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Published: Saturday, April 16 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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UoU 1991
Park City, UT

"In what was likely the lowest-scoring spring game ever, the Reds beat the Whites 7-0 in front of 12,000 or so fans..."

Well, at least we had more fans at RES than they had at LES last week. As far as the offense is concerned, the Utes better make some big improvements in fall camp, or it could be a long first season in the PAC 12.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm concerned that more fans turned out for the spring game than will for the games this fall. Going into the PAC 12 with no offense is more than a bit scary.

Langi was the only bright spot and he's still wet behind the ears.

Ann Arbor, MI

Anyone know the deal with David Rolf? He probably saw the writting on the wall at Mich St. when they signed William Golston ( 5 star, top rated DE in the Nation).

Springville, UT

5,000 fans on a cold wintery day watching real football > 12,000 watching 'flag football' and getting a suntan.

As I predicted, fans go away wanting.

Thretton didn't perform, which kind of means that it's going to be a while until he (or if he) figures out what football is about. Injuries, new offense, and recruiting weakness are hampering progress. Ransom and Langi save the day.

Sounds like the whole team needs to clean RES on Monday.

Still didn't beat CU fans attendance and there you have it sports fans. I had originally thought I would listen to this today. Yawn, I'm glad I worked outside today.

Delmar the Amazing
Las vegas, NV

Everyone better watch out for that Norm Chow offense.

Ann Arbor, MI


What was the final score of that real football game?

Farmington, UT

Glad they enjoyed good weather. That always help attendance, doesn't it? Oh, for those comparing, how many fans (remind me again) does Lavell Edwards Stadium hold and how many does Rice Eccles Stadium seat (until half-time, anyway)?

#1 Jazz Fan
Springville, UT

What's Joseph Smith doing, playing for the Utes?

Springville, UT


The 'B' team scored more than the total points your Utes put up against TCU, ND, and BSU. Hope that helps. I know you're having problems with short term memory these days.

Not from Utah
Spring, TX

Really? That's what this rivalry has been reduced to? Comparing attendance numbers at the spring scrimmage? It's bad enough that people try to make conclusions about next season from some silly practice that is put on for show, but do we really have to go so far as comparing attendance numbers? Maybe someone could give a report on concessions being sold. Maybe that will provide the answer about which school is better.

AsSOCiation Football
Salt Lake City, UT

That game was aweful. I went and regretted it despite the fact that it was free. My favorite part was when Joseph Smith got an interception.

Spanish Fork, UT

Where it was a low scoring game, the boys were just having fun with a lot of the twos and threes in there. I thought it was pretty fun to watch. Perfect weather as well. The 2008 Red/White game wasn't all that impressive either, but we all know how that season turned out to be. You absolutely cannot judge an upcoming season on the spring practices. Langi is a beast, if he can stay healthy, he is going to be a monster. White looked pretty good also. I have faith that Kyle and company will have the boys ready come fall.

Look up "Obsessed with the Utes" in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of sammy and duckhunter side by side. Truly it is sad. Go Utes!

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Glad to see sammyg and other BYU trolls out once again like white on rice to any story about U of U athletics letting their little brother insecurity shine forth with their hate based drivel. Please just go back to your mid major independent team's coverage. But before you go I have a question to all you boasting (based upon a 7-6 record no less) Y fans. What does your team have to play for after the first loss? No one loss mid major team has (nor will ever) gotten a BCS bowl invite. So lose just once and you are playing for nothing more than the likes of a New Mexico bowl invitation. And pray tell how many times has BYU had a season without a loss (I'll tell you, only once in over a hundred years of football).

Cottonwood Heights, UT


7-0, that must have been exciting to watch that flame-out. Just a sign of things to come...don't look now Ute-fans, be me thinks I smell a disasterous maiden voyage to the the land of the big-boys...looks like alot of disappointment looms ahead next fall. Oh, but you have Winnie and Normy to save the day...Sorry my red friends to the North, Montana State is looking mighty scary right now, can ya'll say "Houston-Baptist, we've got a problem".

Yousa, its gonna be painful to watch!

Salt Lake, UT

Sounds like some bitter fans of another team.
I'd take good defense over offense any day.

A defensive game can be fun to watch too. I know some team down south that would rather score 40 and lose than score 7 and win...

Vernal, Ut

Sounds like the utes are still playing with the nightmare of "Girlsy State"
Good Luck PAC-12 Bottom feeders!!

Park City, UT

"A defensive game can be fun to watch too. I know some team down south that would rather score 40 and lose than score 7 and win..."

You mean like


Sometimes those "defensive" games aren't so satifying.

Salt Lake City, UT


As usual, you're more obsessed with BYU than you are Utah. Not even a mention about Utah's spring game.

Undefeated seasons are nice, but nothing compares to a national championship season. Let us know when U get one of those.

Salt Lake City, UT

Did someone switch Boylen for Chow, because this new Utah offense seems as inept as Boylen's offense? Hopefully things will improve dramatically when Wynn returns this fall.

Pedro Sanchez
Magna, UT

Hey Cosmo, let us know when you WIN a NC instead of backing into one by complete accident. Not beating a single team in the final rankings just doesn't get me excited no matter what hardware comes with it.

You trolls love to tell us all about your trophies ad nauseum. But they haven't gotten you into a single big time bowl game in the modern BCS era.

Go back to happy valley.

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