday, April 16 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

These are some interesting headlines. 12,000 or so fans now growing to 15,000. 20,000 by Monday?

If Wynn doesn't recover and pull this together this summer it looks pretty grim. If anything else happens to him Utes are toast.

Clara says, "Where's the beef?"

Ann Arbor, MI

Admit tds trolls, you only got half way through this article and you broke down and started to weep like a jilted lover. You just couldn't get through the rest of this "dear john" letter wihout crying.

Oh, what could have been. With all of your conference wins and "doak" awards surly the PAC10 would have seen your beauty. But no; The PAC10 dismissed your 30 year infatuation and proposed to your bitter rival. The pain must be unbearable.

You spend your days gorging on ice cream and 2 liter bottles of uncaffeinated Pepsi...but the pain still lingers.

Springville, UT

BYU's independence, relevance, and good news through this preseason (and let's don't forget the basketball and Jimmer) just drives you nuts doesn't hedgie?

These recent headlines and news of the Ute struggles are personally discouraging aren't they? So the only thing you have to make yourself feel good is to just attack BYU on an old PAC invitation hypothesis. Priceless.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Coach Whit, Is it time to PANIC NOW?

Smart move by Whit not putting his starters in on offense and defense. He can see the writings on wall, and didn't want the 12,000 crimson faithful crying about why their offense is so pitiful.

Hey its OK....you still got the redrocks

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

sammyg. What good news through the pre season? Another self proclaimed undefeated season prediction by the Y faithful (the Quest, to do what Utah has done twice in the last six years, continues)? Objectivity and Y fans regarding their team doesn't exist. You guys think youre good every year regardless of the results so Y fans boosting in the preseason is nothing new and doesnt mean squat. We'll see at the end of the season (I predict another New Mexico Bowl appearance for the Y where they can beat up on Wyoming or maybe New Mexico) but even after that I am sure the following season we'll once again hear preseason delusions of grandeur and relevancy emanating from Utah Valley.

Karchaj, A.V.

I don't care so much for what BYU fans have to say about our team, just as I don't care so much for what my fellow Utes have to say about BYU. I for one am at peace and happy with the state of our football program and have hope that our Runnin' Utes will begin an upward climb back to NCAA tournament appearances.

As for SammyG:
Please please please cease with the incessant lexicon that you adopt from Greg Wrubell and Tom Holmoe. Using the same vocabulary time and again that includes the words "exposure" and "relevance" only show that they are doing the thinking for you whereas you should be coming up with your own reasons as to why you believe that independence for your program will be a good thing.

Springville, UT


If you are not concerned about what has been reported, said and not said by Coach Whit, lack of offense, etc. knock yourself out. Reality bites and today another heavy dose of it was added to a steady flow since last November.

BYU will win games and lose some but why would you care. I've never predicted an undefeated season. So I thought this week was the culmination of every Utes desire to see their team perform? 7-0, that's some performance.

Coach Whit's 'no comment' on the assessment of his offense says a lot. Utes were hoping for this headline instead...

"Weber State football: QBs shine in Wildcats' scrimmage"

It didn't happen.

Spanish Fork, UT


"These are some interesting headlines. 12,000 or so fans now growing to 15,000. 20,000 by Monday?"

I would definitely say there were at least 10 to 12,000 people there. I've been to almost all of the Red/White games and this was by far the most crowded I've ever seen it. Usually they only let you sit on the west side of the stadium, but this year the east and west side were open to sit in with both sides quite full. Not to mention a huge line just to get onto the field for autographs and such.

Frisco, TX


What stings more? BYU's 26 - 15 record against the Utes since 1970 or their 19 - 12 record against the Utes since 1980.

My only fear with the Utes going to the PAC is that they will drop the rivalry game with BYU. In an attempt to find a winning season record, the Utes may drop the Cougs in favor of more games against easier teams like Montana State. Lossing 2/3 of the time to the Cougs will be too much to bear.

154 days until September 17.

Springville, UT


My comment about attendance is just in reference to what the CU fans did last week, 15,000 of them. Means nothing. Glad it was a sunny day and a lot of people showed up today. Too bad the training wheels were not taken off, too many injuries etc.

Just thought the Utes would try to out do the Buff fans since both going to the PAC.

AsSOCiation Football
Salt Lake City, UT

It was terrible. Never going to a red v white game again.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Re: sammyg

You are two for two tonight with regards to your insecurity commenting on UTE articles. Too bad you have nothing else to look forward to.


Pocatello, ID

had to work or I would have made the trek. I'm psyched for Utes football.

viva la Pac-12

Go Utes!

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

what a horrible game. weather was nice though. fortunately the pac is weak. i like the u's chances this year in light of the pac's lousy teams.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

12,000 or 15,000. Which is it...and how much will the number grow by tomorrow??? Only these sports hacks have a clue or the obcession to be concerned more about numbers then about gameplan basic's. Regardless... a significant number are fans who cover both BYU and Utah so what difference to utey's do attendance numbers have on this annual event. Aren't you supposed to show support??? Where were you at Basketball games???
I Can understand the precautionary measures to avoid injuries as long as he's comfortable with what he's got. But until the opening kickoff that comfort zone is going to be a big question mark. And I understand some of Whittingham's thinking for not revealing much about the game plan on the offense...that's something Kyle picked up from Meyer's. But still... there is the reality that practice is over...and I for one don't feel the warm fuzzy that I wish I had for Utah come next fall.

Saint George, UT

@ cougfanintexas, Uhh... you do realize that BYU plays Idaho, Idaho State and New Mexico State. Then you throw in Utah State and San Jose State, The Y has five teams that are on the same talent level as Montana State.

Omaha, NE

It's pathetic when a person writes on their own teams blog and can only talk about their rival. Some people will never stop acting like they are 5 and have never been taught an ounce of decency and what is proper to write on a blog.

Sandy, UT

cougfaninTX....You really went all the way back to 1970 before any of us were even born..well go all the way back to the beggining then in 1890. that would change the number to something like 65-30 in favor of Utah..no fans live in the past better than cougar fans..comical.

La Tortuga
Murray, UT

@cougfanintexas: You mention the rivalry records since 1970 and 1980--why not continue that line of thinking to "since 1990" and "since 2000"? (Hint: it's not going to help your argument) Go UTES!

Gilbert, AZ

I'll be honest. I'm a Cougar fan and am jealous. Good luck Utes (spoken sincerely). Still, I'm shocked that it might be true that BYU did not receive the invitation because it's a "faith based institution." If that rumor is true, it's truly a manifestation of narrow pettiness.

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